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  1. We have sailed out of NY 3 times, and yes, seas were rough, much rougher than any caribbean cruise. 2 of the sailings were to bermuda though, but the roughest sailing was from NY to Bahamas. There wasn't any storm in particular, but it was the most movement we have felt on any cruise to the point we actually wanted off the boat. Especially coming back. That sailing was in Mid-Late april.
  2. There are pools and a really great kids splash pad. The kids clubs are phenomenal for kids also! You wouldn't have to worry about her keeping busy, but it's harder as parents with little ones to get to do the things we want. Our last trip was our first with our son, and we did miss all the shows, and things we normally do on an adult trip, like the casino. But we still had a great time! And it would be nice to have a grandparent there.
  3. Yes it said about the same temps when we went. That's the high though... most of the day it was upper 50's. The water was also FREEZING.
  4. We went to Bermuda in May and it was cold then...
  5. We loved it so much from our cruise excursion that we are staying for a week in May. But, we are staying at The Cove. They have their own pool, (2 of them actually) beach, etc. that you have to be a guest to access. So, for anyone thinking of going to ATlantis and doesn't want to always battle day guests, this would be a great option I'm assuming. I guess we will see in May.
  6. Boy that's expensive. But I've been on many cruises now, and the day we spent at Atlantis in 2012 is probably my favorite day, on any cruise, ever. So much so, that we are going back to stay at Atlantis for a week this coming may. We did not go for a beach day, we went for the water park. We spent most of our time riding around the "lazy river" (which is not a lazy river, it is rapids mixed with a lazy river that takes a very very long time just to ride through it once). And we could have spent all day on that thing, over and over. It was so much fun. They pull you around on your raft to
  7. It's insane that they do this, but all cruise lines do it. I've sailed with both Norwegian and Carnival and threads exactly like this one pop up on their boards. So while in my opinion it's a completely unethical thing to do, changing lines probably wouldn't solve the problem. It's also very rare. I would be seriously upset though. I would be even more angry if I had already booked a flight.
  8. We go on vacation and trips with my parents all the time. There's always speedbumps but it doesn't make it any less fun. I posted earlier about my mom trying to get meds through airport security that looks like marajuana. We always have a good laugh about it afterwards. The only time it's ever horrible to travel with relatives is when they are super negative. But I'm sure your family had a great time with you!
  9. My mom is one of "those people" haha. She has this medication she takes that she allegedly cannot live without. (it's a natural herb for digestion. not necessary... but it is to her) It looks EXACTLY like crushed up marajuana. She puts it in a baggie in her luggage, and tries to pass the bag off on someone else to carry it through the airport security check. Every time she gets stopped for this, she is pissed. And we tell her every time she is going to get stopped, yet every time she continues to be surprised, and pissed.
  10. I Disagree. I'm staying in a 2 bedroom grand suite on the Symphony, the room was outrageously expensive. And call me crazy but the $2.50 for iced tea bothers me more than the cost of the suite... It's the principle. Not to mention that there are only a couple of people on that ship willing to pay for those cabanas, or expensive suites for that matter.
  11. I'm not sure where you're thinking it "isn't costing you a dime more". The UDP costs my family of three $600. You're paying for that pulled pork. But you're just pre-paying.
  12. The Carnival Horizon had a similar idea "Guy's Pig and Anchor" and there was an upcharge. There wasn't a soul in there the entire cruise. I understand paying for some specialty dining venus... but when you start charging extra for "cheaper" type foods like BBQ it is out of control. I'm not paying an extra dime for a burger, or a taco on a cruise and I sure won't pay for a rib. I'll pay for filet and lobster... but not pulled pork.
  13. So here is directly from my cruise planner: "Savor the savings with the Unlimited Dining Package! For one low price, you can enjoy multiple entrees and visit multiple specialty restaurants every night of your sailing. And as an added perk, this unlimited package also applies to lunch at specialty restaurants on sea days. Plus, enjoy a discount of 40% off bottles of wine under $100 and 20% off bottles above $100 while dining in specialty restaurants. A courtesy reservation will be made for the first night of your cruise based on your preferred dining time. You wil
  14. I didn't read through the whole thread's responses. But when I was reading on RCI's website about the UDP, It sounded to me like you could get Unlimited entrees....AS LONG AS they were at different restaurants. Like you could go to Chops and Order an entree, and then later go to Jamie's and order and entree. Almost like... who would have time to do this? As a deterrant to do it at all. Because of the way it was worded on the website, I remember being confused. I honestly though can't see how Royal could allow someone to sit down and order 3 filets for one person, every single
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