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  1. Lately all my Celebrity emails are coming garbled on both my cell phone and computer for example: Celebrity Sale bdhj 673 35&8 cjheyw6457manavbanhbswhxvxxgsvs shv Is anyone else experiencing this?
  2. Have done both....Grenada helmets and life jackets reeked so bad of body odor almost nauseating and river very low....Dominica awesome.....disposable helmet liners...great river....great staff
  3. Have seen a lot of posts regarding the MSC Yacht Club experience...can someone explain what it is, how it works and how one inquires or books?
  4. the carpet in the dining rooms smell
  5. We went on our fist PG cruise in Mar 2018 for 11 days and it was magnificent in every way. However the carpeting in all dining rooms was old and smelled ( I didn't notice buy my wife who has a sensitive nose did). So my questions are; 1) Has anyone else noticed this and when is the ship due for a refit? 2) Heard a rumor that PG is getting a new or different ship...any truth to this? Thanks
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