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  1. Hi folks. Doing a little research into a trip into Bruges from the cruise terminal in Zeebrugge and having a mixed response. Main issue is that my wife is not too good with walking and it appears that the traditional tours into Bruges entail the coaches stopping outside of the City centre and the passengers walking into the centre. This would be problematic for my wife, who can certainly walk short distances with the aid of a stick or her stroller. My thread is to ascertain if anybody is cruising on the Ventura, docking into Zeebrugge on Thursday 24th October 2019? and who might like to share a taxi with two ladies to and from Bruges. Thanks for reading this, David.
  2. HELP please. My wife and her friend will be docking into port at Bruges. There are a couple of ships excursions available but reading the itineries they suggest that the excursion coach drops you off some 20 minutes walk from the city centre. As my wife can walk, albeit slowly and with a stroller, we're questioning whether the walk from the coach would be too much for her. Could anybody who has recently visited Bruges, let me know if we're misreading this or suggest any alternatives. Many thanks in advance, David.
  3. Following many years of cruising we are about to embark upon our first P & O cruise on the Oriana leaving Southampton on the 30th May 2019 (cruise X908). We have the itiniery which shows that we have 4 formal nights on the 16 night voyage, but I can't find out which nights. Any ideas where I can find this info, if its available at all. Thanks in advance. David
  4. I've seen so many postings over the years regarding similar subjects but still feel that my posting is justified as I would appreciate some advice. For more years than I care to remember my wife and I have cruised on either the Queen Victoria or the Queen Elizabeth. This May however, we have agreed to join our dear friends on a cruise on the Oriana, they love the ship and as it is being sold later this year they feel that this would be their "Good-bye" cruise to the ship. We have absolutely no reservations in cruising on Oriana but I would welcome any advice/views/opinions as to the main differences between the Queens and the Oriana. We now that they are different and we won't be spending our time making comparisons but I would like others views, purely as a matter of interest. Thanks in advance, David.
  5. I must agree that the "quality" of the thin, cardboard-like bread is atrocious. It's bad enough before it's toasted but afterwards, just plain inedible.
  6. On our latest voyage on the QV which we disembarked from last Friday, once again, I was amazed at just how many people failed to utilise the hand sanitisers provided, in fact people not only ignore the presence of the hand units but appear to go out of their way to avoid using them. On three occasions, it could have been a lot more, I felt so strongly about the failure to use the units that I commented to the people avoiding them. In each case I was met by abuse from the males and a non-plussed, "what has it got to do with me attitude from the females". These would probably be the first to run to a solicitor or lawyer to complain about the ship's hygiene if they became ill. I am sick of saying to people, as cruisers our danger is not from the ship but from the other passengers. David
  7. Having enjoyed so many Cunard cruises over the years, I have found very little to complain about and the same goes for the cruise that we disembarked from on the QV last week, but as with virtually all of the previous voyages, I have to complain strongly and loudly about the number of rude, ill-mannered and inconsiderate people who enter the theatre following the start of the show. It is quite common for people to enter the show, in the darkness up to 20 - 30 minutes after the start of the show showing total disregard for both the artists and the audience. I also have a message for those who follow this practice, dropping your shoulders by two inches and adopting a strange sort of "duck-like" waddle does not make you invisible, it just adds to your annoying behaviour. I can't see it ever happening, but it would be a great day when cruise staff were placed at each entrance and nobody was allowed in once the show had started. .
  8. HELP and advice please. Just planning a few details for our Baltic Cruise in August and obviously the time is near to have a look at the excursions and tours available. As their are four adults in our party, what tends to suit our needs is to hire a car and local driver when in port for the day. The benefits of this are (1) cost when the fare is diluted by four (2) convenience - being able to stop wherever we choose to take photos, visit etc., (3) the local knowledge of the local driver. To date, we've never been let down and likewise our friends on this site have suggested some reliable local people for the job. In particular, we're interested in Tallinn, Helsinki, Stockholm and Copenhagen. Many thanks in advance, David
  9. To CarrollQuinn who submitted the original posting, I understand that if you are of a disposition where you would prefer to be alone whilst dining, that must be your first priority, BUT, I would ask that you give your seating arrangement some thought. My wife and I always ask for a table of 10+ and to date, we have rarely found ourselves on a table with people whom we couldn't take a liking to and if there is somebody not to our liking then we have plenty of other guests whose company we can enjoy. We have sat at many tables with single guests and never found them to look as if they've been left alone or excluded. For us, part of the cruise is to enjoy the company of other diners, who you see around the ship, see around the ports of call and we have several friends who we keep in touch with over the years - all from our table conversations. Last Saturday we had "Facecall" with friends in Australia and the following day were surprised to receive another "Facecall" from friends in New York, all of whom we met whilst dining on a cruise. Each person to their own, but I do feel that there are many enjoyable benefits to be had from the social event of a nice friendly dining table of guests. Good luck anyway whatever you choose - AND EMJOY YOUR CRUISE !!!!
  10. A bit too late to ask this question now of anybody representing Cunard, I should have done it yesterday, BUT. Last May on a Princess cruise I did find it handy to be able not only to check our account on numerous machines sited around the ship, but also in our cabin. Regrettably returning to Cunard again in October - no such facility existed. I understand that Carnival likes to maintain brand differences between the cruise Companies such as Cunard and Princess, but surely if Carnival has the obvious technology at their fingertips as per Princess, it should be migrated over to the other brands for the convenience of their passengers. This would not compromise brand individuality. David
  11. Hi friends, you've never let me down before so I thought I'd try again. Looking for the email details of a reputable, clean and friendly Company where we can hire a car and driver, for possibly a half day or longer when we go to Kristiansand (Norway) and Helsinki (Finland) in August. There will be four of us and over the years we've found that this scenario really suits us better that a tour from the ship, we have the flexibility of our own itinerary and can arrange our own breaks and photo opportunities as and when we choose. Anybody got any details re the above, I'd be very much obliged. Thanks again, David
  12. We have used them both to take luggage from our home to the ship and also to collect from the ship and return home - good service - no problems. David
  13. Once again, the question of a coach or making your own way is a personal choice based on an amalgam of points. For years we made our own way to Southampton from the North West of England and journeyed down the day before thereby incurring a full tank of fuel - each way, plus accommodation, meals etc., total cost being quite hefty, plus on one occasion being met with flooded roads on the way down, we became quite anxious regarding reaching the ship in time - a bit nerve racking actually. We were then offered free coach seats on our next cruise and as I had recently had surgery and was concerned about lifting the luggage so we took up their offer. HAVE NEVER LOOKED BACK. Our last six cruises (plus this August's) have gone as smooth as you could like. Give the driver our luggage in Lancashire and we next see them in our stateroom, if there's heavy traffic - sit back and have a read or a snooze - if we're late arriving, don't worry, they'll wait for us. LET THE COACH TAKE THE STRAIN. As an aside, on our last cruise, I made the classic error of putting my mobile inside the little piece of netting in the set in front of me and left it in the coach. Upon getting home I realised this and telephoned Ellison's who made a few phone calls, transferred the phone through a few hands and I collected it from their St.Helens office the following morning. EXCELLENT SERVICE. Like I say, it's personal choice, but we'll be letting the coach take the strain again in August. Happy cruising, David
  14. He welshred, 7 hours from Llandudno to Southampton, do they make you walk from Birmingham ??????? David
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