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  1. You mention taking Western route, but your islands are Eastern. Just wanted to make sure you were looking at right itinerary. St. Marteen - I've done the Golden Eagle catamaran. It's a fun half day excursion St. Thomas - Coki beach is nice.
  2. It's my first dose of reality. First, no Sabatini breakfast, then well you get the idea.
  3. I prefer Princess but have done 2 HAL cruises and enjoyed both. Enjoyed reading your comparison.
  4. I read posts of making it and even earlier flights. I understand wanting to avoid spending more time at the airport than necessary, but that seems tight. If everything works well at the port, you should be fine. If there is an issue, 10 could be tight to a missed flight. According to Princess Flight Guidelines, flights should be 4 and a half hours after ship's arrival: Ft. Lauderdale Disembarking Passengers Earliest International Flight Departure for Ft. Lauderdale: 5 hours after ship's arrival. Earliest Domestic Flight Departure for Ft. Lauderdale: 4 hours and 30 minutes after ship's arrival.
  5. I enjoyed your review. Glad it was a good cruise.
  6. Only 1 Princess cruise did we receive animals at night.
  7. I had CC dining twice. They offered a special item at lunch and dinner. Lunch it was usually an appetizer and dinner was a main course that you could also request as an appetizer portion.
  8. I'm not against TAs. I use them, but something does change. You have to go through your TA to deal with any issues or concerns. You have to be comfortable with that.
  9. For some people who need help budgeting or not spending their cruise money on something else, it could be helpful.
  10. I have no personal experience with this, but I have read here about passengers who received upgrades they didn't want. Are you working with a travel agent? Then you have to depend on that person contacting you. I'm sure others will recall specific examples.
  11. Tak8


    Count me in on really liking this island. Antigua has some great beaches and I never felt uneasy in the beach areas. In the Carnival announcement, I remember reading that Tortola was one of the replacement islands for Carnival ships. Don't know what Princess will do.
  12. I'd also vote for Eastern. I prefer the beaches on the Eastern route. I'd go Southern first, but I know that wasn't an option.
  13. I'd go with the Sky since it is the new ship. It's nice to see the new features Sky with offer for better or worse.
  14. Souffles. Any of them, but the Gingerbread at Christmas time is my all time fav.
  15. It's a little much for a 4 day cruise. I'd pass. Although I enjoy the suite life, seems high.
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