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  1. I wasn't able to refare due to no available cabins in my category. There may be some exceptions, but doubtful in your situation.
  2. It looks like the Concierge Lounge is on 14, so if you think you will use it 14 seems like a good choice.
  3. Thoughts and prayers for his family.
  4. You need to request strongly other arrangements. Getting through the airport, getting transportation, then hoping for no traffic problems is just too stressful a way to start a cruise.
  5. Congrats. Enjoy your cruise.
  6. No one will know for sure until pricing comes out next week, but using the Landmark sale as a guide, there is, in my opinion, a huge difference in pricing. I'm targeting a 10 day Caribbean cruise for December '20. The travel agency I use has refundable and nonrefundable pricing on their site. Here are some examples shown in pp rates Balcony BD. No refund 1410. Refund 1870 CC mini. 2159. 2619 For two passengers, that's a good 800 plus difference.
  7. MCC retired: Thanks for the information. Looking to book a Caribbean December '20 cruise on the Sky.
  8. I'm sure wait times can happen. I've done CC twice and never waited for a table.
  9. If passengers bring guests pretty soon the no wait to get in will become here's your beeper. Enjoy dinner with guests in a speciality restaurant.
  10. I normally find a card with the time/location in my suite. I have called and changed venue and/or time at times and sometimes I like what they gave me.
  11. You describe attire that is appropriate. You could sit at my table any night.
  12. I enjoyed your blog. Photos are great. The dessert sampler at Sabatini's must be part of the revised menu. I don't recall that option on my cruise last year.
  13. I agree, there should be less cabins booked with passengers who don't intend to take the cruise or are deciding between options.
  14. The Enclave is not one of the suite benefits.
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