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  1. British Isles cruise on Csribbean Princess May '17. Great to get a taste of Ireland, Scotland and France. Especially Ireland since my mother's side is from there and it was a college graduation present for my son. Honorable mention: First cruise on Princess was on Golden. Upgraded to a suite. Christmas cruise on Crown. More fun than I thought and Gingerbread souffle.
  2. I read another post on here that it is possible for the under age passengers.
  3. Princess offers a traditional Christmas dinner and my favorite Princess dessert Gingerbread souffle. I've only seen this offered at Christmas. Also eggnog at breakfast.
  4. Carbill: The switch of ships makes sense. I was thinking more of same destination but different itinearary. The Sky has a Caribbean New Years cruise and I believe the Enchanted.
  5. I had a cruise booked for March, during 1st pause, and was told they wouldn't extend it. I got the credit back on my card, but wanted the OBC for a future cruise.
  6. That's the real problem - switching ships. Ships will more than likely have a capacity control if, I'm hopeful and booked, sailing next December and who knows how many cabins will still be available when/if the delay is announced. Also, the price at the time when the delay is announced may make it more difficult for some to sail.
  7. I have the same concerns. I booked 2 already with FCC but I'm 50/50 May will happen and the other is December. I have more faith in next December but it's on the Discovery which may not be ready in time.
  8. It took almost 3 months to get my FCD. Patience is my only advice
  9. With all the FCCs out there and the continued pausing, I would bet low to no chance. Princess already wont have much new money coming in when cruising resumes so I don't expect many cheap deals. Also factor in capacity will probably be controlled at the restart of cruising.
  10. If I have online classes, unlimited is great. I don't have ti monitor or going over my free minutes.
  11. In the rules, it's a no but couldn't hurt to call and see. Good Luck.
  12. Tak8


    Yes, you can combine multiple FCC. I had two cancelled this year. Fingers crossed for New Years '21.
  13. I also enjoy Vines. Do you know what is/has taken over that space?
  14. Maybe there could be a short multiple choice test you take via tv remote or medallion type system after watching video.
  15. I keep going back and forth. I love the New Year itinerary that I have booked, but I'm concerned it won't be ready. With all the FCCs, there may not be room to move over to a different ship when/if the delay announcement is released.
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