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  1. XBGUY: Can you describe the Tuscan Wine Dinner more? Sounds like a good option.
  2. Enjoy your cruise. I'll be on the Sky next year. Anxious to hear about your experience.
  3. I have one booked for March. Looks amazing. I may never leave.
  4. I usually tip room steward $40. For the waiter and assistant waiter, I usually tip $20 each. On my last cruise, I had CC dining and tipped the hostess. She helped us with getting a table set up several times.
  5. I tend to book when they open, so generally a year and a half out.
  6. I've never done it, but from reading other posts they deliver the entire meal at one time.
  7. I did a British Isles cruise on the Caribbean Princess and then a year later did a Caribbean cruise on the same ship. I have no problem doing a same ship I have enjoyed. In fact, it makes it quicker to know the ship and figure out how to get around.
  8. I've had CC dining twice. Both times were because I booked a suite. I booked WS, so both times it was the same price as a CC mini so I got suite perks added. I've enjoyed the special dishes and the service seems to be a step above the norm for Princess. Still, I'm not sure what price I would put on it if I were deciding between CC or non CC option.
  9. I got the full suite perks when I was upgraded from a mini to a suite. I can't imagine Princess saying you get a CC mini, but not the perks.
  10. I booked a nonrefundable on the Sky about two weeks ago. Before completing the booking, my travel agent wanted to make sure I understood that I couldn't change offers without losing my deposit. Maybe his information is in error, but I booked with that in mind.
  11. I'd like to have some of the dishes. The from the ships ice cream fountain is great wording for the ice cream choices
  12. voljeep: I found it really strange, but it seems that certain TAs grab cabins and Princess doesn't sell those cabins anymore. I intended to book this particular cruise through Princess, but I couldn't get the category I wanted and the next up category was more expensive.
  13. I had the opposite happen. I wanted to book a S4 Penthouse suite. Princess showed none on their web site. I talked to a Princess Vacation Planner and she told me they had none available. Two travel agency sites had the category I wanted available.
  14. scot4020: Thanks for the info. I'm going to check it out for my Sky cruise in March. I'd rather get stuff done before boarding.
  15. Anyone know if you can pre book The Enclave for the Royal class ships?
  16. Caribbean through summer of '21 seems to be the same. I'd love to see some of these islands change.
  17. I like going to the thermal suite and hitting the gym. Great day for afternoon tea if your a tea drinker. Try to hit a few eating spots you don't get to on other days.
  18. You don't have to make an appointment. It will be open the same hours that the spa is open. As with anything on the ship, sometimes will be busier than others. I would recommend going to the spa day 1 and purchase a pass for the week. I don't know if it's true, but they claim they sell only so many passes.
  19. I vote for a May cruise. I did the British Isles in May '17 and had very good weather.
  20. Thanks for the photos. I'm very excited for March.
  21. I wasn't able to refare due to no available cabins in my category. There may be some exceptions, but doubtful in your situation.
  22. It looks like the Concierge Lounge is on 14, so if you think you will use it 14 seems like a good choice.
  23. Thoughts and prayers for his family.
  24. You need to request strongly other arrangements. Getting through the airport, getting transportation, then hoping for no traffic problems is just too stressful a way to start a cruise.
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