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  1. We were aft deck 7-Empress Deck-loved it. I love the aft cabins.
  2. 80s! I have yet to miss a question and break the tie breaker as I always write the artist down along with the song.
  3. We sailed on the Freedom summer 2013. There is a special entrance door for FTTF, priority, platinum, things like that. Shouldn't be hard to miss. It was our first time at that port and found it quick.
  4. We cruised on the Freedom and loved it, it is our fav cruise by far. Sorry you couldn't find something to be happy with. We are non-smokers and the smoke didn't bother us, not even on our balcony. And please show me a ship that the pizza line is not long?!?!?!?!?! There isn't one! Maybe like others said you should try a different cruise line. Freedom is a great ship!
  5. We did the Orlando to Ft Lauderdale route last summer. Our cruise debarked on a Sunday and we left Orlando around 8 am. We got to Port Everglades around 11:15 amish. I have a pretty heavy foot as well. We got on the FL Turnpike close to our hotel, which was just off I-4. There are tolls.
  6. I just got off the Liberty on 08/30 as well. I had an aft port cabin on deck 7. It only vibrated badly when we docked, due to the thrusters. We didn't have any other issues, and I was not aft, aft, I was side aft.
  7. We did snorkeling in St Thomas two weeks ago, neither one of these excursions, but wanted to give a heads up, the water, I am told, is very choppy going to the snorkel site, it def was the day we went. I would go on the biggest boat possible going out to the sites. My fam was sick and my kids didn't get in, one threw up, so on and so forth.
  8. We just got off the Liberty a week ago. It was our second cruise with it. We got FTTF for our upcoming cruise as well. We didn't have any line at all at PC and were onboard and in our cabins within 10 minutes of us arriving at port, which was 10:45 am. When we got back to PC, we waited for approx 10 minutes and were off the ship by 7:45 am. It was great and we love it.
  9. Yes, we sailed on the Fascination in November 2012, it was cold at night, there was a freak cold snap and it was only in the 60s in the Bahamas. Our day at HMC was nice and warm, but that was about it.
  10. Yes! We love the card. We love the double points. This past cruise last week, we had earned $200 OBC which our youngest used in the arcade. Free money.
  11. Our sons also get their own cabins. We have gotten FTTF for both cabins now for 3 cruises. I guess we could put the luggage tags on there, but I like their cabin is ready when ours is and I can do everything all at once.
  12. Hello, Does anyone know how much the horse drawn carriage is? It will be my fam of 4. And do you know if they accept cc cards-like matercard, or does it have to be cash? TIA!
  13. When you book, your child already will have his or her own VIFP. Our two sons have them and we began crusing when they were 9 & 12, we are about to go on our 5th and they have the same amount of days as we do.
  14. There is the beach as soon as you walk off the ship, its free.
  15. I am very happy with the no more smoking on the balconies! I can enjoy myself now and don't have to worry about the smoke! I do not care either way about the staff getting raises, DH handles all of that. They do work hard so I am cool with it.
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