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  1. We're on the same cruise and plan to get a day-pass in PV on our own. If you book through Princess, at least you'll know that you can get back to the ship without issue. I'm more worried about my second language being French and trying to navigate in Spanish.

    I hope you are having a fantastic sailing!!


    We are on the ship after you, for the 10-day Sea of Cortez and Mexican Rivera. We already have a non-Princess sponsored resort that I have already spoken with, the price is comparable. The other resort offers longer hours, but no transportation. I like the idea of knowing that the ship will wait for us if we book through Princess.


    Just wondering what resort that they use?? The resort that I researched is the Barcelo Vallarta and looks like a beautiful property.


    Any current information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  2. We did this cruise on the Miracle in Jan 2014. At the time we were early 50s. We definitely brought the average age down.


    Because it's pretty darned cold no one was out on Lido during trans-pacific portions of the cruise. This meant EVERYONE was inside. Common areas tended to be very crowded.


    The good part to that was we met a lot of people and had some fantastic conversations.


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    I think we were on the same cruise. I was in my late 40's and my husband was just 50. We had a great cruise critic meet and greet. 2 weeks allowed time for people to talk and get to know one another. It was an older crowd for sure, but most were there to have a good time and it showed. Horrible seas on the way to Hawaii.

    As others have mentioned, we noticed people camping out at the buffet and playing games.



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  3. Check out Nationwide Choice Cruise and Nationwide Luxury Cruise policies. It certainly will. Getting ready to cash in on one for a family member as well.




    We purchased the insurance as you stated above. We will receive $750/person, for port changes. The claim needs to be filed after you complete the cruise and can show proof that you sailed. Call now to get details on the required documentation.



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  4. I just received this information from a Business Development Manager at Carnival.






    Hurricane Irma Update

    We have been closely monitoring Hurricane Irma, a category 5 storm in the Caribbean. Given the projected path of the storm, the following cruises have been cancelled:

    Carnival Liberty – September 7

    Carnival Victory – September 8

    A full refund will be automatically processed, including Fly2Fun reservations, pre-purchased Carnival Adventures, Fun Shop purchases and beverage packages. The refund will be processed to your original form of payment within three weeks.

    While it is difficult to predict the storm’s path with complete certainty, at this point, it is expected that the storm will impact South and Central Florida in the next several days. The safety and security of our guests and crew are our first priority and our ships will remain a safe distance away from the storm.

    We remain in constant contact with port officials regarding potential port closures in South and Central Florida. Given the uncertainty of the storm’s impact, we expect that we may have to shorten the duration of certain cruises scheduled to depart this weekend. In order to provide the most accurate information, we will confirm any changes to our departures no later than 48 hours prior to the sailing date. Listed below are our sailings from Central and South Florida:

    Carnival Paradise – September 7

    Will depart from Tampa on Thursday, as scheduled. We are still evaluating the ability to call on Havana, as scheduled, and will notify our guests if any modifications are needed at embarkation tomorrow.

    Carnival Sensation – September 7

    Will depart Miami on Thursday, as scheduled. Our call on Key West will be canceled and guests will enjoy an extended stay in Cozumel.

    Carnival Conquest – September 9

    Carnival Glory – September 9

    Carnival Magic – September 9

    Carnival Splendor – September 9

    Carnival Vista – September 9

    Carnival Freedom– September 9

    Carnival Ecstasy– September 9

    We are still evaluating the potential impact the storm may have on our scheduled itineraries and will provide an update on Thursday at 1:00 PM.

    Carnival Liberty – September 10

    Carnival Fascination – September 10

    Carnival Pride – September 10

    Carnival Dream – September 10

    We are still evaluating the potential impact the storm may have on this sailing and will provide an update on Friday at 1:00 PM.

    Carnival Sensation – September 11

    Carnival Victory – September 11

    Carnival Paradise – September 11

    Our intention is to depart on Monday, as scheduled. We will confirm our plans on Saturday at 1:00 PM.

    Guests who sail on shortened cruises will receive a pro-rated refund of their cruise fare. Additionally, anyone who purchased our beverage packages will also receive a pro-rated adjustment. These refunds will be processed to the original form of payment within three weeks. Pre-purchased Carnival Adventures for cancelled ports, as well as any taxes, fees and port expenses will be refunded to your onboard Sail & Sign account. Gratuities will also be adjusted to reflect the shortened duration.

    At this point, we have not changed the duration of any of our cruises. However, should that occur, and your clients decide to cancel because your cruise duration has changed, they may do so and receive a future cruise credit in the amount paid.

    We will continue to closely monitor Hurricane Irma’s forecasted track and encourage you to come back for further updates and sign up for text alerts by texting the codes below to CRUISE (278473).

    Carnival Paradise – CCL1

    Carnival Conquest – CCL2

    Carnival Glory – CCL3

    Carnival Magic – CCL4

    Carnival Splendor – CCL5

    Carnival Vista – CCL6

    Carnival Liberty – CCL7

    Carnival Victory 9/11 – CCL8

    Carnival Sensation 9/07 – CCL9

    Carnival Sensation 9/11 – CCL10

    Carnival Ecstasy – CCL11

    Carnival Freedom – CCL12

    Carnival Dream – CCL13

    Carnival Pride – CCL14

    Carnival Fascination – CCL15

    Carnival Paradise 9/11 – CCL16

    We sincerely apologize for the disruption Hurricane Irma has caused and we look forward to welcoming your clients/our guests on board.

  5. Cruise Obsession Disorder: a person that constantly wants to be on a cruise, and always finds opportunities to go on a cruise, and when not on a cruise the person may obsess or fantasize about being on one.


    The person with the cruise obsession disorder may annoy or agitate friends or partners by wanting to be on a cruise most of the time, and constantly talks about cruises.



    I am glad to hear that it is an official diagnosis. I thought we both caught some kind of weird virus back on our first cruise to Mexico in 2009. 11 cruises behind us and soon to be 5 in our near future. We would like to see the US, East of California but can't find a cruise to go to most of the other States.[emoji6]

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