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  1. As far as I know they still do, but to be sure why not send them an e-mail.



    I called the 800 # that you had posted from the link to the website. The staff at the Krystal was friendly and helpful. Yes, they still sell day passes to cruise ship passengers. The cost is 100 pesos. I was told that is $13-$14 US. Please show your ship card.The resort has worked a deal with the cruise ships. The standard rate of the pass is 300 pesos.

    The day pass includes the use of the facilities. The pass does not include food and drinks, those are on a pay as you go basis. They also ask that you bring your own towels as those are not provided to cruise passengers. The passes are bought at the front desk and you will be issued a wrist band. There is no pre purchase just go to the front desk on arrival.

    This sounds like a terrific deal and is exactly what our group is looking for. A nice leisurely day at a pretty beach resort and just a short walk from the port. The ship sponsored resort excursion is all inclusive but more pricey and requires a 25 minute bus ride to get there. The biggest problem that i saw was the limited time at the resort.

    Thank you again Ine for your very helpful information. We are very much looking forward to our day in Puerto Vallarta.




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  2. http://www.krystal-hotels.com/puertovallarta/english

    Avenida De Las Garzas S/N

    Zona Hotelera Norte

    Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco

    México 48300

    Tel: +52 (322) 226-0700

    Fax: +52 (322) 226-0738





    Thank you Ine. I have been following your posts regarding The Krystall Hotel in PV. We are going to be in Puerto Vallarta this January, arriving on The Carnival Miracle. There will be a group of 6-10 adults and we were looking for a resort/beach day and this sounds perfect. I was just wondering if you happen to know if they still let cruise ship passengers use the resort? We are happy to buy a day pass or just buy our food and drinks from the resort. I don't want to be seen as "sneaking" into the resort.

    Any other information is much appreciated.

  3. Has anyone done the ship sponsored excursion for the beach resort day? We have a group of 10 adults with varied interests and are trying to do what might please most of the group. Some are first time cruisers and first time to Mexico also. I know it is at the El Cid in the marina. I have read that there is not a beach at the hotel but that it is just a short water taxi ride away. Any reviews would be helpful. Thank you.

  4. We stayed in 8457 when the Splendor was in So Cal. We really liked the large odd shaped room and large balcony. The only thing that wasn't to great was the bathroom is directly next to the bed. At night the light being turned on can be a little annoying to the sleeping person. Small problem for a really nice room, lots of extra space.



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