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  1. I am trying to do a price comparison of an on board booking I made on my last trip. Can't see how I can choose th cabin grade eg 2C 2B etc to check if I have a price drop. If anyone knows how to pick a specific grade without the colour coding we had on the old system please can you share.
  2. Absolutely no problem I should have checked the date before I posted that question! Have a safe journey home.
  3. Hi could you please post martini bar prices. Am deciding whether to upgrade to premium package. Also is it possible to get smaller martinis or non premium brands at the martini bar under the classic package? We are not big drinkers but like a martini or two. Sailing on Reflection Oct 12. Thanks for your help.
  4. Pre paid the gratuities yesterday and they appear on our Amended Invoice as "service charge". Why don't they call them that up front or even better include them in the cruise fare?
  5. We are not considering not paying the gratuities. That's a very contentious issue on this site!😃
  6. The currency maybe the deciding factor given the state of the pound at the moment.
  7. Trying to decide whether to pre pay ours or not. Once paid you cannot adjust the amounts. Having X add them to our on board account seems more flexible and you are rewarding the good service provided rather than paying a "service charge" for service you haven't yet had.🤔
  8. Hi Kernow Just heard from my parents currently on Explorer and they did get their table for 2! The email to rccl dining worked and they are having a great time despite the rough seas crossing the Bay of Biscay. Hope your parents are enjoying the cruise also.
  9. Have to agree. We did Constellation out of Venice with a few days pre cruise in Venice. The adriatic coast is spectacular as is the Venice sailaway (At the moment). Montenegro is charming and the "fjords" as you approach are majical. Our best cruise yet.
  10. Thanks for sharing especially as we're on Reflection for a med cruise in October. We are bit more cautious about missing the last tender though!😃
  11. I did check with celebrity but no gin allowed on embarkation only wine. Suppose will have to make do with the many cocktails, bubbly and wine. Not really a hardship. ☹️
  12. Hi another drink related question. DW has just discovered the vast array of flavoured Gins available in the UK. Will she be able to find a Pink Gin on our up coming cruise on Reflection 12 October?🍹
  13. Good to know we will also be doing a med cruise from Barcelona this October. Hope the weather is kind enough to make the most of the balcony. Is it slightly larger than average?
  14. Our luggage was lost at Venice port at the end of our cruise . We had to fly home without it. When it eventually was returned home to us the samsonite cases with combination locks had been opened and our on board perfume purchases and my wifes spare inhalers were missing. Very strange?
  15. Thanks I think that only 1st and 3rd cabins on the slant have a large balcony and our is 2nd. Good to know about the quiet location. Maybe the balcony will be slightly larger than normal but we only paid £15 extra pp for the whole cruise for it so don't really mind.🤔
  16. Anybody stayed in concierge cabin 1134 on deck 10 of Reflection. Nothing on the sticky that I can find. Particularly interested in balcony and any noise issues. Thanks.
  17. Thanks will definitely contact rcldining again in a weeks time, I have mentioned mum's situation and have advised them to go straight to MDR on boarding. MTD does not appear to be available now I know that's what we always do.
  18. They did request a table for when booking this time and last. Wonder if it's because they booked late. I will definitely advise them to go and see the Maitre D' as soon as they board. I hope they get it this time, they enjoyed it so much when they cruised with us in the past.
  19. Hi I hope someone can advise on how best to secure a table for 2 for my parents who are on Explorer 31 August. Last year they sailed on Navigator and even though they had requested a table for 2 they were seated at a table for 8. I appreciate the tables for 2 are limited but this caused them to avoid the MDR altogether. Instead my dad had to carry my mum's food to the table in the buffet as she is not very steady on her feet and uses a stick. He then had to go back to get his own food. He also relies on a stick so this must have been quite an undertaking for them every night and I worry it will it happen again. Is there any way to ensure they won't face the same trials again? My mum cannot share a table due to anxiety issues. I am trying to do some research on their behalf and have tried emailing Royal's Dining team but no response.☹️
  20. Hi we are sailing on Reflection in October and DH wondering about the availability of a late night snack. What time does the OV close and is there pizza etc available after 10pm? Thanks in advance, can't find the information on X website.
  21. Thanks Happy Cruiser definitely need to DH to register for CC.
  22. Hi is it any beneift if my DH registers for CC as well as me? Will we both recieve points or are they earned per stateroom. Never bothered before but now sailing concierge and don't want to miss out on the extra points.
  23. I think RCCL does offer the discount but haven't seen it appear on Celebrity UK site. May just email and ask. Our Military Discount is good and we still get perks like drink package .
  24. Doea anyone know if Celebrity offers discount for over 55's and is it combinable with other discounts eg Military Discount? FOMO again!😀 Thanks John
  25. Really hope that we do make our cruises. Hong Kong has got a special place in our hearts as it's where we met and married many years ago. We too have a great cruise consultant who has been more than helpful with our upcoming cruise. Is it possible to transfer that booking that booking to your land based Celebrity Cruise Consultant? I would like to have her help with the arrangements if possible. We always book direct because my husband gets military discount with Celebrity, every little helps. 😎
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