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    My three favorites were Tahiti, Norwegian fjords and Antarctica. That was an experience.

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  1. I definitely miss the smaller ones and will pay for Oceania or Regent with less passengers. Never would consider those behemoths that hold 4,000 or more.
  2. I sincerely hope you continue to have good health and no need for a scooter or walker to help you get around. Or, God forbid, a wheelchair. I find your post insensitive to those who want to cruise yet need assistance.
  3. Is it my imagination, or did I read that suite guests are no longer able to have breakfast in the Pinnacle?
  4. I'm very happy about the HEPA system. Every O cruise I've been on has taken me to the infirmary where I've needed help breathing. I swore things went through the a/c system and right into my lungs.
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