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  1. I will say that damage is going to make the trip home interesting. Storm system in Gulf this weekend. Waves will be approaching from that side of the ship on her return to NOLA Sat Night, Sun Morning.
  2. I could suggest Redcoach from FLL to Orlando. Another option, could be Amtrak. Amtrak is not as fast as the bus but there is a daily departure going north at 12:30PM.
  3. My guess is they were hoping to get it done in time. The rain forecast just four days ago was only for a light scattered shower or two in the forecast models. Over the last few days to now, it changed to more heavy long duration rains in Freeport. They were probably hoping for the former but ran out of time when the forecast became the later last night.
  4. Depends on what they were doing. Maybe the work on the upper decks was scheduled to happen the entire time of the dry dock. Or, logistically, they had to wait because they were using those decks for staging items off and on the ship and couldn't start the work on upper decks until that had cleared. These drydocks are very tightly scheduled. Based on what they were scheduled to update and the long bouts of rain we have had in south and central Florida the last month, I'm thinking they just had a lot of work and the number of rain days far exceeded what they had planned for.
  5. Nothing ever happens on my cruises. They all happen before my cruises. You don't want to cruise in the weeks before me!
  6. Oh wait. Yeah, ship time will likely be on DST. Confusing my dates. I kept thinking the 12th was Sunday. Best bet is to look for an old Compass on the route to see if the ship changed time during DST time.
  7. I prefer balcony cabins but tend to do a lot of inside just to stretch the money further. I can see issue if you have feelings of claustrophobia. One of my favorite things about inside cabins are the darkness. It makes that afternoon nap I sometimes need after a busy port day very easy. I also solo cruise a lot so the smaller space isn't a huge factor for me. But I know some lines are doing more larger interior rooms. I have to admit that I think some of the interior cabins on the older smaller class ships seem much more cramped than the newer larger ships. I'm not sure how comfortable it would have been to have two people in an interior cabin on the old Monarch of the Seas. That was pretty small.
  8. The ship will probably remain on standard time until you start to return to Florida or change on the day of arrival. My cruise returns to Florida on the 12th. So I'm expecting to lose an hour on the last night. I padded my departure schedule an hour just in case but I doubt it will matter.
  9. I must have a dock curse. A few weeks before my last cruise, the Roatan dock got smashed. We were still able to go. Now I'm supposed to be stopping at San Juan in a few weeks and another dock gets smashed up.
  10. And an updated tweet. 10:15 pilot window failed. Most likely arrival time after 2:30PM
  11. Thanks. I missed that had changed. Probably why the soda package cost went up.
  12. I thought RCL stopped letting you bring sodas on board.
  13. It's up to the cruiseline once out of US waters. NCL allows parents/guardians to grant permission for 18-20 to drink when out of US waters. I suspect RCL just doesn't want to have to deal with that and the hoops that go with it.
  14. Passport card is size of drivers license. Just easier to carry. Valid for driving across border between Canada or Mexico. Also valid on closed cruises starting and ending in US in Caribbean. For me, when cruising, just easier to deal with check in and customs by having my card in wallet instead of fumbling with the book. That said, I usually have it with me just in case. But I use it instead of drivers license when in ports also. I leave that in the safe too. Less hassle if I lose passport card when in port than drivers license.
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