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  1. Enjoy ! I've done two European river cruises. The ports are fabulous and tours are included. The ship's food features local dishes such as schnitzel . Entertainment included some Opera singers and a local pop band, but usually consisted of a guy on piano singing Tom Jones songs or sometimes just a jukebox. While I count river cruises in my tally of cruises, they are really a different experience, being all about the port cities and the ship mainly being a bed and food.
  2. Oh wow ! Remind not to go on a cruise with THOSE people !! Funny thing is most who have never been on Carnival and swear not to, think Carnival is like that. Miami crowds have a certain edge I suppose but Fort Lauderdale and New Orleans ( my favorite ports) seems to attract an older/ gentile cruiser.
  3. I've sailed on Carnival's ...Inspiration, Legend , Destiny , Holiday, Triumph, Splendor, Fantasy, Dream, Vista, Conquest, and Glory. Thanks for the video. I was on the Glory back in September. I like Berlitz book, but they don't explain WHY the rate ships the way they do. Glory gets a 1316 out of 2000. QM2 = 1675 out of 2000.
  4. One downside of enforced dress codes...lost luggage. I came very close to being denied entry to the dining room. In New York, Cunard had a contract with a hotel. In order to prevent luggage from collecting in the lobby, porters must retrieve bags. The Cunard representatives instructed me to ...sit down and wait and they will assure luggage arrives at pier. At the pier, I told the Cunard staff that I had no luggage and was assured that bags will be sent to stateroom. No bags ever showed up ! I did have a small carry on . I arrived at the elegant Britannia restaurant and was told "you can't eat dressed like that" . It was not my fault that all my elegant dinner clothing was in a lost bag. Fortunately for me the front desk loaned me some cloths ! Of course nothing matched or fit perfectly, but I was most grateful for the staff's assistance. The ship also laundered my one change of street cloths from the carry on. I paid for a bow tie. I certainly cannot blame the ship's crew...they were great, but their land-side customer service was poor. The Cunard NYC staff failed me. After I returned the California staff was no help in locating my bags. They did offer incentives for future travel, but only after several nagging attempts. I called New York and found my bags a month later. My points are ...1) dress codes are nice, but flexibility is better. 2) customer service is equated to selling cruises, not post- cruise.
  5. that's me ! I took the dance class, but did not "stand a chance" that evening. >LOL One great thing about Carnival and Princess is giving it our best seems appreciated, many time being encouraged to try.
  6. thank you for sharing YOUR thoughts :) As for food, I guess I eat to live rather than live to eat. I think I prefer the Carnival lido buffet. I would say that the Britannia dining room on QM2 is the best .
  7. more like comparing a young person's 4x4 Jeep to their grandparents Cadillac
  8. I will stay clear of AFT rooms LOL. The MDR's on Carnival are a fine restaurant, just with a more young at heart ambiance. I love the food and the service. As for Micky D's, that would be Guy's Burgers on the Lido, which makes an excellent burger. As for formal evenings...that's me in a tux on Carnival Fantasy. Some of us have eclectic music taste and like both opera and rock n roll.
  9. I'm not criticizing anyone for liking Cunard. I took a trans-Atlantic on QM2. I enjoyed it, but did not see... 1) why it cost 2 to 3 times the price with a single supplement ? 2) why the snobbery about ballroom dancing ? 3) why an all sea days itinerary is exciting ?
  10. The travel magazines/ books/sites don't tend to give Carnival much credit, but I happen to love the Fun Ships. Last year I had taken a trans-Atlantic crossing on the prestigious Queen Mary 2 . While I enjoyed the experience and therefore not knocking Cunard, I did find some ways that Carnival is better. 1) DANCING : On the QM2, just about all dancing was ballroom style which requires coordination & practice. At times things could get snooty . On Carnival dancing is all about having a good time, so even those with two left feet can fit in... like me. 2) PRICE: At 1/3 to 1/2 the price, Carnival delivers more bang for the buck. Me having to pay that dreaded single supplement makes a huge difference., such as $450 + 450 = $900 as compared to $1250 + 1250 = $2500....Some of the "Fun Ship " rates seemed to be cheaper than a plain hotel per night. 3) WATER SLIDES : sure pools are great, but those mini- waterparks at sea sure are more fun. 4) ACTIVITIES : sure Cunard has good trivia, but so does Carnival plus the other games are a hoot. There is the tower game, trivia pursuit, pool games, Sorry, Hasbro, and Speak Out. There is something crazy fun every sea day. Plus Carnival has different trivia for different interest. Being an American, of course I prefer baseball to soccer in sports trivia. 5) KARAOKE : On Carnival it is at least every evening, and at times during a day. After the show I will go to the karaoke lounge and meet with the regular crowd. On Cunard it was twice the whole week. 6) SINGING WAITERS : I enjoy the dinner song and dance . What fun ! 7) DIVERSE MUSIC : Yes, I love classical music and show tunes. The soprano on the QM2 sang like an angel. But I also like pop/rock and country. Carnival has a nice variety. 8) DRESS CODE: Carnival is much more understanding if your luggage gets lost and that tuxedo is lost somewhere in outer space. That's exactly what happened to me !! 9) SHIP ON STICK: I have a hard earned collection ! These trophies are a wonderful souvenir. 10) ALL AGES & BACKGROUNDS : On Carnival I love to see kids, especially dancing with their grandparents. One has not lived until you have marched through the atrium singing.. "Doctor Seuss on the loose" . It was a stoke of genius when Carnival discovered that blue collar types also like cruise ships.
  11. The entertainment sounds outstanding. We will not be bored
  12. Thanks for the reply ! No, I have a "dumb phone" ...a landline...so I cannot get the apps. I could attempt it on the desk top I suppose. The Bravo video sounded amazing, so I hope to see the live show myself.
  13. I'll be on the Regal in April and hope that Bravo will still be playing. Does anyone know of what shows are scheduled on what ships ?
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