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  1. Thoth

    Carnival Question Adult Scavenger Hunt

    That happened to me;p I liked THAT part
  2. Thoth

    Please think of your table mates

    As a solo cruiser, I can relate :( I sure don't wish to dine by myself on vacation. What usually happens is I move to that table with all the great fun.
  3. thanks ! you are most helpful
  4. Thoth

    karaoke on Transatlantic crossing?

    oh no ! :( I do know British history such as the 6 wives of Henry VIII...Harry Potter = not so much.
  5. Thoth

    karaoke on Transatlantic crossing?

    trivia in the pub as well ? That's what I've heard. If so I might just need to sleep in there so I can get the trivia + karaoke :D
  6. Thoth

    karaoke on Transatlantic crossing?

    Count me in on the karaoke ;p I'm on the 9 September crossing...my first Cunard vacation.
  7. Thoth

    Carnival Dream Flooded

    bummer ;)
  8. Thoth

    Carnival Dream Flooded

    so the in-door water park is now closed ?
  9. Thoth

    Carnival Question Adult Scavenger Hunt

    We were warned then given ample opportunity to leave the theater if we chose.We agreed not to discuss the matter after that. :rolleyes: What goes on inside after they close the doors STAYS on the ship.
  10. Sounds like you might like Princess. The dining rooms are a bit more elegant but not stuffy. People dress up a bit but don't tend to overdo it. The stage shows are more Broadway than rock concert.
  11. Thoth

    SUGGESTIONS / IDEAS for Excursions (Curacao & Aruba)

    The Aruba Jeep tour to the North coast was a hoot ! I highly recommend this ship excursion. We got lost, the driver drove too fast and hit every pothole , I got dirty and finally got wet. THIS WAS FUN ! :D We stopped several places, such as the mill ruins, the lighthouse, the natural bridge, and a wonderful beach. My Jeep tour in Curacao was canceled and I wound up on a countryside bus tour. It was mostly boring. :confused:
  12. Thoth

    How many cruises with Carnival....

    11 Carnival cruises . Why ? 1) cost. = Even as a single traveler the cruise is affordable. 2) "Fun Ships" = every Carnival cruise is a hoot. There is something to silly fun. 3) driving distance to New Orleans or Mobile 4) familiarity = few unpleasant surprises . I know what to expect. 5) young at heart fellow guest 6) activity excursions ...Jeep tours not just stodgy buses 7) water-slides 8) dancing waiters 9) warm weather destinations 10) creative Joe Farcus designs wakes me up.
  13. Thoth

    Carnival's new bland decor.

    Both are beautiful compared to Reflections on Vista. :rolleyes: https://www.cruisecritic.com/photos/ships/carnival-vista-982/reflections-restaurant-298767/reflections-restaurant--v13627456/
  14. Thoth

    Carnival's new bland decor.

    The Dream is a beautiful ship and makes the Vista look frumpy. Compare pictures of the atrium for example. I dined in the mid-ship Reflections which was spartan. They only used tablecloths on formal nights. :o