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  1. Have a great cruise, I was booked on that one, but as I had just completed the half world on Sea Princess with much the same ports, I swapped to the Feb 12th from Freo to Tilbury, as I had not done much of the Med. K
  2. I think you are correct re the prices, I have an old one as well. How far are you going on the cruise, I am doing Freo to Tilbury. K
  3. Nothing added to the prices. If you mean gratuities, they are included in Drinks packages. If you mean the extra, the american cruise lines add, then nothing. I found the drinks package good value. Depends on what you drink, but I found i needed doubles if buying spirits, otherwise, I must pour them a little heavy at home, as I couldn't taste the spirit. Wine on the package ok, nothingspecial. They also sell drinks packages on board. cocktail, beer, and bottled wine packages. Sorry but don't have prices, and they seem to be decided by the ship at the time. The bar prices on the list are from the Astors last cruise, there may be a slight increase, but they are similar to the Marco Polo last January in Pounds. K
  4. Australian. If you go to where you found the internet prices, above that there is a heading for LOUNGES in blue. Read through that and above the next set of pictures, (Of the lounges) there is a blue link for the Bar Prices. All in AUD. Ship doesn't go anywhere near the USA. Good luck. K
  5. https://cmvaustralia.com/images/vasco-da-gama_bar_menu-aud.pdf try this link. I have wine list somewhere will have a look https://www.cruiseandmaritime.com/images/cmv_2018_wine_list_generic.pdf wine list is in Pounds Sterling
  6. Hi Nang, On the CMV Oz web site, If you go to Our ships - Vasco - Lesiure facilities You will find both the internet prices, and bar prices in AUD. Bar Prices you need to click on a button in Lounges. Hope this helps. K
  7. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/45-all-other-cruise-lines-roll-calls/ Try here, quite a number of cruises.
  8. There is a roll call for both freo start 12th Feb, and Singapore start March 9th. No one was interested so they have migrated to the second page. I have moved them both to the top of page one. Also try Friends of Cruise and Maritime voyages on social media.
  9. No problem, When I booked the Marco Polo South American cruise it was one of the specials offered to early bookers. Gratuities were also paid for. They later introduced the packages, which caused a lot of problems for those who had booked early. Even at twice the price it was a good deal. I had a double brandy each night before dinner (couldn't taste the single) and that was 8.70pounds, a wine with dinner, and something after dinner and I was well in front. K
  10. Thanks Neil, I have just come off the Marco Polo which obviously was is Pounds. I have been doing my conversions, and just wondered if there was an AUD one hanging around. The prices are roughly the same ( I think). I had the premium package at a reduced price of 10 pounds a day, so definitely got my monies worth. Thanks K
  11. Neil were the drink prices in AUD, and do you have a copy of the drinks list. Thanks K
  12. Hi Barbara, sorry for the slow reply but I have been away. The other thread was so little used tht it has disappeared. Below on the boards under ROLL CALLS there is a heading of ALL OTHER CRUISE LINES. Tha'ts where the rollcall for individual sailing goes, this one is for mostly general CMV questions. Friends who like cruise and Maritime voyages (CMV) your question was so long ago you have probably found it by now. K
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