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  1. And I also should say it was the sound of the flapping stopping as the wind filled the sails that was memorable. Getting late here in London. And the wine bottle is empty so guess it is bedtime. Goodnight.
  2. Too many repetitive phrases there. Sorry.
  3. I thought the point of the Internet was to create a world wide community of free speech and equal opportunity - forgive the pomposity for a moment 😀. Particularly for us cruisers we are unable to access even the same web pages or buy the same products at the same price - allowing for exchange rates of course. If I want to book a hotel room, buy a rail ticket, goods from Amazon, I can get them for the same price regardless of where I live. I often buy US politics books from Amazon US and they don’t charge me more depending on where I live. I will still have to pay extra P&P of course. But the price of the hotel room or rail ticket will always be the same. I will pay in local currency converted to GBP. So why can’t I do this with cruises? And at least be allowed to see US pages - and gasp open mouthed at the treats denied me!!! 😎😎😎 Won’t stop me recreating one of my lifetime memories of the Star Flyer dropping it’s mooring of Saint Marteen and falling into the wind around midnight. The sudden silence apart from flapping sails and water breaking is one of life’s great experiences.
  4. Recently looked into VPNs and created one with Norton 360. The internet thinks my computer is in the States. So........ Looked at the specials page. Utterly unlike anything available in the UK. We don’t have ANY specials! Now really angry with Star Clippers. Sent them a very polite email simply asking them to comment on this disparity. Will wait and see if I hear back.
  5. Like many cruise companies, they will automatically redirect to the local site. Normally they will not let you book at US rates unless you have a US address and or US credit card. One of my long running bugbears.
  6. I have noticed before that US/Canadian clients often seem to get better offers for Caribbean cruises than us Europeans. Maybe it is simple capitalism and rules of supply and demand 😉.
  7. Can’t see the specials. Just get a UK page with Sterling prices. It’s nearly 30 years since I first sailed on the Flyer and I have never been offered any specials like that. I will definitely be letting StarClippers know what I think! Will get back to you on this thread In the meantime do enjoy your Flyer cruise elklemi.
  8. Wow! I am really amazed! It makes me realise that Star Clippers are absolutely ripping off their UK customers. Unless there is something I am missing. Just read the terms and conditions in their latest brochure and it confirms the pricing structure I outlined. Are you absolutely sure the price you paid didn’t already include a single supplement. It wouldn’t mention a supplement separately, just the final price. Would you mind letting me know the price of your upcoming cruise and I can compare it with a brochure price in the UK?
  9. As far as I can tell from looking at an old deck plan and comparing it with the latest one, it is a cabin that was not sold in the past. Or maybe it was originally storage space? You will see it marked with an S on the deck plan - cabin number 232. I am guessing it is roughly the same size as the other inside cabins. As regards single supplements. All cruises sold in the UK have, I think, a 50% supplement for categories 2-6, 100% for other categories. There is also a guaranteed single price which is slightly less than a category 6 with supplement. Are you absolutely sure you did not pay more than the per person rate based on 2 sharing? All the best.
  10. I recently discovered that Royal Clipper has one single cabin. Never realised that before. It does mean I have booked a cruise at the lowest per person rate without any single supplement or having to pay the guaranteed single rate. Plus it was eligible for an early booking discount as well. And to anyone booked on the 18th July cruise out of Trieste - Hi! Regards, Stuart
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