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  1. I totally agree lllbcruzn4life! Makes no sense whatsoever but now I am worried about those final payments due in March. I sure hope Royal extends that due date!
  2. Just heard this morning that the Port of Baltimore is closed, effective immediately except for the two ships that are left to come back in. So Royal may not have a choice but to cancel if other ports do the same. And BTW, I am a TA and have not heard of any press release at 2 PM today.
  3. Yes, but can't rebook on the same cruise. I already called Royal yesterday to see if I could do that with my existing booking for 7/4 from a balcony to a crown loft with the family and friends rate. Was told that because my deposit was non-refundable, even if I took everything in FCC, I could not make the new booking on the same ship and sail date. Bummer.
  4. True, all true. I was hoping that the prices would drop, but it very could well be the opposite. Let's hope not! I agree that gratuities could go up, but maybe, just maybe the entire cruise industry is taking a huge hit. Nothing so far on my cruise out of Bayonne on Lady O, but I have already save a bundle. So I guess we will just have to wait and see. Thanks everyone!
  5. Since news of the cancellation policy by RCI, I fully expected cruise rates to drop significantly but haven't seen that so far much like after 9/11. Has anyone else thought that or have you seen that? Maybe I'm a little too early for that to take place and perhaps we will see the drop next week. What do you think?
  6. True! The reality is that there is very little new or innovative.
  7. Can I please ask all of you to define exactly WHAT is it that is sooo different from any other line? I see a horrific looking cabin design (which looks like everyone said...IKEA furniture all over the place, NO comfort, NO space for clothes, and the SMALLEST bathroom I've seen since the 80s Mardi Gras), a dumb ass tatoo parlor, LOTS of mats all over the place, the TINY pool (If you could even call it that), and an air that lends me to think that this is only for Vegas "look at me" types or those who would visit Hedonism. I just don't see what is so innovative. Putting all charges into the price? Yeah, not so good. What if I don't want that drink package but I'm paying for it any way? Once again, struggling to see what is so new.
  8. Just curious. Cannot get in touch with my sister who is on the ship (no emergency). I know she soooo wanted to go there so I am hoping they got to dock. Can anyone tell me please? Thanks. She is too cheap to get the internet package, ARG!
  9. Yep, I told my group to buy the passes at $79 before it opened because I really thought this would happen or they would be sold out. Two of us did do that, while the others paid $99 the next day after we booked. Looked the day they announced the Coco Beach Club would be open and the price skyrocketed to $199. Holy cow! So glad we booked early.
  10. I hope they actually check wristbands or whatever they do to make sure you belong there. I will be really ticked off if you can just go there without paying! Does anyone know anything about this?
  11. How has the weather been for those of you who have been there in the last week or so? Have you been able to dock? My sister is going on Monday on Navigator and I wanted to check that for her as well. Thanks for all the responses!
  12. Our small group of 16 all booked the Coco Cay Beach Club but when I saw video of it today, I see there are day beds right beside the pool but nowhere to book those, as are the beach umbrellas in that area. Does anyone know if you can book those beds or those beach umbrellas or do they just come with the entrance to the Coco Cay Beach Club? Thanks!
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