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  1. No, I’m not giving my money to a cruise line who doesn’t go by their own rules!! Most cruise line grandfather your status in when they change their policy, MSC did not!! I don’t even think the Armonia has a specialty restaurant! And we can get the 5% discount from the military discount!
  2. So I called on Friday and turns out you can’t call, you have to e-mail them! But I did talk to a very nice lady who basically said because I had to reapply ( which I shouldn’t have had too) it put me at gold, and there was nothing she could do! She totally got what I was saying about MSC going back on there own policy! Needless to say we canceled the cruise we booked for July 2020! Booked with another cruise line! We are still going on the October MSC cruise only because it’s pay for and it out of New York and it’s my husband 60th Birthday! Probably won’t cruise MSC again! And trust me MSC has gotten their share of money from us, we have sailed 2 times in the Yacht Club & the October cruise is in the Yacht Club too! Also sorry some of you weren’t happy because MSC has the status match, but people were only taking advantage of what MSC was offering, I’m sure you would do the same if it was you & you had points with other cruise line!
  3. When I go to the MCS & me app it has my status as Black for my cruise in October. When the lady I spoke too pulled up my reservation for the 2020 booking it had my status as gold!
  4. This is what the E-mail says! So if I’m a black status now I would think it wouldn’t change till 2021!
  5. When I booked my Armonia last week I gave him the Black Card number I had that is on my profile for my October cruise, he said he couldn’t find anything. I gave him my husband black card number, same thing. Then he talked to his supervisor and he told me to reapply! It clearly says on the e-mail that after your matched they cannot change it! Well apparently they can, so I’m going to call Friday and if the status stays a gold we will probably cancel, I just feel like if my husband & I matched to black status for 2 Cruises you shouldn’t change the status! They are not following their own rules!
  6. So I went on the Seaside in July, I’m a diamond on RCCL and I matched to a black status on MSC. We booked the Meraviglia out of New York for October, still a black status. I booked the Armonia for 2020 & they said I needed to reapply for the Status match, got an e-mail today an it said I match to a gold Status. I called and asked what I would match too, and the lady I talk to said I would match to a diamond, but I would have to call back Friday and talk to the loyalty club! That’s bad business is I have a cruise booked and I’ll be black status on it, but drop down to a gold on a future cruise! Not happy will MSC at all right now!!!!
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