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  1. xcal185

    Civitavecchia to Rome and back

    Thanks for all good information. I guess we will wait to see how fast the debarc goes before deciding if we still have enough time to make it to Rome. If not we will stay in the port area or look for something closer. Brian
  2. xcal185

    Civitavecchia to Rome and back

    I am doing a back to back cruise on the NCL Spirit and would like to go into Rome on a debarc/embark day. We arrive at 6am and depart at 5pm. Would it be feasible to catch a train by around 8am ? Usually it is chaotic on debarc morning. We wouldn't have any luggage, but would we need a new key card to get back onto ship. Is it possible to get a new key card before the morning of debarcation? What time would be a safe time to head back from Rome? Thanks for any help
  3. xcal185

    Can I help with any Malaga info?

    I have an excursion to Caminito del Rey booked with Marbella Escapes, but am skeptical as to whether it will take place. Is there public transportation that would get me there. I am in Malaga on a Saturday which seems to make things a bit harder. I have found tour companies that would get me there, but they only operate on weekdays. Thanks for all the info.
  4. xcal185

    Beverage Package Prices

    Thanks for the info. Guess I will start checking my planner weekly. Hopefully there will be a good sale before the sailing date. Will be sure to check around Black Friday as well. Brian
  5. xcal185

    Beverage Package Prices

    Thanks for the responses. Does RCI only advertise their beverage sale on the trip planner? Brian
  6. xcal185

    Beverage Package Prices

    Thanks Bob Do you have an idea about how long before the sailing date should I see the prices? Nothing so far, but our cruise is not till beginning of March 2019. Brian
  7. Hi I have read previous posts concerning the price of the beverage packages and sale prices. Where do they show them? If I go to my cruise planner, I am told it is too early to book ( cruise is next March) I can see a description of the package on the website with all the brands of liquor, but no prices. Do they usually advertise on their website when there is a sale? For some reason I am also unable to log on to their website. Brian
  8. xcal185

    Wine and Soft drink question

    Thanks for the prompt answers. xcal185
  9. Hi We are sailing in March on the Maasdam. I was wondering if my wife and I are allowed to each bring a bottle of wine aboard? Are we allowed to bring any soft drinks? xcal185
  10. This is probably a dumb question but... I have read other threads about converting money in South America using ATM machines. Do the machines accept a Canadian debit card ? Canadian debit cards are not accepted at a lot of places in the US. Hope there is someone who has had some first hand experience recently. Thanks
  11. xcal185

    Shareholder Program

    On my upcoming cruise I have an onboard credit of $250 due to the shareholder program. Is it possible to purchase a future cruise credit with it?
  12. xcal185

    Ports in Brazil

    I was wondering if you have carry your Brazilian Passport with you everytime you get off the ship, or does the ship verify your passport and give you some type of proof which you can carry along with your ship card ? Brian
  13. xcal185

    Patrick Adventure in Papeete

    Just to let you know that I have finally been contacted by Patrick.
  14. xcal185

    Patrick Adventure in Papeete

    Still have not back from Patrick, but at least his website is back on line. Hopefully there will be some contact soon. Brian
  15. Hi I was wondering if anyone has been in contact with Patrick in the last little while. I have sent him 3 emails in the last 7 weeks, but have yet to get any response. I have been trying to email him at patrickaventure@mail.pf His website "the Tahiti Traveler" has been taken down in the last few days as well. Brian