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  1. Appears that Oasis has had a little circular tour close to the Statue of Liberty and now seems to be heading back into port.. The golf being played near by has had Sunday cancelled and the final day to be Monday. After the Anthem incidentI I cannot see any captain choosing to head out.
  2. Someone on our M&M wrote that there were 1000 passengers on their 14/8 cruise.
  3. Captain Tuvo is at the helm. If you can watch some the cruise series featuring Princess Cruises on catch, up you will see why he is so popular.
  4. Third world, 2nd largest population in the world. Largest pharmaceutical manufacturing capacities in the world, including Covid vaccines. I would imagine those dying are of the lower caste.
  5. Are you sure? Friends have been offered a cruise with SAGA in July. From Tilbury, sailing to Lerwick.After a stop sailing to Norway for a sail through the Fjords.
  6. Captain Kate took her crew to Coco Cay earlier this year. I am sure Celebrity will have use of Coco Cay as a stop off.
  7. I was told this morning that cruises from the UK would initially be to UK ports only. Not sure if the Channel Islands would be included.
  8. We are on a Celebrity Cruise in April 2022 , sailing from Southampton, Doing Spain Portugal and France. Final Port is Le Havre, staying late(22.00) to allow excursions to Paris or Normandy Beaches.
  9. A couple of sunrise and one sunset. Which port? The seagull sunrise 8 December 2020 Anthem may be visible justtaken a short walk from my home, you may just be able to see the ship at anchor (Anthem of the Seas) 1st of December 2020, sunset. Sorry I changed the photo of the sunset however two have appeared.
  10. I believe I may have been booked onto the same cruise as yourself. I cancelled the booking and re-booked for 2022. I don't believe Russia will have sorted out their mess in dealing with Covid, Likewise Germany. Then there is the question regarding the crew, who I don't believe have been offered any vaccine. Cancel now and if they do sail there will be numerous cabins available, I would think.
  11. Anthem from Southampton on various dates calls at Geiranger as does Jewel from Amsterdam, both have the added bonus on some cruises of stopping at Flam. The railway offers an hour round trip.
  12. Try the Pig in the Wall, close to the port. Quaint little hotel built into the Old City wall. For dinner they usually take you into the a New Forest for a dining experience. Transport when its running is a Land Rover discovery. Close to the shops including IKEA.
  13. Perhaps a fan of the band. Colosseum - Lost Angeles
  14. The possible coronavirus case, an 83 year old Singapoean, has since had two further tests. Both of which are negative. RCL are contacting passenger to tell them isolation is not required. Quantum is sailing again.
  15. I would go for the Welland Canal.
  16. Majestic Wines offering Veuve Clicquot Brut, Champagne at a £17 reduction if purchased with 5 other bottles, any mix of bottles
  17. There are four RCL ships in Poole/Bournemouth bay at the moment.
  18. Posted these photos on Royal Caribbean forum. I was down on Poole Quay just over an hour ago. This tender is from Allure, they tied up to pick up a parcel . The ship is anchored in Poole/Bournemouth bay.
  19. Taking a walk to Poole Quay about an hour ago. They tied up to pick up a parcel.
  20. It is Silhouette, I could not remember where though.
  21. I was going to post this as a where is it.
  22. Most Cruise lines have cabins/suites that give the occupants access to lounges and Dinning areas which are for them and them alone. Royal Caribbean and Celebrity are just two. If you book an outside cabin on those two lines you cannot use the Suit lounge and the associated dining rooms. The exception are usually for passengers who have earned status, such as Pinnacle level on RCL.
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