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  1. I went to Alaska on one of the first cruises of the season (so it was a lower priced cruise). With airfare, one person in a balcony was approx $3500 for 14(?) days. So I wouldn't consider a late season cruise in a porthole at that price a bargain. The balcony was great to enjoy the whales and dolphins. Frankly, I'm not booking any travel at this point. I had prebooked a cruise to the Panama Canal for late Jan 2021 because I wanted a certain class of cabin and history was showing that if I waited until now to book, the cabins in the class I wanted would be booked. After having to cancel my trip to Switzerland for this year, I will be heartbroken to cancel another. This is getting expensive... I'm hoping that a "covered reason" will allow me to lose the least amt on my trip to Switzerland. I can cancel for any reason for the Panama trip, but that insurance was $550 - I'd rather go and pay the money than lose the insurance and the 25%! This year is staycation year.
  2. I read that the cruise lines tend to upgrade the people who paid "full price" for the inside/oceanview cabins. That will then open up the insides and ocean view cabins to be discounted. The reason is because they want to minimize discounting the higher class cabins (not sure how an "upgraded" cabin isn't a discount...but that's the way the story read). If you're buying the deeply discounted insides 1 mo before sailing, I wouldn't expect to get an upgrade (though, if you get one, be thrilled. :) )
  3. I went to Alaska earlier in May and I had a balcony for the first time. I enjoyed being able to pop up and look outside everytime someone saw a dolphin or whales. I just threw my coat on and looked outside. I know that staying on your balcony is some sort of sin, but I tried the promenade deck, the upper deck and the balcony. I enjoyed my balcony and didn't feel like I missed a thing. Maybe I missed some dolphins on the other side, but be real...there were so many that missing a few wasn't missing much. With the crowds and such, it's hard to shift quickly from one side to another fast enough for a whale or dolphin! Wild life seemed to be cooperating well and were on both sides so if you stayed on one side of the ship, you got 1/2. Glad they were being sooo cooperative! Sunrise and sunset were also beautiful from the balcony. I saw many other balcony enjoyers out there with me. :)
  4. Man...the last time I was on Royal, they had balls and no ipads! It's been awhile since I have been on a cruise... I really enjoyed losing $35/day on bingo. Now, it's $60 and you don't even enjoy it. 😞
  5. Dumb question since I've never seen bingo without the balls or anything. Is there any fun in watching? Or is that fun gone too? I often play but $60 is a bit rich for me. If no one is playing, then I can't imagine the pot to be too large and if too many people are playing, then the likelihood of winning gets a bit too low.
  6. When you're booking private tours with people you don't know, you take a risk. Risk that the tour won't happen and you "lose" the day because you can't make alternate plans and you are walking around the port Risk that the person will take your money Risk that you aren't taken to the places promised Don't even want to discuss other possible risks (not returning to the ship on time, being robbed etc) Having said that, I think there are legit folks who pay $x for a van and the van holds 12 and you only have 4 folks in your family, why not split? I also can imagine "entrepreneurs" who book their own buses! The last time I did this was actually a pre-cruise hotel and bus ride. Everyone made their own arrangement at the hotel, but one lady booked 2 buses to take us to the port. Well...I get to the hotel, they are "overbooked" (tiny hotel...probably filled with us cruisers) but it's no problem, they will let me stay at the sister property up the street. (yeah, like a 20 min walk!) I resisted...I said "but my cruisemates are HERE!" I was unable to communicate with the group (this was years ago). The hotel finally agreed to pay for the taxi ride to the other hotel and return taxi to their hotel so that I could meet the bus. Well, luckily, I came early because in the meanwhile, everyone decided to leave early! I got there in time to gather up to load on the bus. The organizer paid for both buses, wouldn't accept money upfront (it was 8 euros per person so I had no problem sending her $10 or whatever). Had they left without me, I could have gotten a taxi or whatever and found my way. In retrospect, this might have been a good risk. But I'm not sure I'd do it again.
  7. I'm glad to hear that the chair would be available upon request. 🙂
  8. I decided to carry my US Passport card with me. Admittedly, you can't fly using a card, but it is an official government document proving citizenship. I just put it in my shoe, in case it becomes necessary. I struggle with the "ship leaves without me and I have no passport" concern, then there's the "what if my passport is stolen while out and about" concern and my only "balance" is to leave the passport safe on the ship and take the card with me. One thing I learned from a guy who traveled internationally on business in high risk areas - robbers rarely check your shoes. So I put enough cash to get a taxi to the consulate and my passport card and a spare credit card (2 shoes = plenty of room under the insole, I can't even feel it)
  9. If I had known about the chair issue before I booked non-refundable airline tickets, hotel etc, I would have cancelled the cruise. I assure you, there will not be future cruises on Princess. Royal Caribbean is similar price and I can have a sofa in an inside cabin.
  10. sigh...I'll have to make a new lanyard with a holder.
  11. Hi...I'm quickly learning not to assume anything. I was assuming that everyone is issued a card that is used to unlock the cabin door, charge on board purchases etc. Do we get a card? If you do, how do you hold it? If I want to wear the card on a lanyard, will they punch a hole in the card for me or do I need to bring a hole punch too?
  12. I have gotten $100 per day on a transatlantic in an inside. $200-$300 for a more popular destination in an inside/ocean view. The prices can skyrocket from there in a better cabin.
  13. Is it possible to get the main dining room selection as room service or "To go"? I don't want to have an elegant, long, drawn out meal. I just want some nice food.
  14. There would be more room if they took the bed too! Not sure if I could haul an inflatable mattress on the airplane...
  15. I would understand the concept of "Princess is trying to drive people out of their room" by removing the chair theory, if they were offering similar options outside of the room. I find it odd that people are mentioning that it's difficult to find a good place to play cards! I know that my perception of "cruise ship" is based on Royal Caribbean...but man, I thought that cruise ships would at least support unorganized card playing by passengers! I continue to offer that I'd pay $500 for a long cruise to have a comfortable, private location where I could set up my ipad, crafting etc and have a convenient bathroom nearby. Maybe like a glass room with optional curtains with an ocean view with a door that locks (so that I can leave my stuff there for 10 mins to go to the bathroom or run for a snack). Being able to "order" a drink or a snack from the serenity guy would be fab. But an outdoor space wouldn't work for me. I need to curl up with my ipad/tv and a recliner/sofa. Now maybe we could get rid of the walls/doors if you gave me a locker inside where I could quickly dump my stuff to run to the bathroom. To me...this is a good compromise...get out there, hangout in our game room with a private, indoor, reserved sofa spot/recliner spot with table, locker, ipad holder etc. They could have "public" tables for game players or people who prefer to do things at a table (vs sitting in a lounge). I still sort of like the concept of curtains for "privacy".
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