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  1. I’m also trying to cancel a cruise. I was told by my PCC that because of a major system update, some cruises have been flagged to not be changed. All reps have received an email that they are not allowed to make any changes on these cruises. I wanted to transfer my deposit to a new booking but my PCC was not able to do so because they’re system is screwed up. Please remember that the person you are speaking to has no control. Having been in customer service for many years, I know just how much havoc a system update can cause. I suspect this is all due to the change in policy for cruises to Cuba.
  2. I can vouch that the gluten free options are awesome. You just have to let them know in advance. Might be easier for the kitchen staff and you too.
  3. Thank you so much for your wonderful, positive post! A cruise is what you make of it. Planning ahead is key. We are sailing on Joy in 2020. I’m glad to see that not everyone thinks everything is horrible.
  4. We are sailing on Joy in February 2020. Since Joy is now like a brand new ship, in a brand new market, with a brand new crew, you have to expect some kinks will need to be worked out. You chose to take an early sailing after refurbishment. I’m waiting and watching and hoping for improvements. I would never base whether or not to sail on a particular ship on such early reviews.
  5. Yes, you would pay the difference in the upgrade service charges.
  6. You can always call directly and upgrade and just pay the difference. This is often cheaper than bidding. Always do a mock booking before placing a bid. We did this on the Jade after the OS price dropped. The bid they asked for was much higher than the upgrade price.
  7. We were in an OS on the Jade last March and could not use the front balcony much. It was too windy. We also found the bulkhead door really hard to operate. It has to be closed before you start moving and the wind picks up, or you won’t get it closed. Also, because you are up front, other cabin’s balconies are right there. No privacy. We used our side, enclosed balcony almost exclusively. We wouldn't get a front balcony again. Just MHO.
  8. I had a co-worker who used hand sanitizer constantly, and she was always sick. Ended up with pneumonia. I wash my hands constantly on cruises, and everywhere else. Using too much hand sanitizer is part of the problem, and gives a false sense of security. You can’t avoid germs completely, and dong so is unhealthy. Unless you are wearing sterile gloves, it’s impossible. There are plenty of bathrooms on cruise ships where you can wash your hands. And as other posters have said, I don’t want to eat hand sanitizer. Use soap and warm water. Nuff said. Please excuse the rant, but this irks me as much as the overuse of antibiotics.
  9. I was told that if we missed the ship, we would be staying in Miami until our next port which would be Curacao, three days later. No refund of cruise fare, but they do pay for the hotel. Best to fly in early.
  10. We are flying in a day early for $25 pp fee. You don’t need to book a hotel package to fly in early. They just waive the fee if you do. If a rep told you that you have to book a hotel to fly in early they are wrong. Call back and speak to another rep. With all of the recent airline issues ( not weather related) a small fee to fly in a day early is worth the peace of mind. I wouldn’t chance it just to save a few bucks. But that’s just MHO.
  11. I don’t have celiac but I am gluten intolerant. I was able to plan my meals in advance and I never felt deprived. The staff was great. As others have stated, make sure that you contact the access desk at least 30 days prior to sailing. I ate gluten free bread, pancakes and waffles, and so much more. I also have dairy, peanut and tree nut allergies. No problem for NCL.
  12. https://www.cdc.gov/norovirus/about/prevention.html
  13. Thanks for the feedback. We booked flights through NCL for our Feb 2020 cruise aboard the Joy. Enjoy your cruise!
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