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  1. Assuming your cruise sails, I highly recommend Valley Isle. Great, relaxing day of Touring. I wouldn’t recommend doing it yourself. https://www.tourmaui.com/#road-to-hana-tours
  2. Not a pleasure cruise folks. I’ll wait thank you.
  3. I had to do a google search to bring up the promotion. Since the price of my cruise has increased, and I can get free chocolate onboard, I’ll pass.
  4. I did not see this promotion either logged in or not. Must only be on certain sailings. Plus the price has gone up since I booked.
  5. Has anyone sailed in balcony R746 Emerald Princess? What did you think of it?
  6. A746 is listed as extended angled balcony. We want to be on the port side. Even if it isn’t it’s fine. As long as we can both fit on it. I don’t think the deck plans for Discovery Princess were accurate either.
  7. We decided to go with the Emerald Princess aft extended angled regular balcony. Better itinerary ( glacier bay) for us. Has anyone sailed in cabin A746?
  8. Oops- just looked more carefully at the deck plans. Will stay put for now and hope to snag a suite.
  9. Thank you for the clarification. Is the Emerald Princess the same configuration? If not, which decks have covered corner aft balconies?
  10. We’re new to Princess. We booked an Alaskan cruise for May 2022 aboard the new Discovery Princess, aft corner deluxe balcony, Aloha deck. I moved the booking from a port side deluxe balcony. I figured the views would be amazing and it was the same price. I know that generally, aft balconies are prime real estate. When I booked, the rep said it was slightly cheaper, since it was considered inferior. It is a lower category. Can anyone tell me why? Did I make a mistake booking this cabin? Thanks in advance.
  11. See #1 and #3 https://www.health.harvard.edu/diseases-and-conditions/10-flu-myths
  12. Exactly that. Your choice to be isolated and be unable to travel, etc. I choose minor, temporary discomfort over living like a hermit.
  13. Just saw this commercial yesterday. NCL is happy to take your money while they run months of test cruises. No one really knows when we will return to paid cruises that are “normal”. I’m thinking late 2021. All cruise lines have to jump through many hoops with test cruising and approvals: Under Phase 1 of the CDC's new guidelines cruise companies must test all crew members on a weekly basis. Companies will also be required to run test voyages to ensure safety protocols effectively mitigate the risk of a Covid-19 outbreak at sea. The protocols must be approved beforehand by the C
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