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  1. Considering a $107,000 world cruise in 2023 - 180 days - solo traveler Where can I get insurance? Cruise line offering $50000 coverage Insure my trip only goes up to $99,999 for ~ $8000 Any ideas?
  2. That cruise has been cancelled for a while. https://www.princess.com/downloads/pdf/plan/impacted-and-cancelled-cruises/pause-extension-into-2021.pdf
  3. There are many San Francisco to Alaska round trip cruises on the books. You could drive up to San Francisco or take a short flight.
  4. I paid $100 per segment for a solo cabin. When I cancelled they kept the $200 as admin fee which can be applied to a cruise in the future.
  5. Thanks everyone for your comments. I acknowledge this is a risky time in many ways to be traveling and have now learned that I need to keep my plans to myself. 💗
  6. So I am so excited about the possibility of the October 1st cruise b2b. Daydreaming is getting me through some tough days. Every time I mention my plans to someone they say something negative. "It's too dangerous" You don't need to be traveling right now." "You're crazy." "Why are you spending the money?" I'm fully aware of the risks. I'm fully aware that my money might be tied up for a while if the cruise is cancelled. I am trying to keep my mouth shut about my plans and might just tell folks I have to go on a business trip to Miami but why can't folks be happy for each other.
  7. Final payment for the October 1st cruise is due August 2nd. 🚢
  8. Shop local. Keep the money in your community.
  9. Congrats on the great deal! Just wondering...how does one bring up the price one paid for the cruise with other passengers?
  10. Here is a fun article that may be helpful. Opinions are of course those of the authors. https://www.cruisecritic.com/articles.cfm?ID=66 Then there is this article as well. https://www.cruisecritic.com/articles.cfm?ID=129 Finally, here is the answer to your question. However, I don't think the two are comparable. https://www.flyertalk.com/forum/cruises/771524-comparing-cruise-lines-hotel-chains.html
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