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  1. We stayed at this hotel: https://www.hyatt.com/en-US/hotel/netherlands/andaz-amsterdam-prinsengracht/amsaz It was very nice. I used https://www.sixt.co.uk/ride?import=true to book transportation from the airport to the hotel.
  2. Hello, sorry to have posted a little confusing statement. Yes we will be River Cruise sailing out of Portugal on the Douro river. I have heard back from my travel agent and she told me that Viking would assist us in getting Covid Testing to return home. Of course, this is in 9/22 so things may be different then. I just got back from Hawaii and went through the Covid testing 72 hours before departure on Hawaiian airline so I am familiar with what to do.
  3. We will be sailing to Portugal on Viking in September 2022. This cruise originally was scheduled for September 2020 and the rescheduled for September 2021 and again rescheduled for September 2022. I know what to do to get a Covid test here in the US prior to travel since I just went to Hawaii but don't know about returning to the US from overseas. I also don't want to get to hung on this now since a lot can change by then. I would like to know what others are experiencing on getting tested to return home. Thank you for your help.
  4. How to change email associated with my account. Any help is appreciated. Thank you
  5. We canceled our south of France river cruise on Viking for late April. Viking was wonderful and it put our minds at rest. We are in our late 60s and my husband has an auto immune condition. Our big concern was being quarantined and not allowed in the US. My husband travels with a medication that must be kept cold and if he ran out he might not be able to get it. It's injections so it's difficult to bring extra. Everyone must make the best decision for the themselves. We don't have anything planned now until April 20201 and it's in the US and another one through Portugal September 2021. God help us all if by then it's not over.
  6. Our river cruise is scheduled for late April and we too are struggling with a decision whether to go or cancel. My husband has an auto immune disease, Rheumatoid Arthritis, so if he contacted the virus it could be deadly. I also, contacted my doctor and asked for advice given my health condition which is pretty good and recommended I not go. So we are preparing to go and to cancel if need to with a dead line to make the decision by middle of April. I have a list of things I must cancel and now have my doctor's recommendation.
  7. Yes it is a good deal. My husband loves single malts so he is in heaven on the boat.
  8. My travel agent just booked Memphis to New Orleans for us in April 2021 on the American Queen. On the American Queen website there is a place to register an account. Is that for travel agents or do I set up an account. I'm familiar with ocean and river cruise website and you usually setup an account to book excursions or other things.
  9. On our one and only Princess cruise, someone had a dog in the dining room and they fed it at the table. Yep, it had a little bow.
  10. More overnights in popular ports.
  11. My husband brings two sports coats when we river cruise. He will bring both even for a 7 night cruise and he never feels out of place. I suggest he does whatever he feels is comfortable for himself. Enjoy your cruise.
  12. Thanks for all this information! My husband can not walk long distances for a long time so 4 hours may be enough anyway. We plan to spend 4 nights pre-cruise in Buenos Aires and after 20 night a quick in and out may be all we want. I appreciate all that took the time to give me information.
  13. Hello, has anyone done Oceania's post cruise excursion to Machu Picchu? We are booked on a South America cruise in January 2021 and are considering booking this. Any opinions good or bad is welcomed. Yes I do know I can do this cheaper ourselves but for ease of travel we like this option. Thank you
  14. Thank you for your review. We have done 6 ocean cruise, 5 with Oceania and have another Oceania cruise booked for 2021. We have done 3 Viking River cruises and one more booked for April 2020. But we are most excited that in 2 months we will do an Insight bus tour that will tour Italy and Sicily for 17 days. I am hoping this will let us see more of the places we visit. I do like organized tours but hope we get enough free time to explore on our own. Almost all hotel stops are for 2 nights.
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