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  1. Whatever you decide to do make sure you don't rely on a taxi at this port. It's a nightmare if you need to get to someplace quickly. We only needed to go to a hotel this past November and it's a free for all trying to get taxis.
  2. skiladyldp

    Viking-Windmills & Tulips

    FuelScience-thank you!
  3. skiladyldp

    Viking-Windmills & Tulips

    Hello, we are taking this river cruise in April 2019. The website shows 3 docking locations in Amsterdam. Does anyone know which one is usually used? Thank you
  4. skiladyldp

    How to purchase the beverage package

    LHT28, thank you so much for the link. I could not find it and I believe you are right I have to have my TA order it.
  5. On the new website format, I can't find how much the beverage package is or how to order it online. Do you have to call to order this? I want to get it ahead of the cruise because our port is Barcelona and I will have to pay 20% vat.
  6. skiladyldp

    Can you View OBC on line?

    Kingofcool1947- I will check that out when I board Marina on 11/16/18. Thank you all for the information.
  7. skiladyldp

    Making Dining Reservations?? (Newbie)

    Someone posted the following instructions for making dining reservation a couple of years and I have followed them for the past 2 trips and had success. Sign into your Account Go to "View All Booked Cruises" (There may be a shorter route, but this is what worked for me.) Choose Dining Reservations (On the right hand side) Choose "Dining" on Menu Bar in center of page. "Book Specialty Restaurants" will appear in a blue tab on the right hand side. "Step 1:Select Dining Preference" - this is where you can choose how you want to dine. There are 3 options across the page "Dine at Private Table;" "Dine with Another Booked Party;" or "Share My Table with Other Guest." Not sure if it will default to a 2 top as mentioned by Jim and Stan, but they certainly seem to know all the ins and outs! I've received a plethora of good advice and information from their posts "Step 2:Select Restaurant Preference" Under Restaurant of Choice you will choose "Show Available Dates." A calendar appears. On preferred date choose "Add Reservation." A drop down will appear with available times. Once you have made your allowed number of reservations, you will NOT be able to make others (if you want to change a date and time) until you cancel one of the existing reservations
  8. skiladyldp

    Can you View OBC on line?

    Thanks to all who replied. My cruise is in 3 weeks so I can't see it but it will be nice for future cruises.
  9. skiladyldp

    Can you View OBC on line?

    Does anyone know if you can view your onboard credit online?
  10. Click on This Forum for just Oceania or other Forum for search parameters.
  11. skiladyldp

    Viking Lyon & Provence River Cruise 2020

    Thanks for the information both replies are helpful.
  12. Hello, I am looking at booking this cruise in late April 2020. Starting the cruise in Lyon and ending in Avignon. We may want to stay 3 nights pre-cruise in Lyon and 3 nights post cruise in Avignon. From the city center in Lyon how easy is it to get to Viking's dock? From Avignon, how easy is it to book a transfer from Avignon to the airport in Marseille?
  13. skiladyldp

    Uniworld Fans - Which Ocean Cruise Lines Do You Like?

    I have not cruised on Uniworld only Viking but from you are describing it sounds like Oceania.
  14. skiladyldp

    Viking Competing On Food

    ronbe65 Excellent review. I have been on their River Cruises and have wondered how the Ocean Cruises were. I love Oceania's food but Viking is very enticing for many other things.
  15. skiladyldp

    Hair Dryer on Viking

    Thank you for the information. Well, my hair dryer will the last thing I pack if I have room.