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  1. My husband brings two sports coats when we river cruise. He will bring both even for a 7 night cruise and he never feels out of place. I suggest he does whatever he feels is comfortable for himself. Enjoy your cruise.
  2. Thanks for all this information! My husband can not walk long distances for a long time so 4 hours may be enough anyway. We plan to spend 4 nights pre-cruise in Buenos Aires and after 20 night a quick in and out may be all we want. I appreciate all that took the time to give me information.
  3. Hello, has anyone done Oceania's post cruise excursion to Machu Picchu? We are booked on a South America cruise in January 2021 and are considering booking this. Any opinions good or bad is welcomed. Yes I do know I can do this cheaper ourselves but for ease of travel we like this option. Thank you
  4. Thank you for your review. We have done 6 ocean cruise, 5 with Oceania and have another Oceania cruise booked for 2021. We have done 3 Viking River cruises and one more booked for April 2020. But we are most excited that in 2 months we will do an Insight bus tour that will tour Italy and Sicily for 17 days. I am hoping this will let us see more of the places we visit. I do like organized tours but hope we get enough free time to explore on our own. Almost all hotel stops are for 2 nights.
  5. I like the lounge because I am a very early riser and my husband is not. I can go in there and have coffee and read my ipad. It's also close to the laundry room so I might start some laundry. Also, I can grab some bottled water for the room. I agree the concierge is not very helpful.
  6. This Buenos Aires to Lima 2021 on the Marina.
  7. Flatbush Flyer yep, I checked the dining tab and that gave me the answer. Thank you, everyone. Your 20-Day Voyage in a Concierge Level Veranda (A3) offers you 1 reservation per restaurant in Jacques, Polo Grill, Red Ginger and Toscana
  8. CanEcosse-thank you very much for this information. Crossing my fingers that it's true for me.
  9. Hello, we will be taking a 20-day cruise in a Concierge Level Veranda on the Marina. How many specialty reservations will we have? I am hoping more than the standard 1 per restaurant since this is a longer cruise.
  10. Please be aware that you must purchase the silver package before you sail. You can not purchase once onboard. We have seen many unhappy people board the ship and realize they can't buy it. I believe it's worth the money but you must decide.
  11. Yes, I believe there are at least 3. The hair dryer uses the 2 prong outlets which again I believe there are 3 of those two. There are also 2 USB plugins for phones/tablets.
  12. We have taken quite a few trips on Viking but are considering AMA for a future cruise. Do they offer a beverage package like Viking does? Thank you for your help.
  13. Please be aware that you must purchase the spirits package of the cruise. You can not purchase onboard. We saw many disappointed people that did not purchase ahead of time.
  14. And for those that thought the USB powered straightener was a job here's the link lol. https://smile.amazon.com/CICO-Rechargeable-Straighteners-Straightening-Straightener/dp/B07GNJBBDR/ref=sr_1_4?keywords=curling+iron+powered+by+usb&qid=1555163012&s=gateway&sr=8-4
  15. I am really enjoying all the comments on this thread. We are doing the Lyon to Avignon embarking on 4/28/20. All of this information is so helpful as I begin to plan our trip.
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