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  1. Our September 2021 Tower Bridge to Lisbon is still listed as the Wind on My Silversea.
  2. Excellently said. It applies universally and should be the last word on the situation.
  3. Just received the following email about our December 2020 cruise from San Juan to Miami Dear Esteemed Guest, We are reaching out to you today to let you know that the itinerary of your voyage aboard the beautiful Silver Shadow has been slightly adjusted. Due to port congestion in Mayreau, St. Vincent and Grenadines on December 11th, 2020 it has become necessary to rotate our call with Bequia on December 8th, 2020. To find out more details about your amended itinerary, kindly refer to the information attached. We thank you for your understanding and look forward to welcoming you on board. Well, good to know they are on the ball (despite that stupid "reaching out" phrase) on itinerary changes but it makes me no less confident that we will be sailing. Will the ship be able to sail and can it be crewed? Will the FCO be advising against travel - if so, insurance invalid? There is the flight issue - London to Madrid and 9 hours Madrid to San Juan - will there me flights and will we want to be stuck on two planes. Will San Juan be open (especially as we have booked two nights in San Juan before the cruise) and Miami at the end of the cruise. Will the Caribbean islands (who have done so well in containing the virus) want cruise passengers? We booked this cruise over a year ago and are/were really looking forward to it but I can't see it happening - but Silversea have ensured that our (probably) non-existent call at Mayreau will not be crowded. Still we have Silver Wind in September 2021 to look forward to. PLEASE NOTE: this is not a dig at anyone or anything, just a poor attempt at ironic blach humour!
  4. We have taken 125% FCC for a cruise in April cancelled by Regent. All details have been agree with our Travel Agent but I was wondering how long it takes Regent to issue the actual certificates. Does anyone have any experience? Turning to Regent Reassurance (reduced deposit, $1000 onboard credit etc) we would like to use our FCC with this promotion. It is valid for all cruises before 31 December 2020 but bookings have to be made by 31 July 2020. Currently, only cruises up to the beginning of May 2022 are listed. Regent (UK) has told our travel agent that later cruises will be listed in August - which rather restricts the validity of the Reassurance programme. We have a travel schedule in place for 2021 (virus permitting) so would be looking to take our next Regent cruise in 2022 - but we have the dilemna of whether to take that cruise in early 2022 (where, for various reasons, none of the itineraries are ideal) or waiting and hoping later cruises are listed before the end of July.
  5. Our May cruise was cancelled and we, perhaps foolishly, opted to take the FCC. Om my profile I see that the cancelled cruise has been taken down but I now see what looks like a hyperlink entitled "Shipboard Credits Available". It isn't a working hyperlink, however, so I am not sure what it actually means (there were no onboard credits with the cancelled cruise). Previous cruises are showing OK. Just another curiosity.
  6. This is the thing that is really puzzling me - why, as so many posts have indicated, does getting to share a table by requesting so on arrival seems so difficult on Crystal when on the other lines we have sailed with make it so easy. Is it the staff who don't want to facilitate or, as seems more likely from what I am reading here, do Crystal cruisers not want to socialise in this way? What makes Crystal cruisers so different from those who cruise on other lines?
  7. Thank you all for the answers but, probably because of the thread title I used or because I worded the question badly, most answers have missed the point. Inviting people to join you for dinner is not what I was asking. On the lines we have cruised with, we typically say at the entrance to the restaurant that we are happy to share a table. We are then taken to a table where others have asked to share and we all wait and chat until the full complement of the table has been reached and then we all order our selections. I would like to know if this happens on Crystal. Two people have specifically answered this point and I must say I am not very encouraged.
  8. My wife and I are experienced cruisers with a number of cruises on each of Azamara, Regent and Silversea. We have not sailed on Crystal but are now booked on Symphony for March 2021. One of the, many, pleasures of cruising for us is the sociability. We enjoy meeting other people through joining a trivia team and particularly by joining a shared table at dinner. We are happy dining as a two from time to time but mainly like to ask to join a table for four or six. We have done this on all our previous cruises, met some very interesting people and made many friends. We would hope that this would be the case on our Crystal cruise next year. I have, however, been scanning the Crystal board on this site since we booked and I am beginning to get the impression that most people either prefer to sit as a couple or share a table with people they already know. I have also had a couple of indirect reports of couples asking to share a table and then finding that no one joins them and they then spent the meal sitting as a couple on a large table like Billy No-Mates. We are beginning to wonder if Crystal is a good choice for us. Can I ask what your experiences are? Do you ask to join a shared table? Have you noticed this happening?
  9. I also concur wholeheatedly on the farce that is checking in for Regent's shore excursions, as well as the inability to take more than one excursion on any particular day, despite their major advertising hyperbole of "up to x number of shore excursions on your cruise"! We never had a problem booking morning and afternoon cruises in St Petersburg on our Baltic cruise. Service on both lines are about the same but the officers on Regent are much friendlier and more approachable than on Silversea. Our experience is that Silversea officers are more friendly and approachable - although I have to admit that the captain on one Regent cruise did nod at me (I think!)
  10. We often ask to share a table. 6 is an ideal number as everyone can join in the discussion. 8 is too big for that as conversations are difficult to hear across the table. By sharing we have met some very interesting people and, with smaller ships you often met up again during the cruise. We have only ever had one bad experience - unfortunately on Regent Voyager in Compass Rose. As usual, we asked to share and were directed to a table where five other people were already sitting. They were deep in conversation and did not stop to welcome us our introduce themselves. For quite a while they continued the conversation about American Football, of which we have no knowledge or interest, and also about how much real estate they each owned. At some point they did deign to stop talking, ask who we were and quickly established that we were not wealthy. They then continued as though we were not there. At which point we told our waiter we were leaving. We have not let that experience put us off sharing a table as it was such an unusual occurrence.
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