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  1. I also concur wholeheatedly on the farce that is checking in for Regent's shore excursions, as well as the inability to take more than one excursion on any particular day, despite their major advertising hyperbole of "up to x number of shore excursions on your cruise"! We never had a problem booking morning and afternoon cruises in St Petersburg on our Baltic cruise. Service on both lines are about the same but the officers on Regent are much friendlier and more approachable than on Silversea. Our experience is that Silversea officers are more friendly and approachable - although I have to admit that the captain on one Regent cruise did nod at me (I think!)
  2. We often ask to share a table. 6 is an ideal number as everyone can join in the discussion. 8 is too big for that as conversations are difficult to hear across the table. By sharing we have met some very interesting people and, with smaller ships you often met up again during the cruise. We have only ever had one bad experience - unfortunately on Regent Voyager in Compass Rose. As usual, we asked to share and were directed to a table where five other people were already sitting. They were deep in conversation and did not stop to welcome us our introduce themselves. For quite a while they continued the conversation about American Football, of which we have no knowledge or interest, and also about how much real estate they each owned. At some point they did deign to stop talking, ask who we were and quickly established that we were not wealthy. They then continued as though we were not there. At which point we told our waiter we were leaving. We have not let that experience put us off sharing a table as it was such an unusual occurrence.
  3. Once again, thank you for the information. So kind that you remembered my question and that you took the time to post again. Lagunitas is a beer I know - and very good too!
  4. Keith Manythanks for the information on craft beers. I am much encouraged!
  5. Although our first Crystal cruise is some way off (although already booked) I now follow this board with interest. Having seen the bar list on this thread, to me the included beers are very bland and the connoisseur list is very esoteric. A case of the ridiculous to the sublime, in my opinion. Do Crystal not serve anything in between - such as craft IPA? - or will they pick up beer from various ports od call?
  6. Earlier this year I booked another Regent cruise departing in March 2021, paying a not insubstantial deposit of about £2400. A couple of weeks after that an event, which affected us personally, happened and we felt that we could no longer take that cruise. I advised our travel agent of this fact. The TA told me to hold back from cancelling the cruise (as final payment was not due until October 2020) and wait to see if we saw a different cruise we liked and then ask Regent to transfer the deposit. Recently, we did find an alternative cruise and contacted our TA again, who in turn put our request to Regent UK. This request was refused point blank. We have therefore lost our total deposit. The TA said there seemed to have been a change of policy by Regent which was behind the refusal. There is no doubt that, legally, Regent are within their rights to apply the policy of losing a deposit if a cruise is cancelled. However, I would have hoped that, given the long lead in time, the fact that we were not looking for a refund of our deposit but a transfer to another cruise and that fact that it was unlikely there would have been any loss of revenue to Regent, there could have been some flexibility (even if were not the full deposit amount) shown. I did find this intransigence very disappointing. But, never mind, we did get an email from Regent wishing us the joy of exploration this festive season!!
  7. Reservations are now open for our cruise next April. On "My Silversea" it states that reservations will only be held for 15 minutes but the only time slots shown are "early 7pm/8pm", "regular 8pm/9pm" or "late 9pm/10pm". There is no differentiation. So does that mean that, for example, booking an early slot would mean we can turn up at any time between 7pm and (using the 15 minute leeway) 8.15pm? As I will be booking for 5 people, ideally at 7.45pm, how does the system work? I am sure it was not so unclear on previous cruises.
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