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  1. I like the fact that you can easily post picture with the browser. It was getting harder and harder to find a decent photo hosting website. Also now not limited to 5 pics per post.
  2. This is bold. This is larger This is color Very nice, much easier so far. Now for a picture.
  3. Interesting... According to the Coke Freestyle Website, Dr. Pepper is one of the choices as well as Mr. Pibb. https://www.coca-colafreestyle.com/choices/?filter1=all%20drinks
  4. Give it time, the data for each day will be refined as you get closer to departure. I am on the Symphony TA, but day 11 still show us arriving in Rome instead of Port Canaveral. Others portions tho are starting to show correct information, like shows/entertainment. We are 50+ days out and anxious to see the full/correct itinerary.
  5. I'll try and get some real numbers when I am on the Symphony Transatlantic
  6. Windows 10 Mobile Hotspot. Step 1: Connect your PC to a Wifi network that you would like to share. The details of how you connect vary. A Hotel might have one way, Starbucks will have a different way. Once your laptop is connected you will see.... Step 2: Next, open Network & Internet Settings. Step 3: Now select Mobile Hotspot. Here is where you will need to put in a Network Name and Network password. This is the name and password that you will connect to from your other devices. Step 4: The final step. Turn it on!. At the top of the screen is a toggle switch, click it to turn it on. Now you connect other devices to this PC. You will see how many devices are connected, currently 0 of 8. All of the data will flow through this PC's connection to the internet and will be limited to whatever speed that PC could obtain by itself. This works for up to 8 devices within the limited range of your PC. It does not work very far inside a metal structure. My experience has shown it was only good enough for my room. Dave
  7. I have had success on Indy just using window 10 as a mobile hotspot. No special router required.
  8. If there is any chance of a "No" then you ask on the last day of the cruise, not the first. Sent from my Oneplus one using the Android Cruise Critic app.
  9. My son proposed to his GF on the first morning of the cruise. He left his room key with us the night before. Just before sunrise they headed out to the helo pad. My other son was hiding and took photos with a telephoto lens. We went to their room and put up decorations. We had champagne OJ waiting in our room when they returned. It worked out perfectly.
  10. We had 5 hump balconies on Indy, I believe Deck 8, and we had all the dividers open!. It was great for a family group.
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