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  1. freshair8

    New crew uniform

    could you post a pix please thanks:D
  2. freshair8

    Captain Sapphire Princess

    I thought it was Paulo Ravera, but I could be wrong. :)
  3. freshair8

    Hawaii, Tahiti & Samoa 28 day round tripper out of LA???

    Have done this cruise 3 times... loved each time! We did it once in April and the other times in Oct. I like the weather in April better as it was hotter and sunnier. Oct. is the start of their rainy season, and that one particular year we had a lot of rain on the islands, so if you could pick , I would say April . Hope that helps! :)
  4. freshair8

    Number of Alaska cruises taken?

    17 cruises to Alaska! Never get tired of it.... such beauty! I'm just a hop,skip, jump from Vancouver BC.
  5. I love those little getaways!! :):):):)
  6. I am Elite and non drinker and non coffee drinker too. Like the others have said is all true. For myself, I do swap out the mini bar for water or sometimes for the 2 coffee cards and have as much hot chocolate as I please!! lol :)
  7. freshair8

    Share the Savings Program Question

    Yes on the Share the savings cruise.... it will say at the bottom of your booking where it says share the savings..... I believe its a week or so after you have booked and added your friends for the share the savings. Plus if those cabins are gone, then they are out of luck too.
  8. freshair8

    Soda pkg question

    ooohhhh, haven't had that one yet........... do you remember what is in it? thanks:D
  9. freshair8

    Does Princess Serve Meat Loaf in the Horizon Court or MDR?

    Yes, I've had it in the dining room.
  10. freshair8

    28 Night Hawaii/Tahiti from LA - price question

    March/ April is the better choice for weather.... October/ November is their rainy season. I have done that cruise 3 times.... loved it... but prefer the spring time instead of the fall.
  11. yes, it will be a 49 day cruise from FLL to LA around the horn!! I think it will be very popular, just like the Grand Princess was when it did it the first time!
  12. freshair8

    Question about walk off disembarkation.....

    1 week ago, I disembarked the Star in Vancouver and asked for the first walk off. sometimes they have 4 groups of walkoffs, so ask for the first group. OUr meeting place was Explorers and right by the door to exit. we were right by the door and at 7:45am..... we were let go!!! LOl :) I usually don't go to the Elite lounge because I too have an early flight and being first walkoff, its easier just going to the lounge that they tell you to in the disembarkation sheet. hope that helps. :)
  13. freshair8

    Buying OBC before we cruise. For Canadians

    Yes , that is exactly what it means. right now the 30% exchange rate is good!!! buy lots. much better.:)
  14. Just disembarked the Star on April 21st and we were given the blue bags.
  15. freshair8

    New Wake View Lounge on Caribbean Princess

    Have a great cruise you two!! Monika