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  1. That's certainly my hope. I love that everyone will be tested. I think that's great. But the problem is tests are taking FOREVER to come back. 24 hours is a pipe dream. 5 days is already fast. hubs is tested twice a week and even that is delayed like 5-7 days.
  2. I’d really love more 10-12 day and more SOUTHERN Caribbean. And more British Virgin Islands!
  3. If you stand right there, turn right, walk past the piano, and look to the left, there is a couch and two chairs by the last window kind of in behind the bar. I have spent many happy hours camped right there!
  4. I love Empress. I love that she is small, and calm, and there's no wave runner or activities. I just like sitting in the Schooner bar on her, watching the world go by out the windows and having drinks service. Now I feel homesick. 😞
  5. Hmmm. Think they are moving cruises around, dropping Empress, reorganizing for a restart....? 🤔 or IT just borked it? 😂
  6. Anthem is booking 7 day Caribbean cruises out of Cape Liberty in April 2022 but I would not be opposed to leaving on a TA out of Florida.
  7. I'm interested if anyone knows the *usual* timeline (I realize now is not usual) for the posting of April transatlantic cruises on Royal? I'm looking for April 2022, since April 2021 are posted, but I'd like to know when we might know about April 2022, just in case...
  8. I don't have kids. I don't really like kids in general... BUT. You have the right to take your kids into a Chops restaurant! They need to be socialized. If they aren't, they'll be 20 years old and still entitled little toddlers, lol. Take them! As long as they aren't kicking my chair, doing laps, taking food off my plate, or screaming, in the restaurant who cares? Have I been annoyed? Yes. Have the parents probably noticed I was annoyed? Yes. But that's my problem. The parents are 9 times out of 10 doing their best and the kids are just being kids, not brats. People act like kids are a shock. It's a family cruise line. I've seen much less well behaved adults, like the drunk off her butt woman who spilled a daiquiri on me in the hot tub of a ship a few years ago and dropped the rest of the cup in the water. Yay, sticky. Kids scream in the kids pool. They fidget in restaurants. They run through the Schooner bar. Kids are a fact of life on Royal. Dang. Enjoy them while they're little. Just don't take them in explicitly "adults only" areas. Chops is NOT. Take them. The food is very good!
  9. Considering using an agent for the first time as there’s a discount. What are the pros and cons? Do you have a good agent? Particularly during Covid, have thee been horror stories either way, getting credit, refunds, or lift and shift?
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