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  1. Do you need a reservation or can I just do walk-off and head that way and pay?
  2. How early of a flight do you suggest? I can get a 12:10 or 11:20 flight but am hesitant to change my flight.
  3. I am a pharmacist and have been asked this on multiple occasions. The only thing that Sulfa and Sulfur have common is "Sulf". You're good to go......unless you can't tolerate the smell that sometimes is associated with sulfur. Hope the explanation below helps. Sulfur (chemical symbol: S) is a naturally occurring non-metallic element that comprises 0.25% of the human body. It is the 8th most prevalent element in the body. (A) Sulfur is an essential mineral, meaning that the body MUST have it. There is no such thing as a sulfur allergy, just as there is no such thing as an allergy to oxygen , carbon or calcium, all of which also occur in the human body in high amounts. Sulfa drugs (sulfonamide class of antibiotics), Allergies and other reactions are from the sulfonamine molecule .The sulfur atom is NOT the allergenic agent and being allergic to sulfa drugs does NOT imply having an allergy to sulfur. Sulfa antibiotics include Septra®, Bactrim® and Pediazole®.
  4. Ha! That's the same thoughts I used when I worked some night shifts at the hospital. Stay up and move so you can sleep that night!
  5. Thank you! This is exactly what I wanted to hear. We just want to pay for air only right now to get seats and then we will pay for the cruise when it is due.
  6. We just booked Princess EZAir to Australia (from STL). I called AA and they did not know if we would get them, but took our FF numbers anyway. That's a long trip to not get any miles! I wish there was some way to find out.
  7. We have decided that we will go ahead and pay, in order to get seat assignment. When we do, the airfare is non-refundable. And yes, unfortunately we have economy seats, not being independently wealthy.n We will just have to "suck it up" for the long flight and I don't want to be stuck in a middle seat somewhere unless my husband is on the aisle. Do you also know if you book thru Princess, can you still get your miles thru American? They (AA) put our FF numbers in when I called them, but the agent didn't know the answer.
  8. If you decline Princess Travel Insurance at the time of booking, can you, at a later date, have it added? Our cruise is still 200+ days out and we are just now 100% definite that we are going (to Australia) after checking with our work schedules and getting the ok.
  9. Just booked air thru Princess to Australia in January, 2019. Went thru the whole booking process with seat assignments only to be told at the end of the booking that I needed to contact AA for seat assignments. I called AA with my flight information only to be told that because the reservation wasn't ticketed, a seat could not be assigned. We did the flex reservations where we could cancel or change the flight with no penalty but I don't want to be randomly assigned a seat for such a long flight. That is one of the reasons we are booking early. Anyone else have any suggestions (other than cancelling and going thru AA which is what we might have to do)?
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