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  1. I'm a couple years away from the cut off of 70. We done 15 cruises. Watch out America....we're taking our 37 ft Class A RV and hitting the roads if we can't cruise...... zoom zoom. Now who's scared!!!!!
  2. How far out can you book the train? Our cruise isn't till September.
  3. I'll try this weekend. We went to Australia in February and don't remember the icon when we booked a couple excursions. I just may have overlooked it. I really prefer booking privately but with the extra SBC I will book an excursion or two.....we can only buy so many buckets of beer! Our gratuities are paid this next cruise and it's a 14 day cruise. Thanks for looking.
  4. The last few times I've booked excursions prior to sailing, I've had to pre-pay. I'll figure this out with everyone's help!
  5. Thank you. I will try this.
  6. I am sure there are several posts regarding this but I don't seem to be able to find them. Question about OBC and booking excursions. We will have a significant amount of OBC for our next cruise. We want to book excursions prior to sailing but I don't believe we can use this OBC toward the purchase. Do you suggest going to the tour office and cancelling and then rebooking once on board? I would be afraid that we would go to the bottom of the list if we did that. What do you suggest? We will not have to pay for gratuities this cruise (got a deal) and because we have military, Carniv
  7. Do you need a reservation or can I just do walk-off and head that way and pay?
  8. How early of a flight do you suggest? I can get a 12:10 or 11:20 flight but am hesitant to change my flight.
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