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  1. We just disembarked our first cruise on the Regent Explorer. This was cruise number 80 ish for us. In my opinion the Explorer is the most beautiful ship I've ever sailed on. We booked 5 future Regent cruises while onboard which gave us an additional $1000 ship board credit on this cruise plus about $4000 in discounts on the 5 cruises we prebooked. if you travel with a wheelchair Viking is by far the worst cruise line I've ever been on. They offer no assistance whatever getting on and off the ship. They have no one at the gangway. Regent offered assistance at every port. Joel
  2. I stand corrected. I was told by the Spa that the new operator was One Spa World. I assumed it was part of Norwegian cruises. I just looked at One Spa World's website and it says that they run the Spa's on Regent and Oceania (and most other cruise line). BTW Oceania is now giving 2 $150 spa vouchers to Platinum level club members.
  3. We just disembarked Explorer on Saturday and I had my hair cut on Friday - let me assure you that Steiner is not contracted with Regent. Regent like Oceania used Canyon Ranch for the past several years.
  4. The Regent Spa is now staffed by Regent employees and the service charge is on the spa invoices.
  5. I really love my Airhawk. I now have two of them, the original one and the newer Eagle model. We are in SE Asia on a cruise and I've used the Eagle chair on the ship (Azamara Quest) and in every port. I was a bit worried about Yangon with it's non accessible side walks and Pagodas - but it worked for me like a charm. I had to get out of the chair occasionally while my wife lifted the chair and maneuverd it up a curb or a few steps. All in all it allowed me to visit places I could never visit. We took just one of the two batteries with us and that provided plenty of power for the whole day of touring. The chair zipped up (and down) slopes so steep (20%? or more) that I was amazed.
  6. We're booked on the Orion for 37 days beginning 4/21 - we're in suite 3094. I hope that our experience is better than yours.
  7. We'd completed 7 Regent cruises -then did 28 Oceania cruises - all in owners or Oceania suites. We really like Oceania - but are just bored with their itineraries so we have no more cruises planned with them. We find the Regent service level (lack of) in the buffet restaurant awful and the food too rich and unremarkable - (so no more Regent for us). Our new favorite cruise line is Azamara. Their customer service is excellent - both from HQ and on their ships and they have amazing itineraries. We did Antarctica this January and loved it. We're doing Singapore and Myanmar in October and Norway and Svalbard island next year - all on Azamara. o
  8. What suite type were you in on Viking? Was it an Explorer (ES3)?
  9. Why would you need insurance for PR or USVI? Your home medical policy would provide coverage (including Medicare). Geoblue is outstanding - I've collected claims from them 4 times, always payment in full and fairly quickly. The $50 deductible on their policy is per year, not per claim.
  10. You will have to read the benefits brochures and/or call the benefits provider for each card. Call the number on the back of your credit card and they will connect you.
  11. If the cost of the trip exceeds the $20,000 CSR limit - you can split the payment among multiple cards. Your spouse can also get their own CSR card and you can charge $20,000 to each card - if your cost exceeds that get a Chase Ink Executive card and use your Citi premier card if necessary. I had to do that for a recent $55,000 cruise. For the credit card insurance "pre-existing conditions" means something you were treated for in the 60 days before payment (not just taking medications or seeing your doctor for checkups. (read the benefit booklets for each card).
  12. Make sure to go on-line and read the cruise lines policies. Many offer very little for significant payment. Many Chase & Citi credit cards offer all the trip interruption/cancellation insurance you will need for FREE. And they pay their claims.
  13. Your CSR card gives you $2500 medical, drugs and emergency evacuation.
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