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  1. No, you did not say the same thing at all. I am not risking spreading infection while hiking and exploring canyons and mountains with no one but my spouse. Quit being a jerk and go flame someone else.
  2. Perhaps you didn’t read that I said we were fully vaccinated. Are you aware how much vast open land, national and state parks, there are in the United States that can be explored and visited with barely even seeing another person, and you can still mask and social distance safely if you do encounter other people. Less risk of spreading infection than even being on an airplane. I haven’t seen anyone else in this thread flamed for stating their dealbreaker to cruising. I’ll thank you to accept my dealbreaker as it is. I’m not getting Covid tested to leave the country or to get on a s
  3. My dealbreaker = taking a Covid test before boarding and at debarkation. We are vaccinated. I’m not taking the chance on a false positive test forcing me to miss my vacation or quarantine somewhere for two weeks before going home. There are plenty of destinations in the US to explore and vacation at until the Covid test requirement goes away. We did it last year safely with driving trips, and have more planned this year, both flying and driving.
  4. Presuming you are still traveling from IL, we have seen the same issue with flights to Barbados in the past. I love these new itineraries, but I won’t book a flight that connects through Canada, having to go through customs after the first leg of the flight. I’m looking forward to seeing more feasible connection opportunities.
  5. I don't know anything about Platinum plans, but I think I can do you one better. Before I retired which was just last year .... Total medical insurance premiums thru my employer for my husband and myself were $2750 a year, with a $500 deductible and $2500 out of pocket max including the deductible. This was a BCBS PPO policy which covered any and all preventative visits and tests at 100%, no deductible. My husband went thru 2 years of cancer treatments and it never cost us a penny over $2500 each year. It was a great company to work for. We were extremely fortunate!
  6. Is that your Supplemental insurance plan? Original Medicare does not cover outside the U.S. medical care.
  7. It’s a tough situation all the way around. I understand your frustrations, and also understand your son & daughter-in-law’s position. Would an antibody test relieve their concerns? My granddaughter lives several states away, so we didn’t have to make that tough decision of when we felt safe enough to visit again. Love her dearly, but my husband is also immunocompromised.
  8. My 22 year old granddaughter also tested positive. She had a fairly severe case, but did not need to be hospitalized. She also has never been retested - she was told if she self-quarantined for 14 days after all symptoms were gone, she would be fine. Which is what she followed. That method doesn’t help anyone who tests positive, but is asymptomatic, though.
  9. We spent 3 days in Copenhagen after this Transatlantic. We purchased the Copenhagen card ahead of time, online, and had it sent to our house. It was good to have in advance. Did not have to concern ourselves with finding where to buy it. We also stayed at Hotel Bethel, which John referenced above. The location is excellent, hotel was nice. There was remodeling going on while we were there, so a few small inconveniences construction related, but nothing drastic. I would not hesitate to stay there again.
  10. My understanding is once Royal announces a cancellation, lift and shift is no longer available for those sailings.
  11. Actually, since the cruise line is protecting your commission, you are not working “for not a penny”. You are just doing more work to earn your money. I was a salaried employee before I retired. My pay was the same, whether I worked 40 hours or 60 hours. Too many of those 60 hour weeks might have made it seem like I was working for nothing, but I was not. No different for sales reps/travel agents. Some commissions are easily earned, some you have to work your tail end off to earn.
  12. I get that. My dad was on an aircraft carrier that was bombed twice; he was off the coast of Japan the day Japan surrendered. He would never talk about the war either.... until after 9/11. That was a turning point for him to make sure his grandkids and great grands knew the history.
  13. We did the Blarney Castle excursion also, but with a private tour. We must have arrived there shortly before you, as I see myself in the picture of the other line (right hand side). My red hair is usually an easy telltale mark! It was great getting to the Castle before the lines, and thoroughly enjoyed our time exploring the gardens. I did kiss the stone, but Bill did not - he wouldn’t have been able to get up easily either. We had lunch in Kinsale, then had the driver drop us off at the Church in Cobh, explored the area, and walked back down to the port, saw the Titanic Memorials a
  14. I know you say the number of days is a hard rule. We currently have a Vancouver to Hawaii 11 night booked for Sept 2020. The ONLY Vancouver to Hawaii route currently offered in Sept 2021, or the 4 week window, is a 10 night cruise. Do you think they would honor that switch?
  15. I’ve never wiped down a cabin, probably won’t do it in the future. I’ve always carried hand sanitizer in my purse and my car. I spent far too much time at softball games for my kids and grandkids, breezes kicking up baseball dust and some parks with porta-potties but no hand washing stations made that a necessity years ago!!
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