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  1. kastke

    Best Specialty Dining Deals

    Besides the 3 night dining package for $60, I have also gotten Chops lunch for 17.99. I don’t know yet how different the lunch menu is from dinner, but thought it was a good deal for a change up on a long cruise.
  2. kastke

    What happened to the Map?

    Guilty. I have never paid much attention to the map when planning, or booking a cruise. I care about the ports of call and sea days, but not the map.
  3. kastke

    Did you plan a special retirement cruise?

    Last month we took a 2 week trip to Alaska. When it was originally booked, the plan was to be my retirement trip, but for a number of reasons I decided to work one more year. So Alaska was a pre-retirement trip! My retirement is now set for April 2019. Two weeks later, we will take our first Transantlantic cruise, followed by additional time in Europe. We’ll be gone just shy of a month. No one is convincing me otherwise for retirement this time! Husband has been semi-retired for 4+ years. He works a very flexible schedule about 10 hrs a week. Something more to keep him busy. We have a number of land trips and cruises in planning stages for the next couple of years; he will give up his part-time gig when it starts to interfere with vacations and other plans!
  4. Hubbard Glacier was probably the only disappointment of the cruise. We went on the helipad for the viewing. There was so much ice in the water and we could see that some of the larger ice pieces went very deep. There was no way for the ship to safely get in any closer to the glacier and be able to get back out again! So, while I would very much liked to have seen some glacier calving, I understood why they had to stay so far back. One thing about Alaska, and I heard it many times, the landscape and glaciers are ever changing!! We saw bears in Denali and a clear view of Mt Denali, while many people don’t get to see that. In exchange, I didn’t get to see glacier calving.
  5. Since we arrived in Anchorage a day before our land tour started, we went to the Anchorage Museum on our own. We enjoyed it. A nice museum; not huge like museums I am used to, but a nice size that you can see it all in a couple of hours. I don’t know if anyone from our cruise was able to take the train from Anchorage to Seward, but I do know the tracks were indeed flooded and the train not running the Sunday/Monday prior. We got talking to a couple at the Marriott that had disembarked in Seward and were supposed to take the train up to Marriott. They got only a short distance on the train and then were moved to a bus for the rest of their transport. The flooding made the tracks unusable. Also, this couple had rain for 5 days of their cruise. I’d say we were very fortunate with the weather we had on our trip!
  6. I was on same cruise as OP. We enjoyed the food we had in the MDR and WJ. No complaints from us about quality, but food is subjective. Prime rib was served on night 1, and Lobster/prime rib night was on the second formal night, which was Day 5 of this cruise - same day as Icy Straight Point. They chose Day 5 for second formal night because we had an early all aboard time (2:30) so more people did get a bit more dressed up. We did go to Giovanni’s one night and Samba one night. Both were excellent!! For the person that asked about alcoholic hot drinks, the day we cruised Hubbard Glacier they were selling hot chocolate at the helipad viewing area, with an assortment of alcoholic choices to add to it. I don’t know about other times. Cuddly was a great addition as CD also.
  7. kastke

    Review:Radiance June 2018 southbound

    So glad to see this review. We will also be on Radiance SB next Friday. In Denali early next week and I hope we have as good weather as your pictures indicate you had!
  8. The shower curtain doesn’t thrill me either. I much prefer the door. Guess we’ll just have to struggle through. Lol. See you onboard 6/22. Hope you are not too worn out from your land portion! Dorothy
  9. We will be on Radiance Southbound June 22 after 5 days pre-cruise land tour. I’d enjoy reading your comments and seeing the menus! I would also like to know who your cruise director is, if you think of it. While a cruise director doesn’t make or break my cruise, some are definitely better than others! I believe there is to be a change of CD’s for Radiance, but don’t know when exactly that will happen.
  10. kastke

    Clothing at night- want your opinion!

    You will be fine. I’ve seen LulaRoe leggings worn in MDR on other cruises. They pack easily too!
  11. I'm all for the mobile option of check-in if people choose to use it. As for me, I print my airline boarding passes and all cruise documents. I'm a hybrid - I pay almost all bills online and via auto-pay, but I want to receive a paper copy of the bill in the mail. I don't write checks at the grocery store anymore, but I have never used debit with my bank cards - it's cash or credit only. I have a smart phone, but have never played a game on it. My phone is my only camera and takes great pictures, so that's a huge plus. It's also my alarm clock, esp on vacations. To each their own. More than one right way to do things.
  12. kastke

    St Kitts excursions

    We also used Thenford Grey and did the Grand Tour. Wonderful day, great tour, and he is very personable and professional. On a subsequent trip, we took RC “A Day at Nevis” tour. Lunch was included and it was good. The waves were really cranking at the beach that day! You could not venture out too far in the water without getting jostled by the waves cresting, but it was still fun. Either excursion is good, but if it’s your first visit to St Kitts, I would definitely recommend Thenford Grey Tours.
  13. kastke

    Cruising New England/Canada

    We took a 10 day cruise starting in Quebec and ending in Cape Liberty, NJ on RC in Sept 2013. We loved it! The weather was unseasonably warm that year so the colors were late and not as vibrant but we were able to wear shorts the majority of the trip. Ship overnited in Quebec which was wonderful. The only port that did not impress me was Cornerbrook, Newfoundland. Loved visiting Halifax and Prince Edward Island. I would like to take another Canadian cruise at some point. We did not get to Sydney, Nova Scotia or St John, New Brunswick so those would be my next choices.
  14. kastke

    Radiance Alaska Balcony?

    We are doing the same cruisetour in June. Did you have enough time in Denali to do the Wilderness Tundra Tour? Any helpful hints about that cruisetour that we should be aware of? I have looked, but not ever found a review of that particular land portion. Thanks!
  15. kastke

    Radiance Alaska Balcony?

    So agree. My preference is a balcony cabin, but Alaska cruises with the land tour are expensive to start with! We are booked in a forward ocean view on Radiance for next June. We decided we would spend our dollars on the excursions rather than the balcony. We do plan on a helicopter tour landing on a glacier, and also hope to do a flightseeing plane tour as one of the optional excursions on the land tour.