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  1. DrivesLikeMario

    EZAir/Plane Sailing Seat Requests

    Use the Locater # for the airline. Go to their website and reserve seats.
  2. DrivesLikeMario

    I'm Booked on the Nov. 17 Royal Cruise

    Pretty slim chance of any change.
  3. DrivesLikeMario

    Serious incident on Royal

    Thanks for that information.
  4. DrivesLikeMario

    Solo Travelers on Princess

    Wow, this thread is OLD - from early 2011!
  5. DrivesLikeMario

    Serious incident on Royal

    There are certainly more surreptitious places and ways to do dirty deeds than in the light of a recording camera.
  6. DrivesLikeMario

    Serious incident on Royal

    What a stupid place to commit a murder. There are cameras all over the ships. Either he was a newbie and didn't realize this, was caught up in a moment of passion or just plain stupid. I cannot imagine the grief the victim's loved ones are experiencing and am sorry for their loss.
  7. DrivesLikeMario

    Emerald Princess Question

    You can't "book" the Salty Dog. It's first come, first served on a walk-in basis.
  8. DrivesLikeMario

    Is Princess really worth this cost?

    For those prices, I'd look into Azamara and Oceania. So much is included with their prices and the ships are smaller and more intimate. They can get into smaller, less over-run ports too.
  9. DrivesLikeMario

    Princess Gift Cards

    You can! I bought some for my sons about 3 years ago for stocking stuffers and they used them onboard. Just charge anything to your onboard account, take the card down to the Purser's Desk, they swipe it and the credit is applied. Super simple.
  10. DrivesLikeMario

    Balcony access

    The balcony on the forward-facing cabins are unlocked despite all the warnings. You can use them any time. Just be prepared for soot if you're interested in an aft balcony on the Royal.
  11. DrivesLikeMario

    Royal/Regal Forward facing Mini Suite (M107/108) Information

    Woobstr - Don't hesitate if you want to get one of these. They usually sell out far in advance.
  12. DrivesLikeMario

    What is the complimentary gift?

    We've celebrated many anniversaries with Princess and never gotten OBC. I did get $50 OBC when it was Princess' 50th anniversary and my 50th birthday in the same year. That was nice to get.
  13. DrivesLikeMario

    California Wildfires

    Thanks - I'll let him know that about the 101. Thankfully, he doesn't have to take it to work but does use it for other places.
  14. DrivesLikeMario

    California Wildfires

    Our son lives just off the 101 near where it has been shut down. He said this morning that the smoke is really bad in his area. It won't affect cruises but it might make for a longer drive for those trying to get down to the Port of LA from Ventura County.
  15. DrivesLikeMario

    Interesting Tidbit on Royal Princess

    I'll test it out next May! 😉