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  1. Have you searched YouTube for videos on them? That might help you make your decision. Search for Royal, Regal, Magestic, and the Sky Princess and the cabin numbers. There are a lot more videos - here are just a few: D-122 B-102
  2. Allure Arrives in Cadiz for dry dock Looks like it's there with 301 crew onboard and 60 or so contractors coming aboard to work.
  3. Sailing at 50% would give them 20% toward those added expenses. We don't need anything but a buffet (even non-self service is good), an un-manned gym (no crew to pay) and a Concierge Lounge. No shows, no venues, nothing else.
  4. Sailing on a ship that's at only 50% capacity sounds good to me. I just wonder how they'd make the decision to get rid of some of the people. Would they take out every other cabin's passengers so there's more social distancing? Start with the inside cabins? Go with who booked last or what? I bet there won't be a hard rule; I think it'll be a subjective decision. My November and January cruises look pretty empty as of now. I wonder if they'll close those off soon?
  5. Bought 100 shares at $55ish many years ago. Lost my shirt on that 🥴 but at least it was only 100 shares. Bought 1,000 shares at just a little over $10 a share. Have made a nice little bit on that already! 🙂 I plan to hang on to it for years and hope it will eventually get back up to the $55 a share mark or better. Just a little fun investment.
  6. Thanks for that but it still leaves plenty of Nov. & Dec. cruises that could sail. Not holding my breath but still hopeful.
  7. I find it an interesting idea and find it encouraging. If they want to limit capacity to 50% or even less, that sounds like a dream cruise to me!
  8. Wow, sure hope you stay healthy, lenquixote66. I think that's what's been so exhausting with all of this Covid-19 business: one day they tell you one thing, the next day they retract it and then the following day they say they aren't sure. A week later they go back to their first theory. Just give us some concrete information or none at all!
  9. I agree with your sane, balanced view. They just announced today that scientists have discovered that Covid-19 doesn't transfer well on objects so those ladles may not be as big of a problem as once thought.
  10. Good thing I cancelled our Jan. Enchanted cruise when I did so I was able to get our favorite cabin on another ship at the same time. Now I just have to hope that ship will sail then! 🥴
  11. Holland America did that on our one and only cruise with them. It was a pain in the neck. My husband asked for "some bacon". He got 1 piece. He asked for "some more". He got 1 more piece. The next day, thinking he'd outsmart them at their game, he asked for 4 pieces of bacon. He got 1. 😄 It was really annoying to have to be specific and then they STILL didn't get it right. But, that's First World Problems and if it means cruising again, we'll adapt.
  12. He didn't say the to-go boxes would be going back to the cabins with people, but going to the tables in the buffet with people. I guess that thought was that it'd be less handling of dirty dishes by the crew. Nothing was decided. It was just one of MANY ideas they were thinking through.
  13. Well clearly they aren't following the rules. I've seen them use the same dirty rag in cabin after cabin.
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