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  1. DrivesLikeMario

    Traveling solo

    One thing as a woman you might want to consider: bring dresses that don't require someone to zip you up in the back. Many formal dresses require that and it's not easy to do on your own. Yes, I speak from experience.
  2. DrivesLikeMario

    Traveling solo

    Really? I get asked that ALL the time when I'm by myself. Maybe it has to do with your age? Maybe people assume that you're a widow/widower? I get drilled with questions, especially in the MDR: "Why are you cruising by yourself?" "Can't your husband get the time off work?" "Why doesn't he just go anyway?" "Aren't you afraid?" "How do you handle it all by yourself?" "Do you really go all this way on your own and even stay in hotels by yourself?" and so many more questions. I usually go to the buffet now vs. being questioned like that at breakfast, lunch and dinner. It gets old having to tell the same story over & over again. It does help having traditional dining at least for dinner.
  3. DrivesLikeMario

    overcharged on final bill

    That's what I'm wondering. They can't add charges to your account on the last day - it's cash only unless you're a B2B cruiser, right? Princess will refund the money but it takes awhile.
  4. DrivesLikeMario

    Is the Unlimited Soda & More Package worth prepaying?

    Yes, I know that but what I'm wondering (and it really isn't that important, but just curious) is how they can do that when a good or service is used (people start drinking immediately) but not charged in the jurisdiction it was purchased and was being used. Is there some other law for beverages maybe?
  5. DrivesLikeMario

    Cruising to Alaska in early June vs mid August

    We went the second-to-third week in June and had terrific weather. It was warm enough to get burned in Ketchikan and cool, but not freezing, at Glacier Bay. We loved cruising AK in June and if we did it again, would go during the same time period. I know many people that have cruised in the mid-to-late June time frame and have said the same thing.
  6. DrivesLikeMario

    Is the Unlimited Soda & More Package worth prepaying?

    caribill - Obviously. I meant with the tax regulations, not physically how they do it.
  7. DrivesLikeMario

    Is the Unlimited Soda & More Package worth prepaying?

    That's interesting that they save them until you leave port. When you buy an individual drink while docked in LA, they charge tax on it. I wonder how they get around that?
  8. DrivesLikeMario

    Sapphire princess Singapore to Southampton

    In the past, Princess has offered a bus transfer from the ship to Victoria Station. If you can get a hotel within walking distance, this would be the easiest way to go. If there are only two of you, the train (you'll need a taxi to the train station from the ship) or the cruise ship transfers will be your best bet. If you can organize a private transfer with another couple or two from your roll call, this would be the best way to go for a larger group.
  9. DrivesLikeMario

    Upsell Inside to Balcony and OBC

    No - at least IME. Sure would be nice though.
  10. Check out the videos on YouTube for views of these cabins. The forward corner ones on Lido and Marina have the biggest balconies and contrary to what Princess says, you CAN use your balcony the entire time although it can get windy when underway and with heavy winds. M-108 L-108 Royal Princess
  11. DrivesLikeMario

    Emerald C752

    Can't agree with that. We don't like aft-facing cabins on Princess. Way too much movement and ship noise. We've had plenty of them on many different cruise lines and the Princess ships are totally different than all the others we've had as far as noise and movement.
  12. DrivesLikeMario

    Princess for the Holidays

    While it varies from ship to ship, most will put all the decorations up after Thanksgiving. It really makes the ship look beautiful. I haven't seen Christmas-type activities until the actual Christmas week though.
  13. DrivesLikeMario

    The Last Straw

    Totally agree. Cost-savings measures disguised as environmental protection.
  14. DrivesLikeMario

    Alaska cruise - Seattle

    Thank you! Very helpful.
  15. DrivesLikeMario

    Alaska cruise - Seattle

    Has anyone used Uber from the ship to SEA? Were they able to come into the port area?