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  1. My husband flew into DUB for a cruise that left out of Dover. Once the ship stopped in DUB, he joined it. I joined it at the start of the cruise in Dover on my own. It worked out really well and he said DUB airport was extremely easy to use. I wouldn't hesitate to fly into another UK city. The train system is fantastic there compared to the US and it's pretty easy to take them if you don't have a lot of luggage. I've taken them all over the UK, even when I've had 2 big suitcases and a carry-on on my own. If I can manage that, anyone can. 😉
  2. I meant "at the bow" not the stern. lol 😉
  3. You should be just fine then. On this big of a ship, the waves coming over the bow shouldn't be a problem. On the Pacific, it was for our friends - flooded their whole forward-facing cabin.
  4. I haven't been in the forward-facing cabins on the Crown, but on other ships. We have never been limited as to when we can use the balcony - never - despite the little sign on the door. We have had to keep our bedroom curtains closed at night because the light from the cabins can make it hard for the bridge to see in front of the ship (particularly on a Hawaiian port). Once you turn your lights out, you can open the curtains all you want. We've only had this request by the bridge a few times so it might depend on where they're sailing. Yes, you will get more movement up at the stern. If you get seasick, choose another location. It has never bothered us at all. 😉
  5. This is my favorite class of ship!! We absolutely love it. We always go for a Grand Suite and so get the Concierge Lounge perks so that would be my advice - go for a Grand Suite or higher. Categories below that do not get the Concierge Lounge access. Bar service and food are terrific there and it's so much nicer and quieter than the Diamond Lounge.
  6. Less kids usually. I've been on 10-day cruises when there's been over 750 onboard a smallish ship, so there are unique cases but generally speaking, there are less kids.
  7. Well they are keeping the Nov. 1, 2021 rule in effect, so no changes to the CDC's mandate.
  8. I did one of those Celebrity cruises. I didn't think it was bad at all. We checked in for the cruise in San Diego, then boarded busses with a boxed lunch. We made it down to the ship in Ensenada in reasonable time. The buses had bathrooms on them. The problem arose when a couple of the buses broke down. Those poor passengers were stuck on the side of the road for many, many hours while other buses were found. I think one of them was stuck for over 5 hours. I don't think this will work until they can contract with buses that are reliable and with a company that has back-up buses readily available. Perhaps busing companies have improved since then and they're hungry enough for the business now that they can keep their buses in better working order.
  9. Oh - so that's why the deposit date isn't until April 5, 2021. I wonder what they expect to happen between now and that date?
  10. Would any of you risk a deposit on a 2023 cruise with Crystal right now?
  11. You've made a good decision. The Cat. GSs are the only ones we'll book now. #1600 is our favorite. We love the massive bathroom, the space in the seating area and the comfy king-sized bed. There are so many drawers and cubby holes to put your stuff that it's easy to have a clean cabin all the time. Congrats! You'll love it and the perks.
  12. That actually helps a lot. Thank you. Yeah, it's hard to know what cruising (& Labadee) will be like when it resumes again.
  13. Called down to the Pursers' Desk (probably should've called another dept.) but they didn't want to hear it. Just said they'd pass on the info.
  14. What is at Barefoot Beach? We'll be there this time and have no idea what it's like or what amenities it has.
  15. Had a moron smoking a cigar out on his balcony once. A big chunk of ash flew off and landed on my husband's chest (he was laying out on the balcony) and gave him a second-degree burn!
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