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  1. I was amazed and pleasantly surprised to still have a barrel chair on the Star recently AND the little coffee table.
  2. It all depends on what's important to you. I would never book Club Class for the perks that come with it. They just aren't worth that much to me at all. What I will book Club Class for is the cabin location on the Royal Class ships. I happen to love the forward corner mini-suites with the massive balconies (M-107, 108 & L-107, 108) and they just happen to be CC.
  3. It's for Guadeloupe and Martinique and you need to make sure your passports are valid for 6 months BEYOND your last travel date too.
  4. I second using International Friends at the end of the cruise. They do a great tour to Stonehenge, Salisbury and Windsor Castle with hotel or airport drop off. Getting to the Holiday Inn in Southampton - use a car service (one of the 2 companies mentioned above) so you can relax in comfort and start your vacation out right unless money is a big issue for you.
  5. Having The Key from what I understand, gets you off after all the suites/VIPs so you'd be before the majority of people. The airport is only 15 mins. from the port via taxi but once there, you have to go through 2 lines - one for an agriculture check and THEN you can get in the line to check your bags. You must do that first. As long as you get the lead out, your ship comes in on time and it clears immigration in a timely manner, you should be fine to catch that flight. We booked a 10:00am also because we got tired of getting to SJU and waiting for hours for our noonish flights.
  6. LOL Okay, got it. I don't think you're picky, just particular. 😎
  7. Sounds like they're making a real effort to please people but not going about it quite as gracefully as they could. Hope you'll post more about your cruise as many of us here are anxious to read more!
  8. Got it. That makes sense. Sorry you had to spend so much time dealing with such a simple change. Congrats on your B2B! We're doing our first ever in 2021 too so appreciate your post!
  9. Of course. I was just frustrated and not thinking. I hate to see people spending so much time on hold or dealing with RCI.
  10. That's ridiculous for it to take that long to get the same cabin for both legs. It literally only takes a few seconds if it's within the same category. You should have your TA doing this kind of leg-work instead of you wasting your valuable time.
  11. Yeah, I know but still wish they'd get on the ball and release it earlier like so many other cruise lines do!
  12. It was just before December 12 last year. Hoping it's about the same time again this year. So many of the other cruise lines have had theirs out for awhile now.
  13. Oh, that's a relief to read that! I bid on the Cat. OS as a back-up plan due to your post. Thanks - looking forward to either suite!
  14. The chair sounds and people noise won't bother us during the day but after about 11:00pm, could get annoying. It's the spectacular view we got this suite for more than anything. Not looking forward to the long walk to the elevators but hopefully the other features will make up for it. Thanks for the feedback.
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