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  1. "We have no guarantee about anything in life." Well, we do about death and taxes. 😁 Until I can have a reasonable chance of not being quarantined for 14 days beyond the date that a fellow passenger becomes ill, I can't cruise. If we were retired, it'd be a different thing but some of us still work. 😉
  2. We've had full suites and mini-suites on both Princess and NCL. IMO, the perks are better with NCL and the suites tend to be much roomier too whereas the mini-suites interior sizes are comparable. The Club Class mini-suites with Princess offer a few perks. If you don't have any status with Princess, it might be worth it to you. For us, the ONLY reason why we'll book a CC mini is for the cabin location on the Royal ships. We like the super massive balconies on the Lido Deck forward corners (Cat. M6). Dining in the separate area of the dining room at night isn't that big of a thrill for us. We also loved the NCL locations that are forward-facing for the big balconies and quiet hallways too although the balconies aren't quite as big Princess' forward corner balconies.
  3. We proactively cancelled our Nov. and Jan. cruises. Even if there is a vaccine by then, it may not be widely available. If we get on a ship and someone comes down with it, we have no guarantee how the rest of us will be handled. Will we be denied entry at the closest port and also the home port? Will we have to quarantine in FL? I'm sure flights would ban us. Would we stay on the ship for 14 days beyond the date that the person contracted Covid? There are just way too many uncertainties and it's just not logical for people who are still working and cannot be gone from work for 14+ days to take that risk yet. Hopefully by mid-spring.
  4. The biggest balconies are on the Marina Deck all the way forward. Next biggest are the Lido Deck ones. The Club Class minis have incredibly big balconies, especially M-107, M-108.
  5. There are absolutely no restrictions with using your balcony on the forward-facing balconies. People that have not been in them don't know because they're just reading what some IT person put in the description that had no idea of the reality. It wasn't too windy all the time because you're sitting below the solid metal panels and there are areas that aren't as bad as others in M-107, M-108, L-107, L-108 that you can move to (like the side section of the balconies).
  6. That's not true. You can (and we have) used our balconies every time.
  7. Unfortunately, it doesn't matter a whole lot what precautions they take. If just one person gets Covid-19 while on our cruise, I won't have a guarantee that they won't quarantine the whole ship. We're still working and can't miss 14+ days of our jobs. We'll have to wait for a vaccine that has been widely distributed.
  8. Argh. The indecision, no announcements and shifting around of ships is driving me crazy! It's not only RCI, but the other cruise lines as well. I wish they'd get the changes confirmed and announce them soon.
  9. Anyone know when the Brilliance will be doing it's TA?
  10. We book business class/first class through EZ Air all the time. Best deal out there because if the price goes down before final payment, you can cancel and rebook at the lower price. Just make sure you choose "Flexible" air when it comes up. With airlines like British Airways, you have to pay for seat assignments prior to 24-48 hrs. before flying (depending on your status).
  11. Thanks, Thrak! That will be so much easier.
  12. Still waiting on gov. taxes refund. Got the FCCs about a month ago.
  13. He clips it inside his pocket or just shoves it in his pocket. He wouldn't be caught dead displaying it or wearing it. The clip holds tightly. The medallion is held very firmly because it's magnetic! He's had much better luck with it than I've had with my wrist bands! And, it's only $8.
  14. Yes, it's really annoying when they do these kind of things! People have already had enough disappointment lately and now the cruises that are supposedly going are cancelled. And if you want to rebook, they don't even have alternatives ready for some of these! Very frustrating for passengers.
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