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  1. Wow! Impressive! Thanks for the info.
  2. Wow, what incredible pics! So sharp and clear. Do you mind telling me what kind of camera you used and filters (if any)?
  3. DrivesLikeMario

    Perk of 250 Elite WIFI Minutes, Any discount for unlimited?

    Totally agree. Elite/Platinum internet minutes should = a discount off any pre-cruise package purchased.
  4. DrivesLikeMario

    Bad Reports about Pacific Princess, are they true?

    If you compare the former R-Class Pacific to the renovation of Azamara's R-Class ships, it's not nearly as well done but - it's a wonderful ship and the renovation of the cabins is really nice. For the British Isles, it's a great ship. I don't think I'd take a TA on it with a lot of sea days but for getting into small ports, it can't be beat. Great crew, beautiful ship and so easy to navigate for passengers.
  5. DrivesLikeMario

    The Royal Should Do Well in The West

    I agree with Pam. Been watching pricing closely for some spring sailings and they've gone up quite a bit.
  6. DrivesLikeMario

    EZ check for Air Canada out of

    Confused by your thread title then the subject. ???? The phone number for the shareholders fax is: 661-753-0180
  7. DrivesLikeMario

    Perk of 250 Elite WIFI Minutes, Any discount for unlimited?

    Buy it ahead of time and forget about your Elite/Platinum free minutes. The deal is MUCH better.
  8. DrivesLikeMario

    It's been awhile...questions on Jewel OTS Suite

    That is SO good to hear! We can't wait to go! Really positive info. about the breakfast, the concierge and the concierge lounge. Looking forward to the itinerary more than anything really but it all sounds good. Thanks! And thanks to everyone for the help.
  9. DrivesLikeMario

    It's been awhile...questions on Jewel OTS Suite

    No, of course not! What makes you think that? Booked it a long time ago based on the itinerary. Just wondering whether DH will prefer the Chops breakfast vs. the WJ.
  10. The last time we had a full suite was on the HOTS and I know the Jewel is a totally different ship (having been on the Radiance before). Can anyone answer these questions? 1. When are the cabins ready on embarkation day? I've read conflicting reports: some say 1pm, some say 2pm. If the itinerary makes a difference, it's the Greek Isles. 2. Is there reserved seating around the pool for suites? Again, some are saying yes on this ship and some are saying no. 3. What is the breakfast in Chops like? I read that it's made-to-order but am wondering if DH can get 5 sausages if he wants them or if they're going to serve smaller portions. Are there unique things there or all the usual breakfast fare? No part of it is a buffet, right? 4. Is disembarkation at the end of the cruise in Civitavecchia on Deck 4? Thanks for the help and taking the time to answer my questions!
  11. DrivesLikeMario

    Royal Princess Aft Suite Balcony - Soot Issue

    We had D-410 and loved it too. Just one deck lower.
  12. DrivesLikeMario

    All Things Jewel of the Seas

    If anyone is doing the Greek Isles itinerary the summer of 2019, I'd love to follow along. Hoping for a post or heads-up.
  13. DrivesLikeMario

    Change suitemates after final payment?

    I believe you can change up until something like 3 days prior to sailing as long as one name remains the same. Remember to have that person do their Cruise Personalizer as soon as you make the change (presuming the change is earlier than that).
  14. DrivesLikeMario

    Upsell on the Crown- help with choices please!

    First choice - C628 Second choice - C722
  15. DrivesLikeMario

    Refund of Refundable OBC

    I think it was about 6 weeks for ours. Hope your refund comes soon. Stay on top of them if you don't get it in another 2 wks.