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  1. DrivesLikeMario

    Pacific Princess Dec 22-Jan 5th view on a small ship

    Your comments are good for anyone to read that is considering small ship cruising. It's just not the same experience as a big ship and personally, I love that! DH is not such a fan, but it just goes to prove there is a ship out there for everyone.
  2. I don't think it's making them stupid. They already were - it's just exposing them for the world to see.
  3. DrivesLikeMario

    Nine Ports in Nine Days on the Pacific Princess

    Looking forward to your links, thanks! From someone who is an amateur genealogist, I truly appreciate your contribution to the gravestones! I've had people go out in hurricane warnings to get cemetery pics for me so I know how dedicated you all can be. They really do help so many people that you may never know of!
  4. DrivesLikeMario

    New England/Canada which port

    I've only seen them sail out of Manhattan on rare occurrences. If you stay in Manhattan, just be prepared for a pricey taxi ride to the ship and allow plenty of time for traffic. If you've never been to NYC, then you're right, that will be a better place to stay.
  5. DrivesLikeMario

    Disposable Gloves

    Or Amazon. These ones are the kind that are easy to slip into & out of: Gloves
  6. DrivesLikeMario

    Elite Drink Hour info?

    There isn't one unless you order one of the drinks that geoherb listed above. Really not worth our time. We rarely go to the PES lounge anymore.
  7. DrivesLikeMario

    All Things Jewel of the Seas

    Hoping you will do a Live From or a review at least!
  8. DrivesLikeMario

    EZAir Choosing seats in Economy

    I wish that were the case! With our BA flights, it's almost $500 for our seat assignments in Bus. Class. If the flights weren't the most convenient for us, I'd go with another carrier just to avoid those horrible fees on top of horribly expensive air.
  9. DrivesLikeMario

    Upsell offer

    Totally agree. Stay where you are. That isn't that great of a price $398 more for a 5 day cruise IMO.
  10. DrivesLikeMario

    Edge/Revolutionized Ships---Hmmm---$$$$

    I'm with the OP. I don't have the slightest interest in the Edge "balcony" cabins and think it was a real mis-step for Celebrity to make them. I guess it's all about why you cruise. For us, it's to be close to the sea and I just can't imagine being comfortable in those cabins. I'm sure they're great for some people and I appreciate innovation just not when it disconnects me from the sea.
  11. DrivesLikeMario

    Concierge Class boarding day lunch

    Exactly. I could've booked Aqua Class and paid $450 less than Concierge Class. I wanted that location and those perks, so that's what I paid for. Same with AQ - they get different perks and I wouldn't expect to be able to get those as a CC person.
  12. DrivesLikeMario

    Medallion on new Sky Princess?

    I don't think it's safe to assume anything about Ocean Medallion.
  13. DrivesLikeMario

    Move Over Offer

    Thanks! What a great deal!
  14. DrivesLikeMario

    How many times can you re-book EZ Air?

    You're going to get a whole new Locater # so everything on the previous booking will be lost. Is that worth $22 to you? To me, it's not. I wouldn't want to risk losing my hand-picked seats either. I'd wait until it goes down more. Just a matter of what you want to do. There is no limit as to how often you can get it reduced.