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  1. 60 days to make changes without penalty. We confirmed it in Oct. We booked that cruise onboard in Symphony the spyware before and the same agent is the one who booked us on our cruise for this year
  2. Anyone do this cruise end of September. Thoughts on weather?
  3. We are one night away from Emerald. Will we see a difference in perks enough to make a last minute 3 night cruise worth it? (we won't need airfare we can drive to the FL ports)
  4. Everyone I know who's been there loves it. We have a FCC of a pretty decent amount to use. We can use it on our upcoming FoS cruise (Southern Caribbean) or wait and use it for our anniversary. I'm tempted to use it for our anniversary which is why I'm leaning cruise vs land.
  5. If we do a land vacation I think we are considering Ireland. We are tossing that around also. Why can't we have unlimited time off work and vacation time to do everything?
  6. Hubby brought that up also. The only one that had us leaving out of Civitavecchia that we haven't done in the time frame I'm looking is also the Greek Isles so to me it just makes sense to leave out of Venice if we want to spend some time there anyway unless I'm missing some cruises. I wish a B2B was an option. But it's not.
  7. Prices are about the same and it's to far out to check airfare but it's a week apart so I don't think it will be a huge difference
  8. Valid point. There is a reason why in a family cruise I won't boo kriggt next to family 😉
  9. I really don't have strong opinions either way. I can find stuff at every port to enjoy and I don't have any must do's. It might come down to hunny deciding if he rather get off the ship on our anniversary or board on our anniversary. All the options that work I gave to him and he said he'd like to do Venice so that helped me narrow down from about 7 different choices to these two 😂
  10. Thoughts on this cruise? Venice, Italy | Kotor, Montenegro | Corfu, Greece | Athens (Piraeus), Greece | Mykonos, Greece | Argostoli, Greece | Cruising | Venice, Italy or Venice, Italy | Kotor, Montenegro | Cruising | Mykonos, Greece | Santorini, Greece | Cruising | Split, Croatia | Venice, Italy Which one? Anyone been on Rhapsody recently? Thoughts on the ship? I haven't done any research yet....if you've done it and have a trip review please link me. We are thinking end of Aug/early Sept 2021 for our 10 year wedding ann
  11. Debating it for the Rhapsody, it's a nice savings per person
  12. I don't so it's 2 one way flights one from Vancouver to Florida and one from Alaska to Florida
  13. I started reading singinalot's review last night, and your review just got me hooked! Lots of great info, thank you!
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