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  1. Yeah, I get that, but IF the cruise had actually happened they would be out the money anyway.
  2. Wouldn't you have been out the money anyway if the cruise had actually happened and not been cancelled? How hard up for the money must you be? Maybe you shouldn't be vacationing if money is that tight 😮
  3. I would go. ❤️ But you all are beating a dead horse and saying the same things over and over. Yes, we will probably have to have a vaccine in place first. Yes, the ships will have to be less than full. Yes, there will be different protocols in place. Yes, ports of call will be limited. Yada yada yada. I would love to get back to cruising. I have 5 currently booked. Trying to be optimistic towards this and everything else I love to do. If we don't see a better future, then we better all just jump off a building now.
  4. Like the airlines, they will make violators disembark. I've seen people thrown off a ship before.
  5. I've been on 53 cruises. Obviously I'm obsessed. No I won't stop. I currently have 5 booked.❤️
  6. I disagree. A shorter cruise doesn't mean you have lower risk of being exposed. You are still with the same people, touching the same things etc. The only difference is that you would start symptoms once you are home instead of onboard. No way to even try to contain it then. People not reporting it, would lead to false numbers of Covid free cruises as well. I also feel that turning over a ship every few days is even more stressful for the staff. Personally, if I am going to take the risk, I am sailing for at least a week.
  7. Personally I wouldn't call a company with one ship a cruise line. I mean I have 1 car, is that a fleet?
  8. Carnival is worth about 45 billion. Hopefully, they can stay in business. My travel insurance actually covers cruiseline bankruptcy, so I would reimbursed by insurance if the cruiseline should default.
  9. It took a while to get ours too. Be patient.
  10. Oh my God, shut this stupid thread down already and quit beating a dead horse! I can't believe the pages and pages of redundate crap.
  11. This conversation just goes round and round and round. I am stopping this notification on this thread as I need to get on with my life. There is nothing new on this thread except more gloom and doom. Just like every TV station. You all have said everything there is to say on this subject. Move on. I am.
  12. That's cool if you are not comfortable cruising this year. Myself, I am ready as soon as I can. I am retired so if I get stuck on a ship, it will be ok. My house is paid off as is my car. Utilities are paid directly from my checking acct, so.. .
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