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  1. Hello Again, I forgot to mention that I got a survey from HAL yesterday. The survey seems to be about rebranding their Alaska program.
  2. Good Morning Everyone, thanks for the daily report. It was fun watching the NA sail away last night. I’m hoping that becomes more regular with multiple BHB. Today’s meal suggestion is on the menu, the pork roast is marinating as I type. We had our first frost warning of the season and it felt that way inside the house so I turned on the heat. I hope everyone has a good day today.
  3. That was nice to watch. Now off to give the rulers of the house their treats.
  4. Time to turn up the volume. If the cats can wake me at 1:30 I can wake them now!😂
  5. I just finished the dishes. I’m heading upstairs to watch and hopefully listen to the sail away. I have Bose speakers attached to my laptop and I turn it up!😂
  6. Last time I watched ships leave port they turned on the sound close to the last minute. It was in time to hear the toots. That was several weeks ago.
  7. Good Morning Everyone, thanks for the daily report. While Mona tried to get me up in time I missed the sail in of the NA.😆 Today promises to be a nice fall day. I’ll start prepping the yard for winter. I’m skeptical about today’s meal suggestion but will wait for @dfish recipes to decide, enough wine might make it ok. I hope everyone has a nice day today.
  8. Good Afternoon All, after several meetings and email strings we have a plan to implement a temporary patch for the customer. It will greatly improve their performance issues. Sadly no one with authority is around to give approval to update the code. We will meet with the customer Monday morning to review and discuss. The wine is waiting until 4:30 to be opened.😁
  9. Good Morning Everyone, thanks for the daily report. Today’s meal suggestion sounds interesting, I like a good corned beef and hash. I’ll wait for @dfish to see if it’s something I could make. Today is going to be a very busy day with work, one of my customers blew up overnight and I see a string of emails that I need to review along with at least one meeting. I hope everyone has a good Friday.
  10. Good Afternoon, we are newbies to NCL. Our first sailing is the Dawn out of Tampa on 12/8. We have only sailed with Holland America in the past. We sailed as recently as 7/31 to Alaska, only requirement was to be vaccinated. We both understand that this cruise will be different but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a good time. If we like the NCL experience we will try them again in the spring. We would appreciate any pointers on what to do or what not to do while onboard. Thanks…
  11. Good Morning Everyone, thanks for the daily report. The CC gremlins seem to be on vacation. It kept me signed in overnight and that hasn’t happened in a couple of weeks. I like Mac and cheese just not with lobster. I’d prefer some Buffalo Mac and Cheese from Druthers in Saratoga, NY. Hope everyone has a nice day today.
  12. I would take that offer in a heartbeat. Corner aft cabins are wonderful. The balcony is huge! Plus you will have a coffee maker in the cabin.
  13. CC now appears to be working again on my iPad. @dfish we will be checking for the weak spots that we can find. The house is a slab and our addition has a small crawl space that we can not access but the critters can. The water line comes in that location. Will try to better block where it comes into a closet.
  14. Good Morning Everyone, thanks for the daily report. Welcome Rotterdam I hope I get to sail on her soon. @dfish the meal suggestion sounds interesting, I'd give it a try but think I'd have a backup plan just in case. 😀 Yesterday's cabbage side dishwent over very well. I will try it again but maybe add some cayenne to kick it up a notch. Jasper was making a huge fuss in the downstairs bathroom this morning. Eventually I figured out that he was tracking a mouse. That boy is earning his keep. He will get some treats. The cc gremlins are back on my iPad. The phone seems to be fine this morning.
  15. Good Afternoon All, thanks for the daily report. It looks like CC likes me at the moment. Yesterday we booked the Dawn for December and I’d like to use CC to gather more insight but it’s been a challenge. @dfishthe meal looks good. Tonight I’m using up some cabbage and trying a new recipe to make it as a side dish. Work has been very busy all with odd things. That does keep the day interesting. I hope everyone enjoys the rest of the day.
  16. Good Afternoon All, thanks for the daily report. Beautiful day here in New England. I could take this weather year round. @dfishthe meals look good. CC gremlins are still doing their thing. I hope that everyone has a good day today.
  17. Good Afternoon Everyone, thanks for the daily report. CC continues to be challenging. At one point I tried to update my signature on my PC and it errored telling me that someone else could log me in. Odd. Using the phone and it seems to be ok. Today's meals suggestion sounds good. Made two grocery store runs this morning and am set, I hope, foe a few weeks. While in PA I picked up a dog bed that was on clearance. Amelia claimed it first. Jasper likes it.
  18. It's the opposite for me. Ipad is glitchy at best. Laptop works fine.
  19. Good Morning Everyone, thanks for the daily report. The CC gremlins have been hitting me hard yesterday and today. Even while logged in it will sign me out. DH and I are seriously looking at a December cruise. Trying to work out the details and get the needed approvals. It would be 11 days out of Tampa. I hope that everyone has a good day today.
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