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  1. Good Morning Everyone, thanks for the daily report. Last night we could see fireworks from our house. It’s an annual event to celebrate the town. This afternoon downtown is blocked off to allow businesses to have stands giving away freebies and information on what they do. There will be food, music and children dancing on stage. It’s a nice way to spend part of the day. @kazuthe meal looks good and I know we would enjoy it another day. Today I’m marinating a roast for dinner. I suspect we can get a good cheeseburger downtown when we get there. @1ANGELCAT I saw that there is a hot air balloon festival this weekend in Bird in Hand. The pictures looked wonderful.
  2. Good Morning Everyone, thanks for the daily report. It has been a very busy work week. One of my accounts made national news when they announced the shutdown of their maternity ward. Other New York hospitals are facing similar staffing issues as the state is requiring every hospital employee to be vaccinated. I really enjoy a good apple dumpling. One of the local bakeries does a good job making them. I may need to pay them a visit. From her FB posts it looks like @dfish is having a good time. She just asked me for my favorite Tamarind dishes so I guess that’s tonight’s dining spot. I have only had good experiences in the Tamarind.
  3. We too have cancelled two cruises for this year. The current restrictions are too much for us. The November dates have been converted to a land trip. The December dates are still open to rebooking should they offer testing at the pier. We are also booked for a March cruise and will cancel if HAL doesn’t improve the situation. we sailed to Alaska with just the vaccination requirement and all went well.
  4. Good Morning Everyone, thanks for the daily report. I remember all of my furry family members that have crossed the rainbow bridge. They each have a place in my heart. Today’s meal suggestion sounds good and @kazu pictures and recipe only confirmed that thought. There is a spice shop on the cape and we tried their Jamaican spice and it is good. I have an appointment to get my flu shot today. A little earlier than usual but we are planning an October trip to PA to visit family. I hope everyone has a nice day today.
  5. That will depend on whether or not I like the wine.😂
  6. Good Afternoon All, ran some errands today and adopted a cat. DH approved since the cat is full of Riesling.
  7. Good Morning Everyone, thanks for the daily report. I certainly remember where I was on 9/11. The world changed that day. It’s also good to remember how kind our neighbors to the north were to Americans in transit when planes were grounded. @dfish Bon Voyage to you and Sue, have a great cruise.
  8. Good Afternoon All, thanks for the daily report. Busy work morning and took the afternoon off so I could get my real ID. Tonight’s dinner will be the lasagna from the other day’s meal suggestion, with wine of course. @dfish I’m glad you made it safely to Seattle. The next week will go way too fast for you and Sue. I hope you have a wonderful adventure. I hope everyone has a good day and weekend.
  9. Good Afternoon All, thanks for the daily report. I enjoy a game of sudoku and certainly like a good teddy bear. @dfishthe meal looks good to me and safe travels to catch your ship. We set multiple alarms for early flights. I hope everyone has a good day today.
  10. We had a December cruise booked on the NS. Cancelled before final payment because of restrictions. I found a NCL cruise that starts the same date and pricing isn’t too bad. I’m not booking yet but will decide in about a month when conditions for December cruising is a bit more clear. I will give HAL a chance to up their game and do what the competition is doing, if not better.
  11. Good Morning Everyone, thanks for the daily report. I’ll pass on today’s meal suggestion. We will have chicken tonight. Yesterday’s yard work was delayed on account of rain. I think I do get out there today. @dfishsorry to hear about Donna’s cancellation. I hope that everyone has a good day today.
  12. Good Morning Everyone, thanks for the daily report. Apparently by sleeping in until 5:30 breakfast was served late today. Today’s meal suggestion sounds but I’ll hold judgment until I see @dfishrecipe and pictures. Yesterday I took advantage of the nice weather and did some yard work. Since I’m not nearly as done as I like I hope to go back outside and get more done.
  13. @dfishBon Voyage! I hope that you all have a safe cruise that is full of fun! Don’t forget to spoil yourselves a bit, you deserve it.
  14. Good Morning Everyone, thanks for the daily report. It seems like CC and my iPad are playing nice today. Today’s meal suggestion sounds and DH will take two portions. We certainly like bacon cooked nice and crispy. Had some in my omelette this morning and picked up some at the store during my early grocery shopping spree. Today’s quote is a good one. I hope everyone has a nice Saturday. The difference between cats and dogs.
  15. When I cancelled our December cruise the refund was on my cc within three business days.
  16. Good Afternoon Everyone, thanks for the daily report. I'm not a fan of skyscrapers, I'm more of a country boy. I'll pass on today's meal suggestion which I'm sure will not surprise @dfish. I tried to post earlier but CC isn't working correctly on the iPad today. @kazuwe have the same problem with politicians down here. Yesterday I did manage to watch the ABBA event and am pleased with their two new singles and already ordered their upcoming cd. I hope that everyone has a nice Friday.
  17. Our March Eurodam cruise went up $800 pp to add crew incentive.
  18. I’m fully expecting that testing will be required through the end of the year.
  19. Good Morning Everyone, thanks for the daily report. VJ Day is important to remember. I enjoy coconut in most of its forms, coconut coffee tends to taste burnt to me. It has been awhile since I had a Long Island Ice Tea, they taste good but go down way too easily. From news reporting Ida gave us 2.3 inches of rain since midnight. The heavy rain did wake me up. It has stopped here but is still raining elsewhere in New England. My DS, who lives near Philadelphia, is experiencing flooded roads and has been told to work at home today. @kazuwhen Ida comes your way I hope it isn’t too bad. I hope that everyone has a good day today.
  20. Good Afternoon, this crossed my feed while taking a lunch break. I’ve never had a ginger cat as part of the family. There was a neighbor ginger that was sweet.
  21. Good Morning Everyone, thanks for the daily report. Today’s food suggestion sounds very good. I like all things cherry and would not pass by a lasagne, especially if wine is added to the mix. @dfishthe recipe looks good. One of the local restaurants does a pretty good job so may need to grab takeout from them soon. Lots of rain are in our forecast starting this afternoon and continuing through tomorrow morning. Locally we are expecting 3 to 5 inches. I hope everyone has a good day today.
  22. I saw a post that Santa Barbara is cancelling cruise ships until March 2022. This will impact some posters on this board. https://www.cruisecritic.com/news/6437/
  23. I can always wash it down with wine if it’s not good😂
  24. Good Morning Everyone, thanks for the daily report. @dfish I’m willing to try today’s meal suggestion without the kidneys. I’m hoping that everyone has a nice day today.
  25. You certainly deserve to treat yourselves after the past 18 months. I’m thrilled that you took the upgrade. Corner aft cabins are never a mistake. Enjoy and the next time we sail together we can each grab a corner, one port one starboard!😂
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