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  1. We used Spain Day Tours for a Half Day Tour in Valencia and a full day tour, Cadiz to Seville. I would give them 5 stars plus! They are the best tour company I have ever dealt with. Customer service was the best. Emilia, the person I was in contact with, is a pleasure. Always getting back to me promptly and always took the time to answer all of my questions. The tour guides were great and we enjoyed our tours very much. I would highly recommend Spain Day Tours.
  2. I wish we knew for sure which night the Captain's Cocktail Party will be. On the second night of our cruise we leave port at 7:00pm and I wasn't sure if they would do the Cocktail Party that night since I was told it usually starts at 5:30. Thought the crew might be busy getting the ship underway.
  3. Thanks everyone. I was able to make our reservations last night. It was easy. Glad I figured out before hand when we wanted to reserve (thanks to all of your help).
  4. Thanks everyone for your insights. This is our first cruise with no sea-days also, Su-Arizona. Love relaxing on sea days but we are looking forward to all the ports. I think I have figured out when to make our Specialty Restaurant reservations thanks to everyone’s help.
  5. This is our first cruise on Oceania. We are on a 10 day Riviera cruise in June. There are no sea days. I am trying to figure out which nights to make reservations in the specialty restaurants. We are in concierge class. I was wondering if there is any night you would definitely want to eat in the main dining room? Would you eat in a specialty restaurant second to last night of the cruise? Last night? Which night is the Captains Cocktail Party? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.
  6. I just received an email from Oceania and it looks like they are offering a Free Select Beverage Package or a $300.00 OLife Shipboard Credit, along with the other amenities that we are already getting from Oceania now for our cruise. I have made final payment already. Does anyone know if they will give us the additional Shipboard Credit or Beverage Package after final payment? I have put in a call to my travel agent but I would like to have a head's up before I speak to her. Thanks.
  7. Thank you. Cruise Critic has the most helpful people.
  8. This is our first cruise to Spain and I was reading that we have to pay VAT onboard when in Spain. I am not sure at all how it works. What percent do we have to pay VAT? On what purchases do we have to pay while on a ship with all stops in Spain? Do we have to pay VAT for a massage in the spa or is it just for purchases of goods? Can we get VAT refund on every purchase we make onboard (even a massage)? Thank you.
  9. Thank you so much. I am going to get tickets for Casa Mila and also for Runner Bean and hopefully we will be fine. Like you said we can always cancel Runner Bean or leave if we are too tired.
  10. We are arriving in Barcelona at about 9:10 am from the U.S.. Should get to our hotel by 11:00. I was wondering if it would be too much on our first day in Barcelona to go to Casa Mila and do a tour there and then go on the Runner Bean Free Walking Tour of the Gothic Quarter at 4:30. It is a 2 1/2 hour tour. Everyone says to walk around the first day to get yourself used to the time difference. What is everyone's experience the first day? Are you very jetlagged? Thank you.
  11. We are going on a cruise to Spain all Spanish Ports. I am not sure of how much to tip on our excursions. Looking for some advice. How much do you tip for free walking tours in Barcelona? How much would you tip for a Private 4 Hour Tour in Barcelona? How much would you tip if we are going on some of the Ship’s Shore Excursions in Spain? Thanks.
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