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  1. Music Boardwalk’s page on the social media app that shall not be named says they were on Spirit on September 13.
  2. I didn't say you doubted it. I was just confirming what you said and letting everyone else know it's official. Sorry.
  3. The itineraries and prices are loaded in Espresso so it's official.
  4. Hey Jeff, did they replace the seats in the upper levels of the Taj Mahal? They look new since my last cruise on Pride. Maybe they just cleaned them up. Thanks for the review. Hope all goes well with the hip.
  5. Try restarting your phone. It worked for me last week on Mariner but then I hardly scoped much after that.
  6. Unfortunately cruise lines perpetuate the myth that '70s music was nothing but Disco by playing nothing but Disco during their '70s party. There was probably more great music in that decade than any other.
  7. Those are the instructions if you're on a PC. There's a box to the right with the cruise critic logo, the cruise line logo and the yellow button. If you're on an iPhone scroll past the posts. You should see a yellow button marked Join the Party.
  8. On your recent ‘scope I said I couldn’t find your review. I found it.:)
  9. I was on the June,15 AD cruise. The pools were packed on sea days, even the solarium. The chair hogs were ridiculous and there was no enforcement of the seat saving policy.
  10. Empress of the Seas was still sailing from Philly in August 2006.
  11. What's a newspaper?:confused:
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