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  1. It’s a combination of factors, apart from Brexit another one is that RCL have allowed their standards to fall, as far as older passengers are concerned, Still great for families and young couples, who think it’s fun to rough it, like going to a music festival, but us oldies in the UK don’t look forward to a carnival parade every night and having to fight our way along the ship (Royal Promenade) to get a cup of coffee!
  2. Well yes and no - yes because we want to eat nice food when on vacation every evening, but no as we would then not meet new people on the huge ships. Also, why should we have to do that anyway - surely Berlitz, when rating food on ships do so dependent on the quality related to the basic cruise package. With Cunard, the quality of food served depends on the grade of cabin you are in, but with RCL and others, you get the same food no matter what cabin you occupy - or have I got that wrong?
  3. Utter rubbish - Salt (sodium) is definatey added to desalinated cruise ship water, along with clorine, believe it or not!
  4. The water dispensed from any tap on board, which includes the copious amount served by the assistant waiter during dinner, is all desalinated sea water. The onboard desalination plant does just that - it takes out all the salt in the water and any impurities as well. However, the resultant liquid is undrinkable, being bitter and very bland. Therefore, certain chemicals, including sodium (salt) are added - the trouble is that every onboard desalinated water I have tested contains a huge amount of salt, way above the daily recommended safe intake for anybody that has medical problems
  5. We recently disembarked from the Indy (May 2019) after not cruising with RCL for the last eight years, and were disappointed by the obvious drop in standards of both food and wait staff in the main dining room. Just to give it a try, we booked a 3-meal pre-cruise dining package and boy are we glad we did - so much so that we are contemplating buying the 'All cruise night package, which includes specialty lunches on sea days and even dining in more than one restaurant each night!!, for our 6-night cruise on Explorer in October. The price seems a bargain, however, we a) like to dine on a large t
  6. This depends on a lot of factors - i.e. your Crown & Anchor club status, whether RCL are having trouble selling cabins, the actual ship (the larger the ship the better), the price you booked at, date of the cruise. For instance - this year (2019) in the UK, because of the 'Brexit' factor and worries that folk may loose their jobs, RCL have been having a terrible job selling cabins on all the Southampton based cruises, especially those before and after the summer school break. No matter what RCL have said to the contrary, this is the reason that they are not sending the Independ
  7. #1 Posted June 23, 2010 (edited) Ship - Independence of the Seas Deck - 8 Stateroom # - 8374 Stateroom Category – Superior Balcony Starboard or Port Side - Starboard Quiet Stateroom? (With comments on problems) – Very quiet cabin, though that is always down to how noisy the passengers are each side of you. Only problem we had with the location was at times cooking smells wafted up the crew only stern lifts - some days no smells at all, ot
  8. It beggars belief why some people, many of which are lucky enough to be able to afford to cruise many times every year, do just that, instead of holidaying ashore. There are thousands of package holiday companies all offering a place to vacation, that nothing like this would occur. However, lots of them go bust every year, whereas cruise lines rarely do. Why don't you go to a lawyer and get them to write a letter to Royal in your behalf?
  9. Hi - it's Paul here, Don't worry in the least about these images as there is a good reason behind them, which I will explain later. The cruise that we are both on in October will be fabulous on Explorer, I promise. Now for my take on the possible reasons regarding the images, which lets face it, are alien to regular cruisers with Royal. At the outset, let me say that we have no idea if the ship has had sickness aboard recently, because American ships have no duty to report that unless the next port is in either the USA or one of their protectorates, like Puerto Rica. Therefore
  10. Yes, I've often thought that all the American ships are missing a trick as lots of UK cruisers like ourselves, have on their bucket list a Norwegian 'Northern Lights' cruise. We have travelled to the Northern Cape on a 'Land of the Midnight Sun' cruise, which was amazing to see the sun go down to the horizon, bounce around for a minute, then rise again, but to see the Northern Lights properly and with some expectation that they will appear, you have to go there between the months of November to March. At present, the likes of Cunard, P&O, Cruise & Maritime and Fred Olsen ha
  11. I haven't a clue about you personally, but I would bet that you have never had any experience in a high managerial position where things can change hourly, let alone daily or weekly. RCI must have been looking at the very poor returns expected from this year's Southampton based cruises and the constant jiggling of advertised cabin prices to trials and tribulations of the sales teams to try to get them sold. We ourselves could not believe how cheap they were being sold, on top of which we get a discount for being Diamond Crown & Anchor members - so we booked the upcoming first c
  12. Yes indeed they will, plus of course lots of the more mature passengers will opt to buy the 3 specialty restaurant deal which just now is a bargain at £55 pp. Thus, RCI can cut down the tables in the MDR and maybe reduce the number of staff. Six years ago, when I had lots of time on my hands, I did a best gestimate of clear profit per cruise for a 7-night cruise on a 90,000 tonne ship, which included everything, cost of meals, wages to crew, casino takings, shore excursions, bingo profit, specialty restaurants, port fees, etc. etc etc. and the clear profit figure was just over £1mi
  13. Losing 2 Diamond members is in fact a bonus for RCI, as there are so many now, that they have been obliged to introduce Diamond lounges on all new ships and to those that are refitted. On the Navigator for instance, nightly happy hours for Diamond and above, happened in the public Ixia lounge at the end of the Royal Promenade and was a comfortable experience. Loyalty definately does mean a lot to RCI and to every line afloat and they always give extra than what is expected whenever they have to cancel a cruise. Just see what the 2019 Oasis TA booked passengers got after they were f
  14. Yes, but quite frankly, there is no comparison between the Italian style ships and the American ones. We have sailed on MSC just once (Reposition Beunos Aires to Southampton) and we were in one the top grade suites. As soon as we got in the stateroom we looked at each other and said "This is not what I would call a suite, just an elongated balcony cabin and smaller than a standard balcony cabin on an RCI ship. We had been warned not to order any meat dishes at dinner, only fish - we of course disregarded this recommendation and ordered steaks on the first night. They arrived lookin
  15. Put it this way, it's not as wide as a wheelchair and on his own he would not be able to lift a WChair on his own into a non accessible cabin but maybe could lift/negotiate a Travelscoot into one. We have been on lots of RCI ships and some are wide enough and some are not, even in the same cabin grade. Ships that definitely are too small are, Marco Polo, Magellan and Fred Olsen ships - basically all the older ones, however, those ships don't let you use a scooter around the ship. Best to contact the cruise line and ask how wide their doorways are.
  16. Re cabin doors - it all depends on the ship, however, if you want to not collapse it, you can shorten the Steering arm and turn sideways, or collapse it and lift inside. Not a problem. yes, unless the grass is wet, it goes ok on grass
  17. Sometimes my wife, who is aged herself and has mobility issues not as bad as my own, will take the stairs if there is not enough room for both of us. 90% of the occupants in the lift already don't really need to use them at all. In the old days, all RCI ships had lifts at the rear of the ship too. These are now for crew use only.
  18. Thank you - thank god someone on here agrees with me
  19. It's all a farce anyhow, in a real emergency there would be panic and as what happened on the Costa ship that sank, the crew, including the captain, will be the first to get in a LBoat. A friend of mine was crew on a cruise ship and when he started, the first thing his cabin sharers told him was how to be one of the first off the ship if the order to abandon was given out.
  20. Hi, The battery is the gold bar in the picture, which fixes to the Travelscoot by hook & eye style fasteners, so yes, it is very easy to remove, but as it weighes just 6lb, the weight difference on or off is minimal. The present Travelscoot being sold does not have the pretruding black drum motor (see in picture) as the motor is hidden inside one of the back wheels. The result to a first-time casual spectator is that it is powered by a 200 pack of cigarettes like magic. When first I get on the scooter, after having a coffee in a cafe for instance, fellow drinkers think tha
  21. Hi, We took a Danube river cruise a few years ago and I took my Travelcoot. What you have to remember on river cruises, especially Danube ones, is that lots of times you will be moored alongside another boat in cities. To get from boat to boat (up to 3 are moored together), you have to do that from the sun deck and on most cruisers there is no lift to get to the sun deck. Therefore, someone has to physically lug the scooter to the top deck. This is similar to what happens on Nile cruises, especially in Luxor and Aswan. I advise that you check with your Danube river trip
  22. Look no further than the Travelscoot. https://www.travelscoot.com/ In a period spanning five years I purchased and ultimately rejected everything that was on the market, including the folding type as already mentioned to you. The main problem was weight and the ability to make sure that it could be driven right up to an aircrafts door and then stowed in the hold. With the type already shown, no airline would allow me to do that - I could take it to the gate, but it was then taken from me and put in the hold. That meant that I had to struggle to get to the aircraft door without
  23. Yep - good idea - this is a very dark place to go for some people and best not to open that can of worms any further.
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