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  1. It will be free in Australia, maybe starting next week.
  2. My neice lives in Austin. She is only 40 but is in a high risk group because of chronic medical problems. She was offered and accepted a vaccine appointment in Dallas! Unfortunately the weather and the roads are terrible at the moment so she has had to cancel. Hopefully she will find an appointment nearer to home. Stay safe everyone.
  3. We also did this but it was nine years ago. We booked for my sister before she found a travelling companion. No problems.
  4. Happy Monday morning to all. Here are some pictures of the beautiful roses we saw in Tauranga, New Zealand during one of our wonderful cruises on the Maasdam. Hope they brighten everyone’s day.
  5. Thank you Chengkp75 for your very interesting post about the PVSA. I now understand it and see why it is in use today.
  6. Friday morning here, so ‘good morning’ to everyone. Our postman, or ‘the postie’ as he is referred to, rides a small motor bike, and scoots up the grass verges or people’s drives to deliver the mail. He is dressed in bright yellow and has a yellow flag on an antenna flying from the back of the bike. This makes him very easy to see, which is a great help when reversing out of the driveway! Our postie will often ride up the drive to our deck and hand the letters over instead of putting them in the box, especially if there is a package that is too large to go in the box. This saves us from having
  7. Thanks for the Daily, Rich and Roy. We have been feeding the birds in our garden for over a year since the bush fires. Over the last few days they all seem to have disappeared. We had been feeding up to 15 cockatoos, a pair of king parrots, and numerous bossy lorikeets.
  8. Thank you Rich and Roy. It is 11pm on Saturday night here, and it continues to rain, and rain and rain. Lovely soaking rain, so good for the garden. It’s a pity for the tourists who flock to the coast for their summer holidays, they have really only had a few really hot days this year. The children go back to school on Monday after their long summer break. Because of Covid restrictions parents and volunteers are not allowed on the school grounds. But at least the kids can go to school, and only had to do a few weeks of home schooling at the beginning of the pandemic. We have croissants fo
  9. Thank you Rich and Roy. I am really enjoying being part of the ‘Daily’ group. It is 11pm, Wednesday, here on the far south coast of New South Wales and our day is almost over, just as most of the group are just beginning theirs. The National Geographic is a wonderful magazine. I give a yearly subscription to a friend every birthday, and the whole family can then enjoy it. We have a wonderful library here, with the most helpful librarians. I took each of our grandsons to the baby and toddler story hour every week, and they have become great readers. We are grateful for some rain today afte
  10. We were in Bora Bora in December 2017, so this is a bit of a cheat. We were on the Maasdam and had the most wonderful cruise round trip from Sydney to Tahiti and the Pacific islands. The best cruise we ever had. Just wanted to share some photos. The man playing the ukelele was steering the boat with his feet!
  11. Hello, Red Haired Lady. Those flowers look like agapanthus, or Lily of the Nile. We have lots of the blue ones, and a few white ones in our garden. They are now considered a weed here in south eastern Australia as they are rapidly spreading into the bush and taking over from native plants.
  12. Good morning. It is Thursday morning here in Australia and a lovely sunny day. We are expecting temperatures up to 39C in the next few days. Too hot for me. I love hearing about the snow from the readers who live in Canada. Penguins are beautiful, we have seen an evening parade of fairy penguins on an island close to home and they were so cute! And cheese is my favourite, every diet I have ever been on, and there have been a few, has had to include cheese. I’d rather have cheese than chocolate! Was up at 3am to watch the Inauguration, but couldn’t stay awake, so have just watched it on the mor
  13. Good afternoon everyone. This is the nearest we have been to a ‘dragon’. This is a blue tongue lizard, who is living in our front garden. It is always a bit of a shock to see just his nose sticking out from under a bush, as you can easily mistake him for a snake. Until you see he has legs! We stayed on the Volendam instead of going to see the Komodo dragons. It was far too hot that day, but if we ever get to do another circumnavigation of Australia we’ll probably go and see them. Here’s hoping the cruise around Australia in November takes place. Stay safe everyone.
  14. Thank you Rich and Roy for the Daily. It is Tuesday night here and we are just off to bed, having had a cup of hot tea. Mine was caffeine free green tea and DH had ordinary tea with milk. National Hot Tea Day is every day in this house. Many hours are spent dreaming about shopping for travel. Maybe later this year. Reading the Daily every day certainly cheers me up, so thanks to everyone who contributes. Stay safe.
  15. As it is National Bird Day, here are some pictures of the king parrots and the cockatoos that visit our garden on the far south coast of New South Wales.
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