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  1. Good afternoon everyone. This is the nearest we have been to a ‘dragon’. This is a blue tongue lizard, who is living in our front garden. It is always a bit of a shock to see just his nose sticking out from under a bush, as you can easily mistake him for a snake. Until you see he has legs! We stayed on the Volendam instead of going to see the Komodo dragons. It was far too hot that day, but if we ever get to do another circumnavigation of Australia we’ll probably go and see them. Here’s hoping the cruise around Australia in November takes place. Stay safe everyone.
  2. Thank you Rich and Roy for the Daily. It is Tuesday night here and we are just off to bed, having had a cup of hot tea. Mine was caffeine free green tea and DH had ordinary tea with milk. National Hot Tea Day is every day in this house. Many hours are spent dreaming about shopping for travel. Maybe later this year. Reading the Daily every day certainly cheers me up, so thanks to everyone who contributes. Stay safe.
  3. As it is National Bird Day, here are some pictures of the king parrots and the cockatoos that visit our garden on the far south coast of New South Wales.
  4. Happy New Year to everyone who reads the Daily. Thank you to Rich and Roy for maintaining the topic. I am a lurker who reads it every day and really enjoys all the posts from different parts of the world. Here on the far south coast of New South Wales, it is cool and overcast with rain forecast for the next week. This time last year we were surrounded by bush fires and had just spent the new year huddled on the beach with children, dogs, horses and a thousand other people. So, no one is complaining about the weather this year. I wish everyone a healthy and happy year, stay safe.
  5. So sad that the Maasdam has left the fleet. She was our favourite ship, a perfect size, great itineraries, and the crew were wonderful. We also enjoyed the Volendam, and hopefully will be able to sail on her again soon.
  6. We were meant to be on a June 2020 Alaska cruise. When it was cancelled we opted for a FCC. We received the taxes back in September. Three weeks ago we decided that we would not be able to even consider a cruise until 2022, as it doesn’t look as though we will even be allowed to travel abroad in 2021. I rang Holland America in Sydney and the lady was extremely helpful, said she would change our FCC to a refund, but it might take up to 90 days. Today, three weeks later our travel agent rang to say the money had been returned and she was transferring it to our account immediately. Thank you Holl
  7. Thanks to all for your replies. I contacted the Mariner Society last night by email, expecting to wait the 10-14 days as indicated on their acknowledgement email, and when I woke this morning there was a very detailed reply from Danny at the Mariner’s Society, and everything is fixed, my husband has his own log in, and all is well.
  8. Thank you also VMax1700. I created an account for my husband, and it has given him a completely different Mariner’s number and says he has no previous cruises or credits! Have sent an email to the Mariner’s Society as instructed on the page and will await their reply. Why is everything so difficult?!!
  9. Hoping for some advice! I can sign in to my bookings on the website and see my FCC and FCD. But my husband’s does not show up at all. Do I have to register an account in his name to be able to see his credits? When I do the online check in we both show up on the booking, so I thought it would be the same. We are not very computer savvy. Thanks in advance.
  10. We would have been on the bus for half an hour, just beginning the long six hour bus trip to Sydney. After overnight in an airport hotel we should have been flying to the USA tomorrow and then on to Vancouver next week, for the June 10 Volendam cruise to Alaska. The cruise would have been a family get together with relatives from the UK and the USA, which took a lot of arranging. Strangely we are still getting emails from Holland America asking us to fill in our flight details on the check in page! But, everyone is healthy and safe and there is always next year. We have been very lucky to have
  11. We received our email this morning with our future cruise credit. One email each, even though we booked through a travel agent. Our cruise was scheduled for June 10 from Vancouver. We submitted the form choosing the FCC on April 15, so happy with the time it has taken to issue the FCC. Now planning for next year. Stay safe everyone.
  12. Nighttime in Papeete was taken in 2018, not 2019. My mistake. Here’s hoping for many more happy cruises for everyone.
  13. Night time in Papeete 6th December 2019 Sorryto post three times but couldn’t work out how to get them all on one page with typing as well! You can tell the Maasdam is our favourite ship.
  14. Maasdam in Bar Harbor 26th June 2019. The day started out very foggy.
  15. Sounds like smallpox or BCG to me too, Copper. The stand alone measles vaccine was licensed around 1963 and the combined measles, mumps and rubella vaccine was licensed in 1971. So those of us born well before these dates would not be vaccinated. My mother tells of “measles parties” in the ‘50’s where the neighbourhood kids would gather with a child with the measles so they would all catch it and get it over and done with! My sister and I became extremely ill. Having nursed a child who died of measles, this practice fills me with horror. But have no way of proving my immunity without getting a
  16. If you would like to bring family members to the Mariners Lunch, please check first so the dining room staff know how many guests to cater for. We had a bad experience on the Zuiderdam last year on our Baltic cruise. We turned up, clutching our invitation, and there was a mad rush as soon as the dining room opened. We could not find a seat and were then ushered upstairs along with another couple. They found a table set for lunch, we were at a table that was not set. A lady officer then arrived and pointedly told us to go away and come back for the second sitting! We pointed out that we actuall
  17. Yes, he was. We were also given a nice little pin to wear and a very useful map. Took the shuttle bus into town and visited the museum, which was interesting. The local volunteers were very friendly and eager to help. The town was very clean, very little traffic and no graffiti that I could see. What a contrast to Melbourne yesterday! The weather has driven us back to the ship early though, the wind is rather cold. It is 15 degrees centigrade here, but feels like 5 degrees! We are watching them load shipping containers onto a large ferry moored next door to the Maasdam. Very interesting. Would
  18. Whoops! That is the view from the port side. I still have trouble with my ship’s geography!
  19. The view from the starboard side of the Maasdam. Dark clouds, some rain and a beautiful rainbow. Very windy afternoon and some folks got caught in hail. Hopefully tomorrow will be better weather, so we can venture into the city.
  20. The Maasdam coming into Fremantle on a beautiful sunny morning. My niece was thrilled because someone in a yellow dress on a verandah waved to her! Thank you.
  21. We are staying with family in Perth waiting for the Maasdam to arrive tomorrow, and we board on Wednesday. Have loved reading the reports of her trip around Australia. Yesterday, we spent the day on Rottnest Island, just off the coast of Perth. Would just like to say that if any of the passengers get the chance to take a tour to the island, then definitively do it. It is wild outside the settlement, the hop on hop off bus is great, and stops at all the little coves and walking tracks. We saw dolphins, huge seals, ospreys and off course the adorable quokkas. It is easy to do as an independent
  22. Have just watched the Maasdam leave Sydney on the harbour webcam. The most beautiful sight. Have a great trip all on board and we will be joining in Fremantle on November 6th. Looking forward to the remainder of your reports.
  23. You might be interested in the tours offered by Halifax Titanic Historical Tours. We paid in Canadian dollars in cash on the tour. We took the tour of the city, the Titanic graves, and lunch in a very quaint fishing village. The tour bus held eight people with plenty of room and Paul, the guide was very informative. It was one of the best tours I have ever taken. They have a website and it is easy to book online. Halifax is fascinating, we had never heard of the Halifax explosion before and learnt so much on the tour.
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