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  1. I wonder if we do need a 3rd booster if we will side effects. My first moderna I only had a sore arm, my second dose I had a fever, aches and chills for a day and a half. Wonder if a 3rd will cause the same.
  2. Been on Royal Caribbean, Norwegian, Princess and Carnival. People have all different preferences so can't really say what you would like. My preference in order from best to least is Royal Caribbean is my favorite, then Norwegian, then Carnival and then Princess. Prince3ss was too quiet and boring at night time.
  3. So if they are limiting capacity what happens to the cruise I am booked on if as of now the ship is fully booked. How do they decide who to remove from the cruise?
  4. Hope it all goes well and they will expand their sailings as I have a cruise scheduled for September. We are both fully vaccinated so can't wait to start cruising again.
  5. We have both completed our series of vaccination. It is not even known if when we're vaccinated if we can still transmit the virus. Every week is a different story as far as this virus goes. Since we got our vaccinations we feel much safer and have been going on with our lives as far as dining out, going to the gym, and traveling. We only wear masks if we enter a store that says masks required. Otherwise, we're done with these masks already!
  6. No I wasnt sick after the first dose. I was just tired for one day. After the second dose I got sick with a fever about 10 hours later.
  7. Had dose #2 of Moderna last week. Sick for two days with fever and aches. All better now and just booked a plane trip to visit my son in Colorado who I havent seen in over a year! Also looking forward to my September 2021 cruise but still have doubts that will happen
  8. When the virus started we moved our September 2020 cruise to September 2021. Now having doubts that cruise will happen. Might have to move it again to September 2022. We decided on a backup plan to take a land based vacation in 2021 just in case it gets cancelled once again.
  9. photoshopped. why is there a window above him in the background with window panes it looks like
  10. Got my first dose of Moderna on January 15th. They just gave me a slip of paper to return for my second dose between February 10 and February 20th. Wide date range and no specific appt. date just told to come in. I hope they'll have my second dose reserved for me.
  11. Had my first dose of Moderna last week. Sore arm, tired and stiff neck. Next day felt fine. Wonder how dose two will be.
  12. I get my temperature taken every day when I go to the gym.. I visited my dr. a few weeks ago and she held the temperature to my neck. Never had it taken that way before.
  13. Got my first vaccine today. In and out with a 15 minute wait afterwards to make sure I was okay. I didnt do it because of the cruise, mainly because I don't want to get sick with this virus
  14. I'm booked for this cruise. Was supposed to cruise on Oasis September 2020 but that didnt happen, so switched to next year. Hope it happens!
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