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  1. OK thanks. I'll have to decide. Might just skip some of the shows or find another cruise. Boyfriend wants to leave out of Bayonne next Fall or Winter, not too many choices.
  2. When is dry dock? Was looking at February 23, 2020
  3. I was on Anthem 2 years ago and am contemplating going on Anthem again in 2020. Does anyone know if there will be new shows or have they been showing the same ones since Anthem launched. Not sure if I want to see repeats of the shows I already saw.
  4. We were on that sailing and spent the first half of Sunday sick in bed. We tried to go up for breakfast while staggering like two drunks with all the rocking and rolling, sat at the table for 10 minutes while turning green and decided to go back to our cabin and stay in bed. This was the first time out of the 15 cruises I've taken that I have gotten sick even with doubling up on the Bonine, taking ginger pills and wearing my elasticized wrist bracelets. As the above poster stated, if this was my first cruise I would never get on a ship again.
  5. No I do not mind. Uber will take the stress out of driving in the heavy rain and worrying about the parking situation.
  6. It does look like the pier is surrounded on both sides by water. We have decided to take an Uber or Lyft from our house. $75.00 is not bad and at least we won't have to worry about our car being washed away.
  7. Was planning on parking at the pier. Never thought about it washing away. Idk the layout of the pier, maybe park furthest away from the ocean?
  8. OK I'll be packing my clothes for cold weather...but bringing a few pair of shorts and tees just in case 😉
  9. Sailing this weekend, 10/27/18 out of New York. When there is a Nor easter would the cruise to Canada get diverted or do they sail around it? Just wondering if I should be light clothing plus heavy clothing in case we get diverted to somewhere warm.
  10. I've been a cruise critic member for over 10 years. Not happy with the new look.
  11. Just wondering which night is formal night on 5 night to Canada? I would think the first sea day?:confused::confused::confused::confused::confused: sorry for all the confused faces. Dont know why so many appeared. I'm not that confused. LOL.
  12. We didnt fnd the cliff walk anything special. You could do half of it. Start at Riddel Avenue where the 40 steps are. Its the halfway point. then facing the water, follow the path to the right which is in back of all the mansions. If you go towards the right from 40 steps there really isnt much to see at all. you pass alot of bushes and see water, thats all. No mansions.
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