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  1. Tests in the area where I live, are now being done by saliva. Much simpler. We fill out a form online, the tube we put our saliva in gets sent to us overnight, you spit in the test tube and mail it back out. Result within 2-3 days. Much easier than the nasal test.
  2. I was supposed to be on that cruise but switched it to September 2021. Besides be stuck in your cabin if just one person gets the virus, who knows how long you will be stuck on the ship and won't be allowed back off. I wouldnt want to be stuck on a ship for who knows how many weeks. It would be a very stressful vacation.
  3. I read this a.m. the whole CHOP zone is gone. Police came in early this morning and it was disassembled. Lots of people arrested. Hopefully the store owners and people living there can now get on with their lives.
  4. I would assume there are no schedules out yet because they don't even know yet how they are going to manage everything else. There is so much involved on a cruise ship. How will they limit how many people get on elevators, how will they manage the dining room, how about Bars, casinos, and what about cabins. The stewards go from room to room which can easily transfer germs. I don't see any cruises happening anytime soon. Hopefully by next year. I am so glad my switched my cruise until then, one less thing to stress me out.
  5. Would not want to be on a ship where even one passenger has covid. That one positive passenger started the spread to who knows how many more people. Then the whole ship will be quartanteed for who knows how long. That's not an idea of a vacation for me.
  6. Portrait pictures with masks on! 🤪
  7. No. I don't see how it would be enjoyable sitting in shows, by the pool and other activities with a mask on.
  8. You are not harrassed in CoCo Cay as you are in Labadee. I dont like walking through the market in Labadee. The people are very aggressive and nasty and yell at you. I feel intimidated walking through there.
  9. We rescheduled our September 2020 cruise to September 2021. Don't think any ships will be sailing this year.
  10. That's funny that it transfers over to a medic alert company. Maybe nothing to do with the cruise line 🤪
  11. When I called today to switch my booking, I got a recorded message to Press (I forgot what #) if you are over 60 to get a special offer. I pressed it and the woman answered "Medical Department". I thought I had the wrong number and told her I wanted to switch my booking. Then she went on about how I am eligible for a Medic Alert necklace since I am over 60. I told her I do not want one but she was very persistent telling me but you never know when you will fall and we will ship it for free. I told her I run 10 miles a week, workout in a gym 5 days a week, have no medical conditions and am not worried about falling right now she still went on and on and said hold on and I'll switch you over to a representative to take down my information. With that, I ended up hanging up the phone and calling back. I've never heard of this before from a cruise line pushing medic alerts. Why are they doing that?
  12. I had a $500.00 NRD for a cruise on 9/20/20. They let me transfer my deposit for a cruise for 9/2021. Try calling again, I think its who you speak with before you get the right person. She had me on hold for 20 minutes talking to her supervisor before she said they can do it.
  13. I was just able to move my non-refundable cruise booking from September 2020 to September 2021 with a price reduction too, same cabin. Hopefully it will be safer to travel by then.
  14. If I reschedule, will I get the same price I paid for my September cruise or I will have to pay the new rate?
  15. I have a non refundable deposit. My final payment is in June for my September cruise. Hopefully soon I'll hear if my cruise is cancelled before I make my final payment so I can rebook for next year.
  16. OK thanks. Would I be getting an email from them or would I have to call them to check?
  17. Hi. Was just wondering if I can reschedule my September cruise to September of 2021 or do I have to wait for them to cancel on me first? I have a non-refundable deposit and I'm not so sure this cruise will be happening.
  18. Dyed my hair on my own, polished my nails and fingernails, trimmed my own bangs, just might have longer hair by the time this is over.
  19. I would rather not cruise anyway in September, just don't feel it will be safe yet. I'd like to rebook for September 2021.
  20. Thanks. Please post an update as to what happens so I'll know what to expect.
  21. My final payment for my September 20th cruise is June 22nd. Should I pay it knowing my cruise might be cancelled?
  22. We have a cruise booked for late September, just waiting to see what happens.
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