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  1. We left from Bayonne NJ and returned to same so no covid test. I guess it depends where your going or coming ftom
  2. We are in our 60s and found alot of quiet sections on the beach. We stayed at Chill Island.. Just follow the signs to that section.. We got a nice spot under an umbrella and didn't hear any loud music at all. It's definitely worth getting off the ship. Don't miss CocoCay. It's beautiful
  3. yes masks and bracelets were off for photos. In fact masks were off in alot of places on the ship we went to. Off in shows, music center, comedy clubs.
  4. We've cruised on Halloween. They had a nice display set with pumpkins and scarecrows and a huge sheet cake Halloween theme.
  5. Dont know about other ships but we were on Oasis recently and no Love and Marriage show which was disappointing. I can't understand why. Couples can social distance on the stage.
  6. Some tables have a reserved sign on them to keep people from sitting near each other
  7. Happened to us too with CVS. We just went to a small local mom and pop pharmacy. The owner came out to our car, administered the test and gave us the results in 15 minutes. I don't think people realize these small private pharmacies do rapid covid tests besides the big name ones.
  8. You sign up in the app when you board the ship. I had a little trouble with that so there is a phone number you can call from your room for the ticket office and I signed up for all the shows speaking to someone. Also guest service desk can do it for you too but then you have to stand on line
  9. I will be following as I was on the Sept. 12th sailing so now I can relive it again though you!
  10. well the cruise I was on sitting with people you didn't travel with or request to be seated with was not allowed.
  11. I ignored giving dates or sending pics of my vaccination card. You will have to show it to them in person to 3 different people anyway before boarding the ship
  12. They are not mixing tables. You only sit with the group you came with
  13. There are alot of tables for 2 but they are so close together about a foot apart from other couples.
  14. I just ignored it for my past sailing. You are asked to show your card in person anyway about 3 times at the port.
  15. Oasis Class for me. Second choice Voyager Class. I love the ships with promenades.
  16. I had 2. The waitress offered a 3rd. Couldn't refuse. 😆
  17. The lobster tails are good but small. Make sure to ask for 3. My waitress had to go back to get me more out of the kitchen.
  18. I'm wondering why they didnt have the Love and Marriage show when I was on the Oasis. Couples always sit apart on the stage anyway. But yet on the trivia games people sat in groups even with people they just met as well as sitting together at the bars.
  19. Good to know. We're sailing out of Bayonne tomorrow with a check in time of 12:30-1:00. Maybe we'll come a little earlier
  20. I did call urgent care and they wouldn't change it so I just got back from a small local pharmacy in my neighborhood. Charged me $79.00, they came right out to my car, took the test and gave me the results within 15 minutes. Quick and easy.. Now I can finally relax!
  21. The diagnosis is right above my test results so its all on the same page so it will stand right out when they look at it.
  22. so I'm sure then I'm not the first person arriving at the pier with that diagnosis and maybe Royal is used to seeing that but doesnt put me at ease. I dont want to be questioned. I'm going this morning for another test at a local pharmacy
  23. yes it says test negative but on the same paper it says that too
  24. Nope. Maybe its a way to bill insurance, idk. Someone else also had the same thing written on their test report at a clinic. For peace of mind I think I will have another test done at a pharmacy.
  25. I went to a Urgent Care yesterday to get a rapid test for my cruise. While my test came out negative the doctor put a diagnosis of "contact with and possible exposure to communicable viruses". Maybe he put it down for insurance reasons? I hope this won't cause a problem at check in at the pier on Sunday. I'm wondering now if I should go to a pharmacy for a second test so there won't be a diagnosis on it. Has anyone else had a doctor put that diagnosis down for rapid testing?
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