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  1. We did a one day trip to Lucerne from Basel before our river cruise and took a trip on the lake and went up Mt. Pilatus. It was well worth it! We took a train, bus, funicular, boat and gondola all in one day. It is a gorgeous town and the mountains are beautiful. I had never been up a funicular before and it was a quite an experience. I would highly recommend it. If you go to the train station , they gave us all the information we needed for the trip.
  2. My travel agent contacted Uniworld. If you test positive once the cruise starts, He was told we would be put off the ship at the next port and you would not get a refund. You would be responsible for quarantine expenses once off the ship. i know you can purchase travel insurance that will cover some quarantine expenses but i don't know if it would cover what i am sure would be a large cost to change flights to dates after quarantine. This is the scenario that really bothers me because I personally know 4 fully vaccinated people that have Covid now and 2 of them got it from another vaccinated person. Delta variant is just so contagious and i believe the number of breakthrough mild cases are underreported since you can be asymptomatic or just feel like you have a cold. We have made the very difficult decision to cancel our cruise in October. We plan to reschedule for next fall. I am so sad about this but i know i would be kicking myself if I caught covid during the cruise and was quarantined.
  3. Uniworld did the same thing yesterday, requiring vaccines.
  4. I am currently booked to do a Uniworld cruise for October on the Rhine and Moselle. Trying to decide if need to cancel and reschedule or not. Does anyone know the policy if you were to get sick while on the cruise, how is that handled? I am just concerned with the Delta variant being so contagious, even though i am fully vaccinated. Do they do testing during the cruise at all? Would you need to quarantine on the ship or off? Who would pay for that if you have to leave the ship and how would this all impact the person you are sharing a cabin with? I know, so many questions..... My gut is telling me I should cancel, oh but my heart really wants to go on this trip.....
  5. Thank you for that clarification..... I am slightly on edge I guess....
  6. I am booked in October on Uniworld for Rhine and Mosselle, but anxiously reading this post. Are you all saying that Viking has cancelled most of their trips through October?
  7. We are booked for Rhine and Moselle for October. I know France is opening up, hoping the same for Germany for our trip. I am hoping most passengers are fully vaccinated on the cruises but I don't think they are requiring that unfortunately.
  8. My brother and his wife were thinking of taking advantage of the 50% off savings for summer Uniworld cruises. He is looking at either a cruise in France or Spain/Portugal cruise. He was asking me if i thought the towns would be safe to stop in and if stores and restaurants would be open. They are fully vaccinated. I know they are just opening up river cruising in Europe so I was hoping someone had already done the research on how it is being handled in the small towns the boats dock at. Any information would be appreciated or if you do go on a cruise soon, please post a review with these details. Thank you
  9. thank you all for your suggestions. I am now even more thrilled to take this voyage. I did find out the River Queen was not redone during Covid times, but I really don't care.
  10. thank you for your response. We have never been on Uniworld before, only Viking. Would you recommend Uniworld?
  11. Thank you for the offer of help. In Baden Baden, they have these choices: Choice of Festspielhaus guided visit Caracalla Thermal Bath Sea Salt Grotto In Speyer Choice of Speyer walking tour Private Doktorenhof Vinegar Estate visit and tasting in Boppard Choice of Boppard village stroll Let's Go" Rhine biking, "Let's Go" Rhine hiking Rheinstein visit Rüdesheim walk with local treats Rheinweinwelten visit - The best Rhine Rieslings
  12. I am trying to stay positive for a cruise in October with Uniworld for the Rhine and Moselle on the Rive Queen. Several days of the cruise you have choices of excursions. Has anyone done this trip and can make recommendations on which of these they enjoyed? thank you!
  13. Does Uniworld do referral discounts? if so, does anyone have one to share? thank you
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