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  1. Yes, we all had to book the Early Saver when we booked. They said the amount will be added to our cabin and they quoted the booking ref and addressed it to us, so I'm sure you don't have to worry. It's great!
  2. Thank you muchly. 🙂 I now have downloaded and printed out the said letter referring specifically to our policy and spelling it all out. At last, sorted.
  3. Mx-Drew - have you experience of or a view on the MyGP Ticket app, which some people are saying they are using to show their status? Just interested..
  4. It is different to the Covid 19 Track 'n Trace App isn't it?
  5. Just to update my comment above - I have now successfully downloaded the NHS App and have linked up with my on line records, no problem whatsoever. Really easy.
  6. Thanks so much for your advice - we crossed in the ether 🤣. Much appreciated though. It was so easy - I don't know what I was worrying about 🙂
  7. Update ....... ignore all my messages above. I have just downloaded the NHS App and linked up with my on line records - easy peasy! Sorted.
  8. Sounds encouraging.. will try it then, but will order a paper version from 119 just in case anyway. Wouldn't want to be turned away at that stage after having got so far. Thanks everyone.
  9. Presumably apps like Patients Access will also be acceptable? It is associated with the NHS and also shows our vaccines on its Home Page, but more importantly is the only app my GP surgery uses.
  10. Yes, it was earlier this week - suddenly a lot of people from a variety of insurance companies were advised the cruises were being covered and were sent or directed to confirmation documents to download.
  11. I'm hoping that will be accepted as official proof... it's officially associated with the NHS and is the one my GP uses.
  12. Thanks for writing that so clearly, Alan.
  13. Nationwide's travel insurers are UK Insurance Limited, who also act on behalf of several other banks. The link on Nationwide's website goes to the UK Travel Insurance portal, where you can download a Confirmation of Cover letter specific to you and your policy number and upgrades/add ons etc. The letter is addressed to you and specifically mentions the UK cruises and amount required and also clarifies their Covid Cover.
  14. Important Travel Information | Nationwide - a Confirmation of Cover letter is available to download via via the Travel Insurance Portal link on this website. Think it goes to the UK Insurance Ltd website, who are the underwriters. I may have given wrong info on this page that UK Insurance Ltd are also the underwriters of HSBC. I have since seen this : HSBC travel proof of cover - Aviva Apologies for any confusion I have caused.
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