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  1. Tried to edit and couldn't. I wanted to add.... Thanks for making me 42. I appreciate that. 😉 I've also been on a few cruises (please see signature). I wasn't asking for or expecting to have complete privacy, my own dining room, deck chair, or private seating at any show. I was asking that I be able to request a private table when trying to enjoy meals with my family; a request that has been granted before on other lines. I can and do ignore rude people on a daily basis. People's lack of empathy and warmth continue to astound me. But it is easy to ignore people with whom I am not directly interacting. It is much harder to be seated at a table with people who lack tact and ask questions directly of me that are none of their concern. Again, one's curiosity about a stranger does not trump their right to privacy or dignity. Also, talking about privacy and dignity while taking care of one's medical condition is not, in my opinion, a "hijack." That posted needed and received support. That was nice.
  2. I didn't take this as rude. We choose Carnival because it fit what we needed when we needed it. This is a graduation present for one of our daughters and our concern was her schedule and enjoyment, not ours. Carnival is widely known for being really great for the younger crowd, and we have three daughters.
  3. Thank you. I have been living in the world my whole life and I agree that this comment was both rude and condescending.
  4. Thank you. But, in fairness, I didn't give you any reason to think it was. I didn't find your comment aggressive or rude; that isn ot true for other comments who I thought made assumptions as to my motivations. 🙂
  5. Thank you for your compassion and empathy. I have been coping with this my entire life; some days better than others. 😉 I am actually a professor of psychology and I was a child therapist who worked with abused children for a long time. I am not suggesting that I want a private dining room or that I plan to hide in my room. I lecture in front of hundreds of students each week. However, there are some times when I wish to better protect myself and our children. When we are trying to enjoy dinner is one of those times. Being at the same table as strangers means that one must interact with people on a different level that is not true of any other time on a cruise. People stare. They ask questions that are none of any one's business. If I am seated with some people, they think that their curiosity about my condition trumps my right to privacy and dignity. I have an advanced degree and I've had people assume I have an IQ of <70 and address me in this way. It's tiresome. If I am at a show or in the casino or by the pool- some people might stare. I ignore them. This is hardly the same thing as being confronted by stares and rude questions when trying to enjoy a meal.
  6. Please see my signature We've been on several cruises on 4 lines. I am aware.
  7. Can we compile a list and make it sticky?
  8. I agree we got lucky. We've done this on RCI and sometimes the held the table, and others we had to politely remind them of our request. I appreciate the kindness of your reply.
  9. Oh, but it isn't small stuff. Unfortunately, when you have a massive craniofacial disfigurement, people will sometimes stare and say awful things. Trust me, I am 47 (married 23 years, three kids and a hubby who are "normal") and have been horrified at the comments of complete strangers when I was doing nothing more than trying to take your advice and enjoy my cruise. In fact, THIS IS ME, trying to enjoy my cruise with my husband and children (Pun intended). I am not being a spoiled brat, I am being realistic. I want my family and I seated privately so we can be left alone and more easily able to avoid the potential staring. Thanks to all those who were kind and helpful.
  10. The agent was not correct. We just had to wait until we were 30 days out and we requested and were booked a private table in the MDR for regular seating.
  11. Thanks for all of the help! I do agree that the convenience of cruise port parking is awesome. I am just experimenting. I booked 717 Parking in Tampa. It's a 4-minute walk and half the price of terminal parking. Also, it is a garage, so it is covered. in fact, the new facility opens Monday (in 2 days). They do have 2 uncovered lots and 2 garages. It did well online, so I guess we'll see. If it goes sideways, I'll come back and let y'all know it. THANKS FOR THE HELP!
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