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  1. We did a snorkeling and sunset cruise with Black Pearl Sailing tours. It was fabulous!! Their were about 12 of us. You sit in comfy lounge chairs. Sooo relaxing. They serve you drinks and the most delicious sandwiches. The hospitality was wonderful. I highly recommend them!!!
  2. We just got back. We rented an umbrella and a chair for $20. It is a beautiful beach. They have food and drink service to your chair.
  3. We did a tour with Royston a couple of weeks ago. It was hands down the absolute best tour I have ever been on. His van is not new or fancy but it was the best vehicle because Royston was driving. He took us places that no tour will ever take you. I will not ruin the surprise by saying where we went and what we did. Tip him a lot of money! He charges $45 and he buys you an amazing lunch and take you in a picnic. He pays all entry fees. We tipped him $60. His tour was worth $100. He is a wonderful man. It was the best day of our cruise. It would do this tour again and again.
  4. We just did this excursion as well! It was absolutely fantastic!! I highly recommend!
  5. Not a browser issue. Royal can’t see them either. The told me it is a technical problem on their end. I’m supposed to get them in an email. Still waiting....
  6. Congratulations!! My daughter is moving to Madrid in the fall to get her masters degree! She spent her summer there playing in an orchestra and absolutely loved it! I will be in Spain in September 😊
  7. We are leaving in a week and our luggage tags are not available to print. I called RCI and they have no idea why (surprise!). I was told to call resolutions tomorrow evening. Has anyone ever experienced this? I’m hoping they are upgrading our room and that is why they are not available lol
  8. We are in a hump JS. Not by choice, but because it was the only midship room available. It seem like it will be noisy being near the elevator with a lot of traffic.
  9. As someone who does not drink alcohol I’m very disappointed in this. Seriously?? I can’t even get a Pelligrino? I don’t want a can of carbonated sugar. We just made Diamond on our cruise in October. Cruising in 14 days and getting bottled water for my loyalty??
  10. Thank you for this great reply. I’m good with the Spanish being spoken! I’m currently learning to speak Spanish. My daughter is moving to Spain. I think we will have fun! Do they tend to play Latin music in the club?
  11. We will be sailing on Freedom soon and I decided to look at the reviews on CC. The majority of reviews complain about the ship being overrun by “loud, rude Puerto Rican’s who are pushy, cut in line in the Windjammer with there 20 friends, big groups take over everywhere, blaring music everywhere, take kids to bars late at night, ship is over run by kids and RCI employees stand by and let it happen”. Has anyone else experienced this on the Freedom? Many people say they will never cruise on RCI because of this experience. If it was one or two saying it I would think it’s an exaggeration, but it was quite a few. I would expect a large Puerto Rican population on a ship sailing from Puerto Rico. My husband is Hispanic and comes from a family of 17. We will probably fit right in. However, I’m rather shocked the the crew would allow some of the behavior.
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