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  1. 1) Agree with Bequia, not on itinerary for most cruise ships, perhaps more for the Caribbean island hoppers. So felt privileged to visit. 2) loved my day on back to back cruise in Corfu, with Hop on and off bus and boat to Mouse Island. Corfu Town was fun, an island I wanted to visit since I was 11 and read My Family and other Animals. Don't think Gerald would recognise it now if he wS still around. 3) On Celebration (and other cruise lines) Istanbul. It never fails to deliver, love it, love it, love it! SWEBY
  2. Well, I look forward to cruising on the other 3 ships left in the fleet, and hope that will be sometime next year. Take care Sweby
  3. I thought it probably was HAL. It reminded me of the old Statendam that I worked on in the seventies! It was a ship that looked like a ship and not a floating block of flats!!!
  4. Which company owned Celebration before it went into the old Thomson Fleet? And what was it called previously?
  5. Gutted to hear that Celebration is to be broken up, and also that Dream is being retired. But I think that is because of the fantastic cruises we had on both. The atmosphere on both was brilliant, superb crew, entertainers, fabulous itineraries, and possibly due to the size of them it made for a really friendly atmosphere between passengers, and on those 2 ships in particular I have such happy memories. I am also sorry for anyone who had booked the fabulous itineraries to the USA, they just sounded fantastic. Having said all that, we had an amazing cruise on Explorer 2 last November, a
  6. Several companies seem to be planning so called blue cruises with no ports of call. I can see it could suit some people, and be a way to show the ships are safe. sweby
  8. According to someone working for another BIG company, that encompasses several cruise lines, I was told out of all of the possible lines/ Ships, that when they restart they will be sailing only 2 ships out of all of them to just see what the interest in cruising is. ITS cheaper to have them laid up with minimal maintenance staff, than float them out nearly empty. I wouldn't be surprised to see the Celebration and Dream being retired. Also on another thread I have said that cruising is now on the optional extras for insurance! PLUS covid is now a known about illness and wouldn't be cove
  9. Just received info on renewal of my annual insurance policy. Surprise, surprise, now under optional covers for an additional premium are cruises! Also under what is not included *Travel to a country or an area where the FCO advice at the time that you purchased your policy or book an individual trip, whichever is the latter, is not to travel to this country or area. We had a trip to Greece later this year, as we postponed from June. But looking at this, I think the policy would be invalid if I renew insurance at this point. I wouldn't expect to claim on i
  10. Thankyou Vitalsign, that answers my second question, about the Discovery 1. Yes no rush to come back to the Med, and all these ships have to find safe harbour somewhere, possibly for much longer than we might think. It may be some time before the industry can fill all these ships again, even though this is a truely exceptional time. Sweby
  11. Again thanks for that. Yes I agree you have to be selective about the news in some papers , and read around and try and piece things together. I see Sky news are mentioning the ship (Zaandam) this morning, saying it has been denied access through the Panama. Passengers sick, and 4 died. So glad we are not caught up in the problems on board these ships. It is scary enough being at home, but the trauma some of those passengers must be going through must be awful. Sweby
  12. Thankyou Bertie Doe for the answer to my first question. I have just read the article you provided the link for. I just can t imagine being in that situation. Truly grim. Not sure splitting passengers between the Zaandam and Rotterdam is the right one. On a separate note, the other thing that article show really is how much more news you get in a newspaper. I watch hours of news during the day on TV, but really after the first 10 minutes the stories are repeated. There is so much world news that the 24 hour news channels do not even mention. Well I hope the res
  13. HI, I hope everyone is doing OK in these difficult times. I am still watching events around the world with disbelief almost. But I have some queries you might be able to help me with. 1) I know the ship isn't a Marella ship, but does anyone know which ship is currently of Equador with cases of Covid 19 on it. It was on the local news a couple of time today, but it didn't say which ship.I just know 4 people have died on it and it seems passengers don't know when or where they will be disembarking. 2) Also what is the news if any on the Discovery ship that was comin
  14. We don't really know what's ahead, but stay safe everyone, and like Dave says, Keep washing your hands. Just look after yourselves Sweby
  15. Does an airport, or sitting on a plane count as a mass gathering, or boarding ship, sitting in dining room etc etc Sweby
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