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  1. Don't lose hope. Last cruise when emptying the safe we found a pair of very expensive earrings. I turned them in to Guest Services. I called Miami a week after the cruise and inquired as to whether they made it home to their owner and had a very nice chat with an employee about contacting the passengers who were in the cabin previously. About 3 days later the Celebrity rep called me to say it was a very elderly couple who sailed before us. They wife had thought she lost them somewhere in the house when unpacking and was afraid to tell her husband. They both made the rep promise to call me and say thank you. You never know, your phone might turn up soon.
  2. debjac

    Reef Hawaiian Pro

    Thanks for the response Cherie. I did read that it's sort of a last minute thing and that once announced the traffic swells so best to start asap. We were trying to avoid the time involved in renting a car but that might be the only way to go. I guess a taxi would be totally out of the question? The surf shop idea is great - I will definitely look into that.
  3. debjac

    Reef Hawaiian Pro

    We'd like to visit Aliii Beach Park and watch the surfers on our day in Honlulu. Other than renting a car can anyone suggest other means of transportation and estimate of cost? Last Hawaii cruise we rented the car and traveled the island so just looking to get to the beach and back this time.
  4. I've tried to find the answer in other posts but is the ship decorated for the holidays?
  5. Strictly my own feelings on this subject - First, Celebrity has insulted my intelligence by stating this was based on previous sailings and once you do that there is a problem. Second - As previous posters have stated, this is not just $5. If my husband and I go for crepes every day (which I had intended) and lunch a couple of times we are looking at an additional $100 that we did not anticipate when we made final payment. Third - The cost of fuel has come down dramatically since deposit was made. Celebrity will be gaining a little in that respect. Why not institute the $5 charge effective January 1, 2009? Or at least supply a few free "coupons" to allow those on a budget to at least experience the venue? Last point - I do agree that passengers should not complain to wait staff and such with brochure in hand BUT voicing an opinion to the directors on board should be encouraged. Short, sweet and to the point delivered in a respectful manner by many passengers just might make enough impact.
  6. Another crazy thing about their policy - you can bring wine onboard to drink in your cabin. You can order bottles of hard liquor (bon voyage gifts) to drink in your cabin. But if you're a beer drinker you are out of luck. So if my husband (beer drinker) and I (wine drinker) want to have a pre dinner drink on our veranda he must go to the nearest bar, buy it and then bring it to the cabin. Seems a little ridiculous...
  7. Please report as to whether cash can be used in the casino with payouts being in the form of tickets (coinless) or if all transactions must be on your seapass (cashless) which could cause lots of problems with couples who have separate "private" gambling budgets ;) Also, is it possible to get cash out of the casino as on other Celebrity cruises in order to avoid ATM fees? Thanks to all who are getting these answers - hope you get a few minutes of vacation time!
  8. since you are talking about cabin selection can you clarify the importance of which side of ship is better? I have seen references where posters are very happy with the port side as opposed to starboard and I can't figure out why. Also, am I right in remembering that port side is the left?
  9. It was 91 or 92 - Meridian NY to Bermuda and kids went free. 4 of us drove to port, had an interior quad with the tiniest bathroom and had a blast! Did the same a few times on Horizon and Zenith. Kids are now adults still in love with cruising and we'll be sailing our 12th Celebrity on the Solstice this November :D
  10. Don- just saw one of your posts on the RC board and noticed you're no longer a neighbor. I've been away from the boards for a while, using all my vacation time visiting different cities hoping to have our retirement home narrowed down in the next 2 years :rolleyes: Just wanted to wish you well enjoying the money you save not paying Monmouth County taxes! Sorry for going off topic...
  11. If you are arriving the day before you should be able to find them in any store in FLL (even the airport maybe) for cheaper since it's always summer there :)
  12. In New Jersey the first week of November public school students only have 2 days of school, since teacher's convention is always that week. So many families go away that week the airfares are sky high and a friend who works at Disney World told me they call it "jersey week" :) Hopefully some of the kids will be on your cruise. Kids or no kids I'm sure they'll have a blast!
  13. Like Cprincess, I am looking for an answer to whether there are safes and fridges on the inside cabins? We're staying in one of the newer cabins on deck 3 if that makes a difference - thanks to all for the great info :)
  14. My favorite secret? Croissants on the balcony in the morning is the closest thing to heaven ;)
  15. Phil - don't know if natural or not. Could not get passed the tasting of the water question
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