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  1. The span of comments is really amazing on this thread (and I'm not saying it as a knock on one end, or to back up someone else on another). Similar reaction on a greater scale to the pricing of rooms on the cruise I have upcoming in July. We booked on board last year while on the Anthem, and currently, rooms for a Junior suite are over double what we would have paid for our family of 4 in one room. Exact thought? "Damn! Glad I booked when I did. We wouldn't be taking that trip if we waited 'till now to book!" Simple approach to something like this (be it The Key - a Drink Package, or a Cruise or anything, really): 1.) Is the item you're looking to purchase at a price range you feel comfortable purchasing? if yes, then ask: 2.) Do you feel purchasing this item will give you a benefit or return equal to or greater than the cost you paid? if yes, then BUY IT If you answered no to #1, then end the thought right there. If you answered no to #2, the same applies 😀 I'm not going to buy a Crown Loft Suite for my family of four to take a vacation (Horrible father, I know) simply because I know what I can comfortably afford to enjoy time away. For those that can? I salute you!
  2. Good Morning and a "Happy" Rainy Monday Morning from Chicago! I was winding my weekend down yesterday evening when I saw an email come through from Royal Caribbean, which happened to be - THAT email... Went over the different options with DW, as we have a cruise booked this summer on the Adventure of the Seas in a Junior Suite, and figured based on what we paid for the room when we booked it last year, there really isn't a bad option for a bid. We have 4 of us in a Junior Suite, and if I read it correctly, our upgrade bid would only be based on the first 2 guests - so if I wanted to put the minimal bid in on a 1 BR Grand Suite, at a min. of $500 per person, it would cost me $1,000 additional should the accept my bid submittal, correct? As a follow up to this question, since we already get the double points for booking a 'suite' (even though a Junior), what other benefits would we realize on the Adventure for upgrading to a bigger suite? I know this one doesn't have the Sea, Sky and Star classifications - but I'm trying to compile what I can to review and see if the dollars and cents really work out. Any advice/input or even shaming for creating another Royal Up thread would be welcome (haha) Thanks everyone!
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