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  1. Now that is a great idea, jhannah. I am also impressed with your spelling skills. It is not often you see the word 'decoupage' on cruise critic. Well done, my friend. I think you're right about this thread. It is not long for this world. The God Mods have a lot going for them..unfortunately, a sense of humor is not one of their strong suits. I don't think they realize how important this is to people. Trays must be brought back. REVOLUTION.:)
  2. I am not defending what this guy did...just wondering what drives a guy to this level of madness. It is easy to judge when all we get is a short article in the newspaper or on the news. There had to be signs that this guy was going to break. Sad for all involved. On our Eurodam cruise, I took a picture of the picture of Queen Beatrix christening the ship in July 2008. When looking at the photos, my wife wondered why I took a picture of a smartly dressed older women. I had to tell her it was Queen B. She was much more appreciative of the photo after watching the news last night.
  3. Freshed squeezed OJ is one of the highlights of the cruise. It is absolutely delicious. There is nothing better than getting in a good workout and then grabbing a really cold glass of the orange juice. The closest you can get at the store is Simply Orange and that doesn't even come close.
  4. Not a bad idea, CowPrincess, but what about the OCD people who do not like their food to touch. What do you do with the ice tea? Just pour it in? I suppose it is going to end up all mashed together in your stomach anyway....but on a cruise half the fun of eating is the food presentation. In the cabins, they do have a round tray where they set the water bucket. Perhaps the water bucket tray would work?
  5. Less capacity means the cruiselines can charge more. Supply and demand. Simple economics. It is either that, or by pulling capacity, they are trying to prop up the prices they are charging. All lines are just about giving away cabins in order to fill ships in Alaska. In addition, It's hard to believe a corporation is going to pull out of an area as profitable as Alaska to prove a point. Corporations are looking at the bottom line. The fifty dollar tax was passed onto the customer. It didn't hurt the cruiselines. The economy did. All the cruiselines will still have some ships sailing to Alaska. If they wanted to prove a point, they would pull them all out. Compared with Alaska, Europe is being underserved. It would be nice to think Carnival is standing up to Alaska but I think that is just wishful thinking.
  6. I'm not suggesting you steal from McDonalds but steal a couple from McDonalds...or if you are fast food snob, go with the Wendy's tray. People who cruise prefer Wendy's so you won't get has many weird lookds. You can always pretend your name is Wendy and it is your personal tray. Funny story not related but I will tell it anyway. During college, I worked at a liquor store and this young guy came in with a REALLY fake ID. He had taken his picture and glued it over the original with glue coming out the sides. He was a guy and the ID was for a girl name Alicia. I laughed when I saw it and asked him if his name was Alicia. He replied, "Yes, they call me Al."
  7. Can anyone guess why they pulled the 'boycott-HAL-until-they-return-the-trays' thread? I suppose I could contact the almighty moderator but I prefer to do it the more annoying way and posting it for all to see. Transparency is the goal!
  8. The lido cabanas are in the worst location on the ship, IMHO. If you want to know what it feels like to be an animal in a zoo, rent a lido cabana. It reminds me of the Twilight Zone episode where the dude makes a bet to stay locked up in a room for a year in order to win a bet. Except, in the case of the lido cabanas, you are paying for the 'privilege'. To see humans in their natural habitat weirds me out a little bit. I feel like I'm peeping into someplace I shouldn't. I can understand why people rent them. It is a secure, shady environment. You are guaranteed a place near the pool. It is also hot with little ventilation. If the steel drummer from the pool band is having an off day, it would considered 'enhanced interrogation' by the Bush administration. After 4 hours, you will be willing to say or do anything to make it stop. If I was going to rent a cabana, I would rent the Retreat Cabanas up on deck 11. Those are private and there will be a nice breeze when the ship is moving. With the ipod, you can choose your own music instead of hearing the CD play pool games outside your tent.
  9. You go girl! Where there is a will, there is a way. 'Borrow' a tray from McDonalds and return it when you get back...or if you are a fast food snob, opt for the Wendy's tray. Agree with you wholeheartedly about the calamari. The sushi, too. The only people that can make sushi come from Asia...and there are many Asian chefs on HAL. We loaded up. If we had trays, we could have gotten even more!
  10. I was thinking about applying for a patent for a travel tray with cupholders. It would have a small shamwow for wiping up spills and could serve as a napkin. Of course, it would have to be assembled in Germany. The cupholder would be expandable so you can carry various size drinks.
  11. What happened to boycott HAL until they return lido trays thread? It must have gotten yanked by the all powerful godlike moderators. Some of you who have lives obviously do not understand the passion involved in this issue. It is up there with abortion and gun rights. The lack of trays impacted the quality time I spent with the most lovely woman ever born. When I am laying on my deathbed, I am going to be really mad because I missed out on at least 2 hours with my wife because we were making trips for condiments, dessert, water, and ice tea on an HAL cruise.
  12. I see your point and there is no doubt we overconsume. Americans have lost all sense of healthy portion size. For all you patriots out there, I am not criticizing your beloved country. I am criticizing your waistline and cholesterol levels. We have been socialized in a capitalist economic system where we want to get as much as we can for our hard earned dollar. What is the answer? Maybe they should just make the trays smaller. I have always thought they should have a cup holder, too. Maybe we can sign a waiver saying we promise to clean our plates if we can have trays back.
  13. I say we organize some type of bring-back-the-tray boycott. Don't they know Americans must load at least 5000 calories on a tray and leave 2000 behind because we have been socialized to get our money's worth even if the food is (kind of) free?
  14. I completely agree. Why don't they put the Cabanas up on the decks where they would be out of the way? The lido cabanas are in a horrible location. You have to wonder how someone could propose such an idea and have several levels of managers all agree. It is amazing how much effort is put into nickel and diming the passenger. Is it me or do others feel just a bit creepy looking into the cabanas while walking by them. It is like looking at people in their living rooms. Weird. Sometimes, I would just stop and stare...pretending to look at the ocean but really just gawking at the elite cabana-people. Sometimes I would throw grapes and other snacks to them...sort of like at the zoo.
  15. At what point did they stop using trays in the Lido? It has to be somewhere between March 21 and April 11? Does anyone know? Why? We ended up ordering breakfast in because it was such a hassle. We never saw each other. She or I would be off getting this or that. Has anyone else had an experience with the Medical Center? If you get sick on the Eurodam, it might be safer to go to Mexico.
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