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  1. I board Iona on Saturday but cannot find any information on who the guest presents will be. Does anyone know? Also anyone know who will be on at the Limelight? For those who have already been on the ship, what activities did they have that I may enjoy with my daughter who is 17 years old? I saw a picture of archery (which we have done together in the past) is that something available during the day or do they hold it once a cruise? I was told she is the only teenager on board so trying to think of things she may enjoy doing. She normally meets up with other teenagers on the ship and the cruise is one big party for them but this time I'm afraid she will be very bored! We did cooking together on the Britannia - anything like that on the Iona?
  2. Can't book the Limelight or know what the act is. Just three things to book, a comedian and two shows.
  3. I am on the Iona to Scotland on 21 August. How rough does the sea get? Similar to crossing from Southampton to Gibraltar?
  4. Hi On cruise 21 August and the bookings for entertainment are open. However you can only book 3 shows, including comedian. All the other events/presenters/ activities etc, you press the button and all that does is say that you can only book them on board. A bit weird, why have a button saying book when it does nothing. My question is will P&O be adding more things to book?
  5. In the past I have rang months ahead and it worked well. On this particular day I rang about a pension matter and also onboard credit. The woman I spoke to blankly refused to put me through to anyone on the pension team, albeit I had spoken to them in the for past and they had asked me to call when I had the information they required, and I asked several times to be put through and she refused. I then asked her to put me through to someone who deals with onboard credit. She asked me to hold and when she returned she told me she had spoken to them and they had told her to tell me that I must apply within three weeks of sailing. As it was I next rang a little more than three weeks but because it must have sat on someone's desk for several days they did not apply until 17 days before sailing. I will wait until a week before sailing and if it has not yet been credited to my account I will call P&O and see if they can add it.
  6. I just logged into my shares account and found a message from them, dated 4 August, saying they could not guarantee it would be paid because it was less than three weeks. I replied back that I hope it is paid as it was them who gave me misinformation. I had in fact rang on 30 July giving them 23 days notice and received a notice that it was with the department but it probably sat on someone's desk until 4 August. I may call P&O tomorrow to see if they can put it on. Its not much in the scheme of things but still annoying that I rang in plenty of time and was told to call back within the three weeks.
  7. I rang them up a couple of months ago to be told that I had to wait until 3 weeks prior to the cruise. This was a first as they usually organise it for me two or three months prior to the cruise. I next rang about 24 days before the cruise, sometime last week, but I haven't received a new invoice from P&O.
  8. I applied through my brokers for onboard credit for by cruise in two weeks' time. P&O have not confirmed it. Is it noted on the cruise documents and where can I see it?
  9. Have been looking for more information. Where can I see these photos?
  10. Thanks for the pictures. There is so little information out there on the ship so excited to see them. Everything looks so clean! The wardrobe looks very close to the bed. Is the television opposite the bed or sofa? I'm in a seaview room as I didn't think there would be much sitting on the balcony as we're going to Scotland on 21 August. Haven't seen a picture yet of the seaview rooms. If you happen to be passing by any of the cabins on the fourth deck can you see if they have a sofa? I love those little tables that tuck under the sofa.
  11. You have some good acts on and fireworks to top it all. Most probably because its the Maiden cruise. I suspect that the acts will be different for us as I can't imagine them wanting to stay on the ship for three weeks! Do they mention any films? I'm trying to avoid the cinema in case they are showing on board. What kind of activities can be booked. I'm concerned that the sole teenage passenger (my daughter) is going to get very bored.
  12. I'm on the Iona sailing 21 August and starting to get excited that I am actually going on holiday, albeit to Scotland and back. I cannot book any entertainment until 6 August but for those sailing on the Iona on earlier sailings what entertainment do they have listed, ie what's on in the main theatre, films, activities, speakers, who's on in the Limelight club. Do they have any fun activities to do with my daughter, the only teenager on board this cruise!
  13. Waited two hours last Saturday. Put it on loud speaker and got on with my chores.
  14. For those who have been in the casino or walked through it, how do they social distance on the tables? Do we wear masks at the card tables?
  15. Do you know if they are going to stick to 50% for the rest of the staycations or just until restrictions are lifted most probably later in July? Were you given the impression that they will continue selling cabins even when past 50%?
  16. Does that mean that there is no 1,000 passenger limit on 50% of capacity?
  17. Does the mobile app allow you to communicate with others in your cabin like the Princess and Holland America apps do?
  18. Hi Spoke to P&O today who confirmed they had credited me with £160 onboard credit, and I mentioned that I can normally book a wifi package before we board. She wasn't sure on this and suggested that because we're sailing in coastal waters we may not need ship wifi. I didn't think too much on it at the time as I was working but now I think about it I can't imagine how that would work. Is it even possible? The only time I have been able to get a wifi or 4g connection is when we're in port.
  19. Hi celebrity have cancelled my cruise and offered me a future cruise credit of 125%. I have only paid the deposit so far so is the cruise credit based on the deposit only or the cost of the whole cruise?
  20. For those booked on the Apex this summer, I have been informed by Celebrity that we shall be receiving an email within the next few hours. When I asked whether it had been cancelled as I could no longer see it sailing the Med on the website, she just repeated that she could not say anything but to wait for the email. Doesn't sound good!
  21. My daughter is 17 and therefore will not be receiving the vaccine until she is 18. Will she be allowed to travel if she has not been vaccinated. I don't think I can get her vaccinated privately.
  22. I'm on the Celebrity Apex in the summer for a 12 night cruise. First time with Celebrity but I am a Select member of the Capt.Club. My daughter who has been on all the cruises I have been on is 17 and too young to join the club, however, with she get the perks I get on her card and get a free gelato? If not she can have mine.
  23. First time sailing with Celebrity but have been given a Select status because some years back I sailed with Royal Caribbean a few times. I now travel with my daughter who will be 17 by cruise date but she is too young to be a captains club member (minimum 18). However, in the past, she has received the same benefits as me ie she has been invited to the welcome back parties, lunches etc. Is this the same with Celebrity? Would we be allowed one discounted bag of laundry per cabin room or one each person? Same for the other perks? With Holland America you can purchase unlimited laundry where you pay US$7 per day of the cruise but they do the whole cabins' laundry. Excellent value for money especially when there was three of us in one cabin. Sent laundry out every day so literally flew back with only a couple of day's dirty laundry to be done at home.
  24. In England they are vaccinating those over 18 (long way to go until then) but my daughter at the time of sailing will be 17. Will that be a problem boarding the ship because she is very unlikely to receive her jab by then.
  25. Is it possible if there is only two of you, one adult and one child?
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